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ISKCON BANGALORE: Distinguished Guests Quotes

Smt. Pratibha Patil
President Of India
“Akshaya Patra is an amazing scheme to provide food to hungry children. A country like India needs this scheme to be implemented at each and every village of our country. I appreciate this idea from the bottom of my heart. Philantropic people, NGO’s, Devasthanas, Governments- all have to come together and work on this program.
I pay my compliments to all those who are doing this work”
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam
Former-President Of India
“When I entered the divine, beautiful temple, I turned to Swami Madhu Pandit Das and appreciated his power to spread the message and particularly giving food under the Akshaya Patra program .”
Dr A P J Abdul Kalam
Former-President Of India
“This really is a very important mission and I congratulate the Akshaya Patra Foundation for the excellent work they have done.”
Sri Ashok Gahlot
Ho’ble Chief Minister Of Rajasthan
“Jaipur is also known as Chhoti Kashi and the upcoming world class temple and cultural centre will propagate its popularity. It is because of our cultural heritage that we have so many temples, most of them being popularized as major tourist attractions. We hope that the culture centre will help promote Indian culture and heritage in the years to come.”
Sri Rahul Gandhi
Member of Parliament & General Secretary-AICC
“It is very nice to see such dedication”
Smt. Bina Kak
State Tourism and Woman and Child Development Minister
“During my surprise visits to Aanganwadi centres I found the food served by Akshaya Patra is really nutritious, fresh and enliving.”
Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Former Chief Minister of Rajasthan
“A wonderful and compassionate program. I hope it give joy to beneficiaries.”
Sourav Ganguly
“I am happy to see the social services. for mankind.”
Danish Kaneria
Pakistan Cricket Player
“The visit to the facility in Bangalore was great.”
Abhishek Bachchan
Bollywood Star
“This visit served as an eye opener to me. Truly enlightening! As well as shocking. Its about time this problem was brought to the fore and action should be taken to eradicate this problem. I hope and pray that this great movement receives all the support it deserves. “
Sri Bhairon Singh Shekhavat
Former Vice President Of India
“His Excellency Sri Bhairon Singh Shekhavat served food to Akshaya Patra children on his visit to Bangalore.”
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Former Prime Minister Of India
“The scale of the program. is truly impressive.”
P V Narasimha Rao
Former Prime Minister of India
“In Bangalore, the feeding of children on a large scale impressed me beyond words. I hope others will take the cue. Please keep it up, my best wishes .”
T N Chaturvedi
Governor of Karnataka
“…is stupendousin its conception and coverage.”
S M Krishna
Chief Minister of Karnataka
“… is meaningful and helps poorer children. The zeal and commitment here to educate the children is unique in more ways than one. They have done great service.”
Dharam Singh
Chief Minister of Karnataka
“Akshaya Patra program has effectively started in Bangalore and it has benefited rural poor. On behalf of the Government of Karnataka I will provide all the help.”
N D Tiwari
Chief Minister of Uttaranchal
“. I have developed an abiding faith & respect for this great movement. It is putting into practice the teachings of Bhagavan Krishna into extraordinarily conceived packages of daily practices with the creation of the Akshaya Patra movement. My humble pranams to Sri Madhu Pandit Das. “
Uma Bharati
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
“Akshaya Patra program is quite exhilarating. I am quite impressed by the dedication, commitment of entire team. My best wishes to entire team and also wish that such efforts should be replicated in as many places as possible.”
Justice M.N. Venkatachalaiah
Former Chief Justice of India and Chairman, Constitution Redraft Committee
“The Akshaya Patra Program conceived by Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa is the realization of a long cherished dream…Education and hunger are two sides of the same problem. The scheme for mid-day meals is perhaps the greatest boon for promoting education.”
Justice S Rajendra Babu
Former Chief Justice of India
“Akshaya Patra Program is a pragmatic solution to the much needed education & nutrition which is lacking in the economically weaker sections of the society. This program need gigantic effort which is to an extent solved by the technical support & management skills of Swamiji Madhu Pandit Das. I whole heartedly support a program of this nature which is for the benefit of the needy children.”
Justice N K Jain
Chief Justice Karnataka High Court
“Akshaya Patra is doing yeoman service to mankind. The feeding program is wonderful.”
Dr V K Aatre
Scientific Advisor to Defense Minister
“The Akshaya Patra scheme is a glorious idea…”
Dr Kasturirangan
Former Chairman, ISRO
“…is a remarkable initiative touching a vital segment of our society. I salute Swamiji and his entire entourage for their noble thinking, humane actions and above all, giving a hope for the new generations.”
Vilasrao Deshmukh
Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra
“I like most the Akshaya Patra Foundation work of feeding 50,000 hungry children. I congratulate the trustees for taking up this program. This must be replicated in other states.”
M V Rajasekharan
Minister of State for Planning
“The program of Akshaya Patra inspires all of us. Perhaps this is one of the best programs in the country undertaken by the Trustees under inspiring leadership of Respected Madhu Pandit Dasji.”
Allum Veerabhadrappa
Former President, KPCC
“The introduction of Akshaya Patra. is a great contribution.”
K B Krishnamurthy
MP (Rajya Sabha)
“K B Krishnamurthy, MP (Rajya Sabha), expressed his appreciation for the Akshaya Patra program”
Dheerendra Tyagi
Secretary, AICC
“This also shows the hard work and determination.”
Justice G B Patnaik
Judge, Supreme Court of India
“I am really fascinated … The constitutional obligation of the state is in fact discharged by this institution.”
Justice M B Shah
Judge, Supreme Court
“The activity of giving meals to the children requires all appreciation.”
Justice T S Thakur
Judge, Karnataka High Court
“The Akshaya Patra program is amazing. It should be an eye opener for those formulating state policies.”
Dr Justice G Yethirajulu
Judge, Andhra Pradesh High Court
“It is an excellent scheme which is meant for feeding hungry school going children.”
Justice Rajesh Kumar
Judge, Allahabad High Court
“I am really overwhelmed. I have no words to express the kind of job undertaken for mankind.”
Justice K C Sood
Judge, Himachal Pradesh High Court
“We are impressed by the Akshaya Patra program. It is soul stirring.”
Justice Ashok Agarwal
Judge, Mumbai High Court
“Managed by highly educated and talented personnel, its food distribution program is social work of very high order.”
Justice K Gnanaprakasam
Judge, Madras High Court
“…is doing the scheme which the Government has to do and therefore it requires special appreciation.”
Dr U R Ananthamurthy
Jnanapitha Awardee
“The most laudable aspect …is that it is run by well educated youth whose goal in life is ‘the least for oneself and everything for society’.”
Prof Ahmed Zewail
Nobel laureate California Instt. of Tech.
“I enjoyed the intellectual and humanistic overview.”
Dr S Venkateshwaran
Director BITS Pilani
“We are highly impressed by the dedication and commitment of all for the great cause.”
Eleonora Mitrofanova
Asst. Director General UNESCO
“Very interesting and exciting program… Good example for other countries with same problems.”
Prakash Padukone
Badminton coach
“Akshaya Patra scheme is most interesting and is one of its kind in the country. Worth of emulation by others.”
Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan
Ghazal Maestro from Pakistan
“Akshaya Patra program was one of the best mid-day meal program which I had ever witnessed.”
Peter Zencke
Executive Board Member SAP Labs
“One of the most important missions in our world.”
Hiroshi Hirabayashi
Ambassador of Japan
“I am deeply moved by the dedication and selfless attitude of the members here.”
Mahendra Pal Chaudhry
Former Prime Minister of Fiji
“We were very much impressed …
We pay our respects to the founders.”
Lee Hsien Loong
Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore
“With many thanks for a memorable visit to an impressive social project.”
Edward De Bono
Guru of Lateral Thinking
“I have been very impressed by the scale & effectiveness of the school feeding program. Nothing is more important for children than to be properly nourished. This is a marvelous example to everyone of what can be done with skills & determination.”
Barie M Osborne
Hollywood Director
“… Your social programs are inspirational – especially your school meal program. Truly an uplifting experience & a tribute to all humanity & a celebration of diversity.”
Hua Junduo
Ambassador of People’s Republic of China
“We have been impressed by what we saw here. The meals you provide to so many poor children were something which has touched our hearts deeply.
It is our hope that we could have more culture exchanges between China & India. We are sure that we both would benefit from such a close relations.”
Liu Qi
Member of Politburo of The Central Committee of The Communist Party of China
“The charitable cause you have undertaken is one of nobility.”
Rajyotsava Award
Hollywood Director
“Rajyotsava Award from the Chief Minister of Karnataka “
Republic Day Award
“Republic Day Award from the Governor of Karnataka”
Hollywood Director
“Felicitation from the Chief Minister of Karnataka”

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