Friday, January 28, 2011

Mc Donalds vs ISKCON Mauritius: The battle is on

I think many of you dont know about the recent news about Mc Donalds and Iskcon Mauritius fight. Mac Donald is planning to open a branch at Phoenix, Mauritius at some meters only from the Iskcon building (International Society for Krishna Consciousness).
The Mac Donald has already done everything like building, the permits, the legal notices. however ISKCON recently discovered about this and now they are protesting againest it for many reasons like,
1. Mac Donald menus includes beef.
2. The Mac Donald is very near to ISKCON which may cause inconvenience to ISKCON Devotees
10 years back, Mac Do had to abort the idea of opening a branch there after protestation of ISKCON, once again. Several organisations and persons have expressed themselves on this subject and many have got mixed reactions from the team.
The result is awaited.................

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