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Madhu Pandit Dasa leacture: Gems of Spiritual Wisdom

Hare Krishna, we will start with:
ya nisa sarva-bhutanam tasyam jagarti samyami yasyam jagrati bhutani sa nisa pasyato muneh
Bhagavad-gita (2.69)
What is night for all human beings in the time for awakening for the self control. And the time of awareness for all beings is night for introspective sage.
Two classes of intelligent men, one is intelligent in material activities for sense gratification. The other is introspective and awaken to cultivation of  self-realization.
Activities of introspective sage or thoughtful men are night for persons materially absorbed. Materialistic persons remain in sleep in such a night due to ignorance of self-realization.
Introspective sage alert in the night of materialistic men, the sage feels transcendental pleasure with gradual advancement of spiritual culture.
There is the man with materialistic activities being sleep to self-realization dreams of rights of sense pleasure feeling sometimes happy sometimes disgusted in a sleeping condition.
Introspective man is always indifferent to materialistic happiness and distress. He goes on with self-realization activities undisturbed by materialistic reactions so you want just elaboration on this?
What is night for all beings is the time for awakening for self control. The time of awakening for all human beings is the night for introspective sage.
Now here day and night is not necessarily meaning day and night like time day and night. because the previous, see the verses which as a strong wind swings away boat on the water even one of the senses on which mind focuses can carry away a man’s intelligence therefore oh, mighty armed, one whose senses are restrained from their objects is certainly of steady intelligence. For basically it’s a different lifestyle.

So what is night for one person is day for another person his all activities is based on how to enjoy the senses. How to enjoy the bodily pleasures bodily relations. But this energy is going there, all his activities.
That kind of activity is not known to the sage. The sage’s world is one, his world is not centered around the body, and his world is centered serving the supreme spirit. So his activities are activities which are not anchored. See the soul is there. If the soul is focused in the body, you are in here you are trapped here.
Through the thought if the soul is transferred to Krishna then you are there. You are there where your thoughts are. You understand. You are forgetting, for instance where you are now? You are in my talk. At that time you are not thinking of your body. Your attention is here, you are not conscious of your body. You are not conscious of your looks. You are not conscious of, you know various organs of body.
You are not that is lying on its own just it is left aside as much as the floor on which you are sitting. The floor is also, you are not identifying at that time. So it is like, where your thoughts is that where you live. So the sages, they are always living in Krishna’s service, they are living in the absolute. They are living connected to infinite.
The atma can neither be connected to infinite nor can be connected to the finite, this body is finite.  So wherever you are connected that, that all those experiences, you get a limited experience you get karmic experience this body is governed by karma, so you have to, you will experience a limitations of all karma.
But if your consciousness is lifted to Krishna, then you become liberated. So what is night for all beings is the time for awakening for the self control. And the time of awakening for all beings is the night for introspective sage. That means where they are active, another aspect of this is, the sage is, they do not associate with people who are involved in this way of life. That is night, that is day for them and that is night for me, I am not there.
In the night what happens you take rest. Night,  so you are aware from that. So similarly the meaning aware from normal life. Similarly what is normal for them is abnormal for me. What is abnormal for me is normal for them.
The life of sense enjoyment is abnormal form as a sage. But for them its normal. When you lead a life of a devotional service, those people that those who are in that would they think these are abnormal people. We are hearing no! We are seeing no! and those who are practicing Krishna consciousness they are thinking they are all abnormal. So what is day for me is night for you and what is night for you is day for me. That’s what Krishna is

Q: Prabhu, that introspective stage, so he doesn’t introduce so this preaching work, does it mean contradictory?
Madhu Pandit: No, he doesn’t live there, he doesn’t leave their activities preaching, means he takes his consciousness to, to awaken them. He wants to make his night also today he wants to reverse his day and night. That is preaching. Accha, then another interesting thing, which is the sage feels transcendental pleasure, gradual advancement of spiritual culture, there is man in materialistic activities. Say we are all culturing something. For instance education, nothing but gradually culturing. Only by culturing, culturing means what? Little by little, little by little its culturing. That is culturing, not overnight. Little by little it is added just you did you read, learn how to read and write.
Not overnight you are cultured little by little ;little by little. Now its part of you, you can just take a book and read. But there are so many people who can’t read why? They didn’t put themselves to that mental culture understand. So culturing. So all things in life are achieved by culturing not overnight. That is why impatient people never achieve anything. They want everything next moment, they want everything tomorrow. But they don’t think that what I have today it is all because of culturing.
Not of, I didn’t voluntarily because environment pushed me. My father and mother pushed me in the school, I didn’t know what effect I will get. They told me go to school, I went to school and the result is I got cultured I could read, I could think, isn’t it? But while going to school you did not know those, this is the goal.
So you have to be cultured that you will have remained so that you got things to that system that is power of that system. Similarly devotional service is also is culturing. Not all of us are. So a sage is spending his time in culturing. Not all of us are. So a sage is spending no time in culturing his mind in spiritual life. Step by step, how to give up sense gratification, culturing.
Where as the man in material activities being a sleep to self realization, dreams of varieties of sense pleasure. Feeling sometimes happy, sometimes distressed in his sleeping condition. So actually Prabhupada what he is explained is that, the living entities are all in sleeping condition of this material world and the sense gratificatory activities is at dream like state.
That is why this is not a metaphor. It is a fact, it is a dream-like activity. It is dreamlike, that’s why you have to give up your body. No thing is permanent. Anything and everything and everything you know of now will disappear after few years. Isn’t it. So then where is it; that that sense of identity which I have is all a dream.
Just like in the cinema theatre, you sit in the seat you watch the screen and actually what is going on is only display of light parties, isn’t it? What is on the screen? Is there a world there? Light patches, play of there. Then what is there? Light patches, play of light of light patches. You agree.
That’s all that is, what is this book. What’s actually is there? On white paper and play of ink right. What’s actually there. Similarly theatre, what is actually there is light patches. Who is reading a word out of it? we are reading a word out of it, hero, heroine, plot, this thing, that thing, that our mind is moving that in that world hero’s world, heroine’s world, and villain’s world.
Going on this story that story all these things we are created in the world. Correct. So we can see say that this person is dreaming. Dreaming the cinema, isn’t it? He is dreaming the cinema. But even though he is dreaming the cinema he can because of the mind and everything that the lord has given imagination, he can experience, nacas. He can experience relationships, he can experience you know.
Sukha dukha everything in the movie also isn’t? especially I have seen, sometimes ladies sit and they cried, they cried, they cried, because they are so ignorant they really become lost in that and sometimes bad is happening there it is exactly equal to happening to themselves and if some sad seen is there there is fear, anxiety, the character in the screen he is in the anxiety, you are in anxiety.
Horror scenes, fear, sex, excitement. Just look at that what a screen can produce, they can bring out sex in you they bring out fear in you and they can bring out anxiety in you and once that comes out it is non-different than a real thing.
It is not different from real thing. Real thing also suppose there is a fear, same quality fear come in the dream also. You understand. A man is living for some good feelings. That’s it, some good feelings he doesn’t want fear. He doesn’t want anxiety.
He doesn’t want temporariness. He wants permanentness. He wants loving relation, sweat relationships. Man wants all those things. So some movies are producing that experience some movies are producing that experience some movies are producing some other effect. Some other effect….that’s our life is exactly like this.
Only we are so much lost, you have no idea that what is the kind of theatre you are sitting. What seat you are sitting in. what your original form is. Nothing you know. Just like I told some ladies are lost in the movies, right?
So self-realization means to wake-up the, wake-up this cinema. Please understand one thing when we say this materialistic world is illusion. One should understand that material energy is not illusion.
Projector is not an illusion. Light patch is not an illusion. They are all truths. Similarly the matter is truth, Krishna’s energy. But the way it plays around & when you interact with it, what you create of it in your mind that means illusion.
Your perceptions are illusion. So what is illusion? The way you use is the way you read the book what should take in it, that is illusion. The way you see the light patches, that is illusion. So, how to wake up? Because I can see the screen, just like the screen it is. I take one body it is growing; I have no control over it.
Do you have any control how the projector works? You don’t know. Only the projector is running, film is made tror.. it will run & you are just identifying. You just identifying with the character. Since you have identified with the character, that character’s suppose said feeling also you will experience as your feeling. So most of the freewill here is also illusory.
So Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita “prakrite kriyamanani gunai karmani sarvasah, ahankara vimudatma kartaham iti manyate”. “Prakrite kriyamanani gunai karmani sarvasah”. Everything is carried out by material nature.
Three modes of material nature “Prakrite kriyamanani gunai karmani sarvasah, ahankara vimudatma kartaham iti manyate”. Ahankara, false ego out of false ego, I think I am doing. Out of false ego, I am thinking. What is that false ego? Are you are Mr so & so sitting in the theatre, which is in majestic. Sitting in that you will see you are Mr. so & so what you have created a false ego.
I am Amitabh Bacchan. And Ahankara vimudatma karatham iti manyate. What Amitabh Bacchan is doing, I am thinking I am doing (Laugh). So therefore “Prakrite Kriyamanani gunai karmani sarvasah ahankara vimudatma kartaham iti manyate.
Go to 13th chapter “Nature”, Text No 21
Karyaakaranakartrutve hetuh prakrutiruchyate|
Purusah sukadukanam boktrutve heturuchyate
Nature is said to be the cause of all material causes & effects. Projector, light patches, that is they are the causes of what is going on the screen, not you. What are you? You are sitting in the theatre where the living entities are cause of various suffering and enjoyments.
You are seeing that sufferings and enjoyments are created by you. In the screen there is suffering & enjoyment because in the screen there is no real person. So where is suffering & enjoyments caused by us? Because we have identifying with that world…
Next verse: The living entity in the material nature thus follows a life, enjoying the three modes of nature. This is due to his association with that material nature.
Thus he mean should good and evil among various species. Yet in this body, there is another transcendental enjoyer who is the lord, the supreme proprietor & who exists as overseer & permitter & who is known as the Supersoul. One who understand the philosophy concerning material nature, living entity & interaction of modes of nature is sure to attain liberation.
He will not take birth here again, regardless of his present position. O chief of Bharatas! Whatever you see in existence, both the moving and non moving is only combination of field of activities & the knower of the field. Now the example I gave you of the screen, the cinema is the observer.
It is the crude example because man always imitates nature in a very crude way. Just like the way robot. That they compared to a human it cannot, crude. Similarly too many things cannot be drawn from this analogy of screen, why this is not interacting/ Krishna has created a dream where it is interacting.
You understand we are all heroes in the screen. And you are sitting in the theatre & then you are also given an opportunity to take a decision.
No you see, ordinary cinema see you can’t interact you have to simply identify with what is going on. But here some rules are given how to interact, if you interact what will happen? Isn’t it? So it is interacting.
They made computer games, ha.. you can sit on the driving wheel & when the screen is there, ru ru.. another car is coming. Roo roo ru ru.. it’s a turning right? First you are thinking it is my car. First there is the identification right.
But you are turning the car. Now there is the link here between when turn right that car also turns right. But actually you are not turning that car.
You understand. You are not turning that car. It’s a mechanism you are turning here. Similarly you are sitting in the theatre & you are also desiring & immediately Paramatma is translating that there.
Now I want to talk, now I want to lift my hand. It is by the mercy of paramatma this hand is lifting. I am not this hand. I am not this body, the whole body is in the screen. But I am desiring, Paramatma is translating & because every time I want to lift, I lift. Then Paramatma is constantly doing it.
So I am thinking I am lifting (laugh). Isn’t ha! Illusion is created. I am the body. I want to lift, I can lift. But he doesn’t see. Ok! So you ask him. How did you lift? Where did the command go, where did it go. Who ordered? How did it happen? Nobody has found answer. Ha! Can you lift that telephone?
It will rise up. No isn’t it? It is not given within the mechanical set up by Krishna, Paramatma. So like this so much false association is there, we consider that as reality. Just like another example I gave: you can train an animal let us say there is a cage. In the cage there in one red platform, there is one green platform.
Some rats & some mice & it is allowed to starve, no food is given. When it jumps on the red platform, drop one piece of bread. It goes and falls. When it jumps on green platform, blue platform, yellow platform, nothing is found. Red platform it will find. In few days the animal will learn that by pressing the red platform I get food. Now you are the one who is dropping food.
The rat doesn’t see all these things. The rat kingdom, the law will be made if any body who stands on the venue stand on red platform, bread is created. Because it is very consistent. Quick timing, tuck! But who is making it consistent? It’s you. Similarly we say when we drop this, it falls.
Law of gravitation. But that law is made by God. It is the permanently made law for the material world. Similarly I have created a permanent law in the rat world. Who has orderly arranged that? I have arranged that. Krishna has arranged all these material laws to be consistent.
He is the greatest physist, greatest chemist, he is the greatest mathematician. Everything greatest, greatest artist. Somebody is creating a nice movie. Creative director: Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, heavy award earned.
Imagine what award we should give to Krishna, what a director! The whole universe. The whole universe is a movie. Inside that movie he creates sub movie & everybody prizes, forgetting that you yourself in the movie is controlled by Krishna.
Creative director is Krishna, there is no metaphor. These are truths, truth. Why it is truth? Because what strikes? What should strike you is it’s a fact, it is not temporary, this body is temporary. I am thinking that I am this body that is wrong. How can I be this body? This body it should always be there.
My childhood body is gone, this body will go away. Budda, it will become that day, body will be dead. Where am I, where am I. I cannot be this. Our biggest problem is in the material world. What we are using we become that, we are using the body, we take to think I am the body.
That is why sense of ownership of this body should be given up. That is a value of renunciation, culturing a renunciation. Why because in reality nothing is yours. You are only a user of these things. It is taken back from you at the time of death.
So if you look at it you say something I can say its my own its going to be always with me. You will be shown, there is nothing except yourself. Atma & the Paramatma, the Lord.

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