Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Phoenix: ISKCON announces a legal battle against the developer of McDonalds

If McDonald's continues and settles on the car park opposite the headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) , located on Hare Krishna Land , Phoenix, movement, supported by other socio-cultural organizations Hindu threat of go "further" to counter this process. This emerges from a press conference on united front seat of the Hindu Iskcon on Tuesday 25 January.

She does not want the burger king face at its center. The Mauritian branch of Iskcon said he had a first meeting for this purpose with the owner of the shopping center of Phoenix, Ascencia Ltd, and sponsor of the McDonald's, Robert Chane.
According to the Director of Communications and Public Relations of Iskcon, Srinjay Das, they have shown "rigid." He suggests that there will be other meetings between both parties. But if the mall owner and developer of Phoenix McDonald's restaurant continue to camp on their position, Iskcon "take further steps" after consultations with his lawyers.
The movement Hare Rama Hare Krishna believe that the shopping center in Phoenix is pretty big and can accommodate McDonald's food court that is located inside the building or another site on the complex grounds. And it is further from the current location chosen to host the restaurant located on the former parking area overlooking the Hare Krisha Land .
The spokesman stressed that the Iskcon holding the press conference this Tuesday, January 25, aims to "dispel all doubts." He says that Iskcon has received many calls from people who s 'interview on that position, while others showed their support for him.
"We knew that the mall was on an extension of Phoenix as part of its renovation. But it was only towards the end of December that we saw the 'banner' of McDonald's. And that's when we realized that the restaurant would move as close to us, " says Das Srinjay.
31 December 2010, Hare Rama Hare Krishna convened its executive to decide how to proceed. He has since written several letters to express its objection to the installation of the restaurant, including the proponent, or to request an explanation from the Mayor of Vacoas-Phoenix.
The Iskcon would emphasize that it is not against the development of the country, as long as it is done in the "mutual respect" and "the spirit of good neighborliness." " As civilized people in civilized society and the rule of law, we are not against the development of the country. But we think it should be done with mutual respect and the spirit of good neighborliness. To our right, our left and Jumbo, Phoenix Les Halles, there are several food courts but they are well contained and we respect that " , says the director of communications and public relations of Iskcon. The company points out that ten years ago, she had already objected to the opening of a McDonald's restaurant at the current location of Phoenix Les Halles.
"That is, it seems, bad faith, since he was ten years ago we had objected and now the location for the restaurant is closer to our headquarters. McDonald's will be practically under our noses. Our main objection is that we worship the cow and McDonald's, killing the cow, is this animal cruelty. This is intolerable, unthinkable to conduct business face to such a restaurant, not to mention the smell of meat they emerge, " Das continues Srinjay.
The Iskcon see lots of disadvantages. Currently, the Hare Krishna Land , there is a temple Radha-Krishna , Iskcon a building used for other spiritual activities, as well as for yoga, music and dance. The company also indicates that each year, "the great nights of Krishna, the premises of the host Iskcon 60 000 to 75 000 people.
The company soon announced that it will build a new temple on his land, which goes beyond the current premises. For this project, it is already in discussions with the authorities. Other Hindu socio-cultural organizations have joined the movement Hare Rama Hare Krishna in this "battle".
Officials they were present at the press conference this Tuesday, January 25. Notably, Somduth Dulthumun, president of the Sanatan Dharma Temples Federation , Ajeet Gopal, President of Kranti and Veerendra Ramdhun, president of the Hindu House.

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