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Chandrasekra das & GBC Excommunicate Umapati

Apr 06, 2011 — GLOBAL (SUN) — What follows is a written summary transcript of the main points from an official speech/lecture given recently for three hours by Chandrasekra das on Umapati Prabhu's current position, etc. Chandrasekra das is an ISKCON GBC/Deputy GBC /ABC/ /BBC for the area of Mainland China/Hongkong. This Lecture is in English, translated simultaneously into Chinese by a Chinese devotee specifically for all the Mainland Chinese and Hongkong devotees.
On this website, you can hear Chandrasekra das speaking.
The summary transcript below of this lecture was officially sent in writing by Chandrasekra das and the GBC to all the Chinese devotees, both in the Mainland and Hongkong. After this, one can also read further below the history and character of Chandarsekra das, listed by us for all readers to be more clear that it is not Umapati who is the only culprit in this case, but also his so-called accusers, Chandrasekra das and our 'beloved' convoluted GBC. It is time that the world holds both Chandrasekra das and the GBC also accountable for this Umapati case.
It seems that Chandrasekra das finally has to eat his own words after his many contradictory behaviours and hypocritical flip-flop actions on the Umapati case. This is despite our many heedings on the Internent to Chandrasekra das and his associates regarding their cancerous problem of promoting conditioned souls posing as Initiating Gurus in Srila Prabhupada's society, ISKCON. Unfortunately, ISKCON has been hijacked by the likes of people such as Chandrasekra das and company for the past 34 years since the physical departure of Srila Prabhupada.
One of the innumerable, typical donkey like behaviours of Chandrasekra das and the GBC on the Guru issue is found in the 8th paragraph of their summary transcript, where it is said: "ISKCON will not recognize initiations given by Umapati Prabhu after February 2010". By this statement, Chandrasekra and the GBC imply foolishly that until the Midnight Eve of Janurary 31st, 2010, including the many long years way before that, Umapati was secretly an ever liberated soul who was able to dupe even Lord Krsna, Lord Chaitanya, Srila Prabhupada and the residents of Vaikuntha and Krsnaloka to fully recognize his initiations. This is despite Umapati's many factually recorded homosexual activities with his disciples/followers in the Mainland China area during the many long years way before February 2010, which Chandrasekra das and the GBC were very well aware of all along, since 1998, when the first incidents and victims started surfacing. Indeed, this has even been admitted and confirmed previously several times by Umapati, Chandrasekra, and the GBC.
Still, very hypocritically, Chandrasekra das and the GBC are most 'mercifully' willing to recognize Umapati's initiations during all that time. The final stop loss/cut loss deadline of February 2010 was concocted only when their egos became severely bruised, and in retaliation against Umapati's decision not to cooperate with them on further admissions and details, etc.
How pathetic can you get, Chandrasekra Prabhu!!! 

Summary Transcript Of Speech/Lecture Given By Chandrasekra das & The GBC

Dear Devotees of ISKCON,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
Srila Prabhupada instructed that the GBC, Governing Body Commission, be the ultimate managing authority for ISKCON. They are responsible to see that Srila Prabhupada's teachings are properly represented and that the standards expected of sannyasis, initiating gurus and other spiritual leaders are upheld.
For many years Umapati Prabhu has taught bhakti-yoga in China, also known as Khasadesh. Some years ago, when he was a sannyasi and diksa guru in ISKCON, allegations of sexual misconduct by Umapati Prabhu came to the GBC's attention. After extensive investigations over a number of years involving Umapti Prabhu and numerous alleged victims, the GBC concluded the accusations to be true.
The GBC holds those who represent Srila Prabhupada as sannyasis and diksa gurus to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior. As Srila Prabhupada often cited:
    "One who cannot deliver his dependents from the path of repeated birth and death should never become a spiritual master, a father, a husband, a mother or a worshipable demigod." (SB 5.5.18).
In this context the GBC released an official statement to the devotees within the Khasadesh yatra of its findings and decisions during the annual GBC meetings in Mayapur in 2010. In summary the GBC decided Umapati Prabhu should no longer remain a sannyasi, should only visit China with the permission of the GBC Body and upheld its previous decision that he is no longer permitted to initiate ISKCON devotees into Krishna consciousness.
Umapati Prabhu continues to deny the charges and does not accept the findings of the investigations. After three years of deliberation, Umapati Prabhu has decided to resume his role as a sannyasi and initiating guru against the direction of the GBC Body. Umapati Prabhu acknowledges that by doing so he will not be accepted by the GBC as a member, sannyasi or initiating guru of ISKCON.
ISKCON will not recognize initiations given by Umapati Prabhu after February 2010.
Devotees initiated prior to this date are accepted as duly initiated members of ISKCON. Devotees who have only received 1st initiation will be required, when and if they are ready, to accept 2nd initiation from a bona-fide guru within ISKCON.
ISKCON welcomes Umapati Prabhu's followers to remain serving and residing within ISKCON under the guidance of ISKCON's leadership and other senior devotees. As Umapati Prabhu no longer represents ISKCON as a member or as initiating guru, the devotees of ISKCON should not promote Umapati Prabhu as representing ISKCON and nor are they to encourage persons new to Krishna consciousness to accept him as their initiating guru. They should direct such persons to accept the bona-fide gurus serving within ISKCON and uphold the authority of ISKCON's leadership and its decisions.
Those who are not willing to follow these decisions should not attend ISKCON programs.
The followers of Umapati Prabhu who reside outside of Khasadesh who behave respectfully toward ISKCON and the GBC are welcome to fully participate in any ISKCON center. Umapati Prabhu himself may visit ISKCON centers, but only with the prior permission of both Temple President and GBC representative. He will not be allowed to reside in ISKCON temples, nor to teach, or lead kirtan at an ISKCON Temple or an ISKCON-sponsored event.
This situation is regrettable but the GBC Body is duty bound to uphold the standards expected of those serving as gurus and sannyasis or any other leader. If Umapati Prabhu had taken responsibility for his mistakes and cooperated with the GBC's recommendations for his rectification he could still be welcome to participate in ISKCON. However, the consequence of his decision left only one alternative, namely Umapati Prabhu being required to step outside of ISKCON.
At this time, and into the future, we encourage the devotees of the Khasadesh yatra to take shelter of the ISKCON society, its devotees and Srila Prabhupada. We are certain that by their mercy and guidance all spiritual perfection will be achieved. Our prayers and best wishes are with all the devotees of the Khasadesh yatra during this difficult time.
Your humble servants in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
The ISKCON Governing Body Commission

History of Chandrasekra das


Lets us take a brief look at Chandrasekra's history which follows a regular behaviour pattern, and then hopefully, we shall all be more clearer as to why he, with the GBC's help have spoken the 3 hour lecture and issued the above recent official statements on Umapati .
(1) Chandrasekra Prabhu was initiated by a notorious homosexual child molester, Bhavananda das, in the 1980's. He then took 'reinitiation' (a topic/system never mentioned even once by Srila Prabhupada in all of his books, tapes, etc.) from Tamal Krishna Maharaj in the mid 1990's. Tamal Krishna Maharaj was also, by the way, the founder, member, as well as the most ardent supporter of the homosexual/heterosexual/child molester Guru regime in ISKCON, all the way till his demise in 2002.
(2) Tamal Krishna was in particular an ardent and affectionate supporter of Chandrasekra's first 'Guru' Bhavananda Swami 'Visnupada' (later then demoted to 'Bhavananda Prabhu'). Indeed even when Bhavananda's homosexual/child molesters activities were exposed in public in the mid 1980's, Tamal Krishna had strongly recommended to the GBC that Bhavananda be reinstalled as an initiating Guru, supposedly as a member of the Parampara of actual God and self-realized Gurus. This is a historical fact, and sickened even some of the moderate GBC illicit sex Guru supporters at the time. Of course, as Bhavananda's abominable activities kept increasing by the day, only then was he finally removed, and Tamal Krishna had to reluctantly relent to dumping his favourite Guru Buddie.
(3) History sometimes repeats itself in quite a humorous way. In the mid 1980's, Bhavananda Swami 'Visnupada' suddenly had to be demoted to Bhavananda 'Prabhu' after his illicit sexual activities were exposed. Now, about 26 years later, poor Chandrasekra Prabhu, who for around 16 years had supported Umapati Swami as a bonafide Guru in the disciplic succession of actual self-realized souls, and preached the same to so many Chinese devotees in the Mainland and Hongkong, now finds himself in a contradictory position. This is because he now has to swallow and jam down his own throat the convoluted 'Parampara Gurus can have illicit sex' philosophy, which the GBC has created since 1978 by his ironical behaviour of demoting Umapati from the 'Gurudeva' status to 'prabhu' in his recent speeches and writings.
(4) Chandrasekra Prabhu, who has been promoting the Bogus ISKCON Guru Philosophy in Mainland China from around about 1994 to 2006, and misleading so many Chinese devotees, was banned by the Mainland authorities when it finally became intolerable for Lord Krsna seeing him continuously spitting out his venomous philosophy of "Gurus in the Parampara can fall down". Still, being extremely stubbornly attached and determined in his nature to be a bogus Guru Cheerleader, he has continued preaching from Hongkong since the past 5 years, inviting the Mainland devotees to Hongkong , and using Srila Prabhupada's temple in Hongkong to further carry out his nefarious activities. He does this with the excuse that "Hongkong temple is the most official representation of ISKCON in the mainland Chinese devotees area". These mischievous activities were carried out all the way till last year. At present our hero is out traveling in different countries.
(5) Chandrasekra das falsely and most proudly thinks that since he was brought up in the ISKCON Gurukula and is a 'long time' devotee, he does not need to listen to any good instruction from those devotees whom his Bogus Gurus have kicked out, simply because of their 'fault' in opposing the above mentioned philosophy'. The 'ISKCON Gurukul Scholar' ego is deeply embedded in his head, with his pride having been further inflated by praises of him being very 'learned in Sastra', from many of the ISKCON Bogus Guru's fanatic and often confused disciples.
(6) Although externally Chandrasekra das displays an artificial calm mode of goodness nature, internally there is an ocean of the mode of ignorance in his understanding of the qualities of a bonafide Guru, as mentioned in all of Srila Prabhupada's books. Cunningly disregarding all the ever liberated qualities that Srila Prabhupada always, many times, overwhelmingly stressed in his books that a Guru should possess, Chandrasekra das usually half quotes Srila Prabhupada whenever he tries to write articles defending the Bogus ISKCON Guru system, without fully completing the whole meaning. Chandrasekra also does not bother to properly study the whole context of what Srila Prabhupada is actually referring to, in Srila Prabhupada's immediate previous quotes on a particular topic, especially on the Guru issue.
(7) Chandrasekra das's many previous and present writings display a cover-up of the immensely embarrassing and frustratingly panicky situation that both he and the GBC have found themselves in, by disregarding Srila Prabhupada's instructions on how the initiation system in ISKCON should have been conducted. Chandrasekra das mixes Srila Prabhupada's quotes with his own conceptions in a most desperate manner as his defence and support for the creation, maintenance, and his intense hopeful continuity of the homosexual/heterosexual/child molester Guru regime in ISKCON for 10,000 years on this planet.
Thus, unfortunately Chandrasekra das and his many GBC/Guru buddies have both contributed to destroying ISKCON, bringing it down to its knees where spiritual purity of the Guru is concerned.
(8) The so-called whistle blowing of Chandrasekra das/GBC on Umapati was done around 2008, only as a last resort desperate reluctant effort, solely owing to Umapati's continued increase in his homosexual activities, which had far advanced from just three disciples in 1998 being victimized initially. Chandrasekra das was well aware of the first cases when they came up in around 1998, as much as his "Gurus' (a) the departed Tamal Krishna, and (b) Giridhari Swami were. Still, together they all chose to suppress the issue. It was only when an increasing number of Mainland devotees started voicing their outrage, and it was impossible for Chandrasekra to continue artificially putting the lid on this issue, that our 'saviour' Chandrasekra was forced to take some action. This he did by visiting the Holy Dhams and having many hours of meetings with his other GBC/Guru buddies on how to expose Umapati's behaviour.
After some struggle of denial and admittance, going back and forth, with Umapati changing his position almost everyday, finally Chandrasekra and his GBC buddies were able to 'punish' Umapati by having him stay in Mayapur for some time for 'purification' and 'realisation' of his mistakes. The amazing part was that Chandrasekra das fully approved and did not stop Umapati's 'disciples' from visiting him constantly in Mayapur, thus encouraging Umapati in his illusion that he was still a Guru.
(9) Furthermore, disgustingly amazing activities was exhibited when Umapati was given a full-fledged Vyasa Puja ceremony in the Holy Dham of Mayapur, complete with foot bathing, huge feasting, and chanting of Sanskrit praises such as "Jay Om Visnupada----etc.", and other titles that are solely reserved only for actual liberated souls. Even more amazing was that the two twin pujari brothers, Jananivasa and Pankajanabhi Prabhus attended this abominable programme, and also took part in the chanting of such praises. This Vyasa Puja was condoned by some GBC/Gurus and 'Senior' Prabhupada disciples. Otherwise it could not have taken place on the grounds of ISKCON Mayapur.
History on this particular occasion repeated itself in the most cruel way, the good name of Vyasadeva and the Holy Dham Mayapur was once again thrown in the pig sty, as it was when Bhavanandas' bogus feet were continuously washed for many years in Mayapur, from the late 1970's to the mid 1980s. A video on YouTube was also made for this monstrous occasion. Please see "Videos From Mayapur" to see Uncle Umapati having his bogus feet washed.
(10) Last year, when Chandrasekra was asked by a local devotee as to why the Vyasa Puja was held during Umapati's punishment and 'purification' period, he replied that the devotees in Mayapur are extremely merciful in that they thought it was fitting to wash Umapati's feet in his Vyasa Puja ceremony. This reminds us of one example that Srila Prabhupada mentions, that in India in the old days when one had cholera, sometimes a well meaning relative in the name of 'mercy' will give a chapati to the sick person to eat, and that person's condition would worsen to the point of immediate death. Srila Prabhupada mentions that this mercy is NOT mercy, but killing. So feeding false praise and worship on an imposter will only further feed one's false ego of being a Guru, and only hasten one's spiritual death.
In simple words, putting a homosexual and Vyasadeva on the same status is considered 'mercy' by our 'hero' Chandrasekra. Again, another of many of Chandrasekra's unrepentant and pathetic arguments to continue his homosexual/heterosexual/child molester Guru regime.
(11) Similar activities of Chandrasekra's flip-flop attitude and actions towards Umapati were not only exhibited in Mayapur, but also in Hongkong as well, after Umapati's official exposure, when he left Mayapur to try to come back to the Mainland via Hongkong. This is evidenced in Chandrasekra's email exchange with Mahasrnga Prabhu, around 14th July, 2010.
In the future, we will submit to the readers a few samples of the many writings of Chandrasekra das on the guru issue, and leave it up to the readers judgment to decide for themselves as to which alien planet our GBC/ Deputy GBC man is coming from.

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