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Giriraja is following .. Narayana Maharaja?

In Giriraja's book he describes the benefits of the GBC guru's association with Narayana Maharaja, and the resultant GBC's gopi bhava club program (i.e. hearing about the gopis while cramming homosexual messiahs down the throats of the ISKCON chidren). Its amazing, they are trying to promote the worst disasters to Gaudiya Vaishnavaism as some sort of "gopi rasaka" project. This book is currently being advertised by the Narayana Maharaja folks.
What is even more odd is: Narayana Maharaja folks say that Tamal poisoned Prabhupada, but after establishing Tamal as a guru poisoner, then his followers wrote a big eulogy to the glories of Tamal's service, after they said he was a guru poisoner? Narayana Maharaja now says Tamal is insincere and after money, so why do they write a big eulogy to him?
All glories to the service of -- poisoning guru and placing molesters in his seat? Why is this glorious? Judas and the Roman soliders who killed Jesus are = glorious? Well yes, according to NM folks. And the NM folks say -- we are confused? Well perhaps, but we are not so confused that we think Judas is Jesus, or that molester messiahs are bona fide. Amazing, the NM gopi bhava side show which was created to deflect from all of the homosexual pedophile molesting is "Following The Footsteps," of ... what? And the NM folks are now saying this was a great thing, giving gopi rasika to the molester messiahs and what they themselves say is -- the guru poisoner's club? thanks pd


From: "Kailesh Bhuckory"<>
: Watch you might be gone forever...... !!!!!!
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 99

Go and Fuck yourself
you coward ass hole....... Who you think you are you Schizophrenic moron. You think that you can change the world by alluring people to real your shit? You think that our spiritual teacher will like it that you are attempting to destroy His ISKCON.... You deserve my boot on your face... I am warning you now,... It does not cost a lot to have one less rascal on this planet.........

You can continue with your shit!!! but I feel very sad for your relatives you will leave behind....... Krsna Kirtana das (Malcom_x)

PADA: Kirtanananda is lonely in jail, he wants more GBC followers and leaders to join him there. Please show the above to the India courts and media and show them what kind of violent Prabhupada worship haters there are on the GBC. Look how they preach to and incite their followers. Kill the Prabhupada worshippers! Now, is there any doubt they killed Prabhupada too?]
In order to complete our police and FBI report about Giriraja swami's inciting his followers to threaten to murder Hare Krishna devotees, we'd like to get: his complete karmi name (Glenn Teton?), his home address(es) in the USA and elsewhere, and any other forms of identification or info that anyone can give us. We'd also like to know his current whereabouts and travel plans.

We'd also like to know the karmi names etc. of his other important followers and their locations. We also need to know the karmi names of other GBC who currently support Giriraja and his death threat inciting "preaching policies" as a leader in ISKCON. In sum, we need to know as many names as possible of the people involved in the murderous pedophile messiah

Thanks PADA


A devotee was somewhat alarmed when we printed the "death threat" from a follower of Giriraja swami. This devotee defended Giriraja by stating: "Giriraja swami would never hurt a fly, he is a kind and gentle devotee, and he would never order the killing of another Vaishnava." To that, PADA would say, we should study the "modus operandi" of cult leaders to see how Giriraja could easily have someone assasinated by his preaching policies.
Lets look at Giriraja himself for a moment. He has been certified as a guru (co-messiah?) by the GBC. And we already know their history: a violent homosexual pedophile messiah's clique. Thus, we can easily connect Giriraja's lineage to violence towards children from his pedigree, and what to speak of violence to others? In fact, at a time when violence towards children was at its peak in the 1980s, many other "nice humble guys" were also voted in as co-gurus?
We have never been able to understand why anyone would want to be "voted in as a co-guru in a living pedophile messiah's lineage"? Bhavananda had ALREADY been exposed as a homosexual, while Kirtanananda was being massaged in public by 30 boys regularly. Why would someone get "voted in as a guru" with these folks? We would personally rather be voted into the "Satan's Slaves" motorcycle club as a more pious alternative. What is even more astonishing is that we often hear GBC's say "Srila such-and-such-pada is: a guru in good standing" (in the living pedophile messiah's lineage)? Yes, we'd have to agree, he's in good standing with Yama's agents who have their noose on his neck? And your point is?
That is the unquestioned history of Giriraja's guru lineage: unspeakable violence towards children and the murder(s) of dissidents who protested their child abuser regime. Indeed, we asked the GBC and their lawyers to find any fault with our paper "Child Molesters: Gurus"? and they have never questioned even one word of it in almost ten years. Nevermind that there is also a poison cloud looming over the Giriraja lineage as well, showing that the circle of violence may be more extensive?
And let us also not lose sight of the main point: the threatening message is very real, it is not concocted by us, and thus: Giriraja's follower DOES think that he, or similar other GBC followers, are authorized ("from scriptures"?) to assassinate other Vaishnavas. And if there were no police and media to check them, they might follow up on these threats. And he has learned these policies from the GBC. And, we have had many similar threats all along, since 1977, from Ramesvara's people, Kirtanananda's people, etc.
For example, as soon as Gunagrahi swami got off the subway stairs in San Francisco a few years ago, accompanied by a follower of Ramesvara (1986?), we said, "Hey, how many young girls is Ramesvara dating now"? Gunagrahi took me aside and said, "See that guy over there? He could break your neck if you continue to talk like that."
In other words, all along in ISKCON since 1977 there has been a underlying malevolent mood of hating vaishnavas, and perhaps beating and killing them, which is a often found in other vicious deviant cults. Meanwhile, the GBC gurus and their followers are portraying their gurus (even when their gurus are dating minor aged girls) as someone like Jesus? This goonda-ism to support and cover-up for the false gurus is considered saintly behavior. As such, this simply encourages and perpeturates criminal activity in the name of guru. This in turn creates a whole atmosphere of exploitation, cover-up, and falsity, spawning things like molestation and abuse.
We have also heard this reasoning all along since 1977, "Oh this GBC would not hurt a fly, Oh that GBC would not hurt a fly," yes maybe, but devotees are still being banned, beaten (and killed?) all along? So, a lot of people may think "Gunagrahi is a nice guy," but he basically threatened to splatter us on the sidewalk just like some Mafia hit man would have done? Tripurari swami also told people that we are demons, right in front of the Carl St. temple, trying to get the same identical sentiments of hatred fanned against Vaishnavas about the same year.
This is part of their modus operandi: "We are saints, those who disagree are demons, we are right, they are wrong, so --maybe we can cut out the tongues of these blasphemers, and we will be blessed by God" (and never dare question our history)? This "modus operandi" has been around for thousands of years actually. Even the sahajiyas thought that Lord Chaitanya was a blasphemer, and they wanted to kill Him. There was also the inquisition, and so on. Then the Navadvipa caste brahmanas wanted to kill Srila Bhaktisiddhanta?
When we study bogus preachers like: Jim Jones (Guyana Suicide cult); Jim and Tammy Faye Baker (Preacher who was having illicit sex with followers); the Waco cult (illicit sex from a so-called re-incarnation of Jesus), the "Heaven's Gate" cult, Jayatirtha's "peace Krishnas," and in fact many of the sahajiya groups of India, we see a pattern. These people often cry in public, make extremely humble offerings and prayers, and in sum: they are expert at swaying public opinion in their favor. Then they start to manipulate the crowd, "Oh, by the way we have some critics, who are demons."
These preachers advertise themselves as "the most humble, self-deprecating and honest people on earth, humbly trying to serve God through major adversity," ...the worst adversity being: their exposers and critics. These bogus preachers may also attack reformers like Lord Jesus and Lord Caitanya. There are those who will say Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by the "appointed successor" smarta class, which he had warned us about repeatedly? And don't these smarta pharisees types attack the bona fide guru's followers like the Prabhupadanugas?
Then, these false preachers may also fear the dissidents, the media and so on. And especially, when they are being exposed, they may resort to creating a potentially violent situation, "Oh just see! Our humble and sincere preaching efforts, which are simply meant to please God, are being attacked by Satanic forces and demons." And so, when congressman Ryan went to Guyana to investigate Jim Jones, he was shot to death on the runway. Jadurani was beaten nearly to death. When Sulochana was investigating things, he was assassinated. Taru was assassinated. When Caturbahu said he was going to "blow the lid off of ISKCON," he was found with his throat slashed in New Orleans. Police said this was an inside job. Devotees also tell us there are "lots of bodies" still buried in New Vrindavana. Somehow, it seems that people felt authorized to take these murderous actions by GBC preaching policy. And Giriraja is one of the GBC's staunchest supporters?
This idea, "we are the chosen authorized ones," filters down to the followers. For example, a devotee said that when he complained that the doors on a temple's restaurant were causing painful splinters, that the door needed to be replaced, he was told, "Srila Prabhupada appointed Srila Ramesvara, and Srila Ramesvara appointed me to be in charge, so, if Krishna wants something fixed it will be revealed through disciplic succession, and it will be my idea not yours. You are a blashemer."
The devotee who mentioned the door problem was at that time freely giving 14 hours of service, six days a week. When he was fired from the temple restaurant, they had to hire two people as his replacements, and pay them big salaries. Thus, the restauant could not afford these salaries and had to close. In other words, rather than accept the service of a "doubting Thomas" (of one's absolute authority) better to shut down the whole project and have nothing. Scorched earth. Similarly, Cowherd men at Gita Nagari were kicked out on the same basis, and the result was that the cows were made to suffer horribly.
Jaytirtha was also very expert in this deviant cult mentality. He would take drugs, then cry and chant weirdly on his vyasasana (?), which many people mistook for profound spiritual ecstacy. When we protested his actions, he and the GBC kicked us out. He then offered to make us guru too. And when we refused, he said, very coldly, "You had better watch your back." In short, Mr. Spiritual Ecstacy, the GBC's big time "crying in ecstacy" guru, will --have you maybe assasintated, if you opt to open your big mouth and expose the GBC's bogus sex and drugs guru program.
We could also argue that everyone is a "nice guy" since they are part and parcel of Krishna. "The humble sage sees everyone as part and parcel." As such, Kamsa, Ravana, or the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, or even mass murderer Charles Manson, and who knows who else, will set their little five-year-old niece on their knee and play rocking horse with her like a loving parent. That is fine, since everyone is part of Krishna, and thus everyone has at least some light within them. Nonetheless, we as Vaishnavas have to be able to distiguish what is the actual pure light of an ACTUAL parampara member, and what is the anartha contaminated light.
Otherwise, as Srila Prabhupada says, religion which defies shastra, or is smarta, sahajiya, veda vada rata, mayavada, or etc. is simply a disturbance to human society (utpat). Moreover, the imitation of acharya leads one to the lowest, most obnoxious regions of the universe, says shastra. And the supporters of this illusion go there too. So, we cannot artificially say, "everyone is a nice guy," and then merge some, any, or all of the qualities of mundane conditioning upon the acharyas. THIS IS NEVER TOLERATED BY KRISHNA. The Isopanisad is very clear on this, those who indulge in the imitation of acharyas are better to have never heard of the vedas. This is the most serious of all crimes. Of course, if one couples the imitation with a poison complaint of the actual acharya, then it is beyond belief how bad off are the followers of that lineage...
To sum, Giriraja has told us personally that he thinks gurus fall down (making him a resident of hell by Srila Prabhupada's standards --"gursuh narah matih ...narakah sah"). And when we challenged him to defend that, he had to quote books (and spurious translations) of alleged writings other than those of Srila Prabhupada. Thus, he speaks exactly like the Gaudiya Matha deviants who started their relativised (homosexual to boot) acharya lineage --which resulted in murders. Therefore, we are not at all surprised that he was voted into the same homosexual lineage beeja which evolved in the Gaudiya Matha.
And despite that some of the Gaudiya Matha folks are "nice guys," some of them supported the homosexual (repression by murder) regime of the 1930s, and later the same thing in the 1970s. They supported the repressors and agressors of Srila Prabhupada, with poison, as "living gurus." Worse, some of them have been giving "rasika classes" to the founding fathers of the guru poisoning, homosexual pedophile, bogus messiah lineage leaders, while calling the Prabhupadanugas bogus deviants. This is all utpat. Anyway, if everyone is a nice guy, as Giriraja's sympathizer seems to say, then why doesn't Giriraja say, "The Prabhupadanugas are also nice guys, so do not harass them"?

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