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ISKCON BDA site expose



Devotees, friends…there has been a remarkable turning point in the course of ISKCON Bangalore being victimized by a spate of defamation by IBDA! By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, the culprits involved in this devious strategy were identified and they have confessed their involvement. The demoniac lie that meat and liquor was served on Hare Krishna Hill has been admitted by “77″ to be a plot hatched by Varada Krishna Das and written on his personal instigation in order to bring disrepute to the temple management and shake the faith of the supporters.

Code words “77” and “Yamaraj” have been cracked. And behind these words have surfaced misled, derailed individuals who have lost their way on the path of Srila Prabhupada’s service. The saying, “The man who raiseth the sword shall be killed by the sword,” is the most apt in this context. The malicious game players of the IBDA have now got a taste of their own medicine.

Swaggering with pride and overconfidence of their efforts to “extricate” devotees from ISKCON, Bangalore- they fell prey to their own pranks. Thus they got exposed. Who are the articulate perpetrators? Were they influenced by some horrendous rogues in the garb of devotees who have no allegiance to Srila Prabhupada? What was their strategy? …How wicked is VKD? How diabolic is DRD? What does the FOLK community of ISKCON Bangalore think about this?


The IBDA has been systematically and viciously poisoning the minds of some of ISKCON Bangalore’s devotees, and thus draining them of their faith and allegiance to Srila Prabhupada, and the war against untruth.

One of the sincere devotees volunteered to risk his life and dedicated several hours of tapasya to unearth this mafia operation. His efforts resulted in revealing their strategies. Krishna is the Cheater of the cheaters. And He has proved so again to protect His devotees from the snares of the IBDA maya. Now they have got a taste of their own medicine.


A devotee from Hare Krishna Hill approached the fortress of the enemies of Srila Prabhupada’s supporters and feigned that he was not satisfied with the authorities at Hare Krishna Hill. He sought an emotional shoulder with a suspicious character from that side who had penetrated the FOLK at HK Hill.

The latter preached to him of the greener grass on the other side. Soon, he took him to Varada Krishna Dasa – who instructed him further on the “anomalies” in ISKCON, Bangalore. The tape which contains the recording of that three hour long conversation is available. In the course of this endeavor, information about their dirty strategies spilt out one by one.


It was shocking to recognize these faces as the real authors of the nasty blogs filled with stinking untruth. They are all young college / working men, trainees at HK Hill under the FOLK program, who have been simultaneously undergoing training by VKD to destroy the unity of the devotees on HK Hill. The names that surfaced in the confessions as being the masterminds behind the diabolic strategies did not come as a surprise, since they have been know over the years as the unscrupulous thugs who have sworn to destroy Srila Prabhupada’s mission – none other than the low-class brains of Varada Krishna Dasa and Vaikuntha Gaur Dasa under the surreptitious leadership of Doyaram Dasa.

They have given an affidavit to state that they are the culprits.
The irony is that they were so blinded and brainwashed by VKD that they dared to state emphatically, things that were totally false, things they had not even seen, and made a hue and cry about them. For instance, Rathish revealed that he had not even seen that ‘meat and wine’ were served, but simply followed VKD, to do what he had described in his blog. Later on, they admitted that they were influenced and instigated to write such demoniac untruths by VKD.

View Rathish’s (77’s) affidavit:
Read his affidavit below:

To 1st March 2009
Sri Radha Kanta Dasa
Security Incharge,
ISKCON Temple,

Dear Prabhu,
Since you have questioned us about our involvement in the blog Madhu, we are voluntarily submitting our involvement before the group of devotees. I wrote several articles in the blog by false name of 77.

I was encouraged and asked to write defamatory articles in that manner by Varada Krishna Das and Doyaram Das of ISKCON, Mumbai. I also know that my friend Siddarth Gupta wrote in the false name “Yamaraj” in the blog. I was made to get inside information from the temple at Rajajinagar regularly by Varada Krishna Das. I have also spoken various facts before the camera and the group of devotees. I am extremely sorry for such behaviour of ours and promise that I will never repeat such deplorable behaviour to break the faith of devotees of this ISKCON, Bangalore Temple by spreading hatred among them through defamatory statements made by me.
Thanking You,
Rathish Raghupathy Witness
1. Manoj Nagaraj
2. Rohith Kaushik


View Sanatan’s affidavit:
Read his affidavit:
To 1st March 2009
Sri Radha Kanta Dasa
Security Incharge,
ISKCON Temple,

Dear Prabhu,
I am extremely sorry that I have acted against the interest of the temple by spreading false things about temple to the public. I propagated that Chanchalapati das’s daughter Manjari was not his daughter. This was told to me by Vaikuntha Gowra das. I regret having spread such rumors for breaking the faith in the devotees. One Divya Keshav das has told me that Radheshyam has hacked the server at the temple and is leaking out the information to the other side. All other facts I have spoken before the Camera and the assembled devotees. Kindly Excuse me for this deploreable behaviour of mine. I will not repeat this again.
Thanks you,
Yours Sincerely
Sanatan das alias Sunil C P Witness
1. Sachin Kumar
2. Mahesh K


It is a fact that no organizational management, however sincere and committed, can satisfy every rank and file member. Despite the concern and care taken for all members, there are bound to be some negative elements. The sinister gang trained by the IBDA placed a Trojan horse right in the midst of the aspiring devotee community at HK Hill. These nefarious energies plotted to shake the faith of those who felt they did not get a fair deal with the authorities, at some instance or the other. Thus they attempted to fan the sparks of dissent to try and turn it into a devastating forest fire.

They did not stop there. Everyone who was “confidentially” swept into their gang was told to remain aloof of all their “suffering God-brothers trapped on HK Hill.” Then they propagated a hyped version of their success in invading the temple. They boasted to the devotee who exposed the fraud, of a 30% success in destroying the temple from within.

In order to build confidence in the devotee who met them, they used the tactic of dropping the name of Kumara Dasa (name changed)- a senior devotee and a sincere supporter of the temple, and said that he was supposed to meet Varada Krishna Dasa, the day the devotee met him. The only reason his name was mentioned was to destabilize the unity of the devotees and to set one devotee against the other as suspicious candidates.

Thus Varada Krishna Dasa and Vaikuntha Gaur Dasa are systematically masterminding the plan to ruin ISKCON, Bangalore – from within.


Varada Krishna Dasa corresponded (dated 13th Feb) with Bhima Dasa of ISKCON Mumbai that he had no part in, nor did he know, who the authors in IBDA blog were. However, the faces behind IBDA and their confessions reveal that this entire vicious, fabricated, maligning campaign is Vkd’s own dear baby.

How crooked he is. He keeps his own close associates in the dark about his nefarious activities. A lot of sugar coated word jugglery covers up his involvement in this filth. For instance, he told Bhima Dasa that honestly he was not involved in it, but he wished he were! Who will trust this devious sadist? He subsists on wrecking the delicate bhakti creeper of sincere devotees who have surrendered their lives to the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. He spends his waking and sleeping hours munching on venomous plans to bring down the sincere service of serious, dedicated devotees.
He dares to cross the line of morality and decency and fabricates sensational, cheap stories about women devotees. Only a man, a pervert, driven by uncontrollable lust and insatiable carnal desires can utter such filth about devotees.

He is nothing less than WICKEDNESS (VKD!) PERSONIFIED.
Having fallen on his head on the way from heaven to distribute compassion to fallen mankind, this archangel of destruction is constantly inspired from Hell via his brain which relocated to his feet on his fall. Are the culprits in touch with him? Not directly, since he is the unapproachable, unseen Don who only interacts with his henchmen like VKD. It takes several “successful missions” to qualify to get a glimpse of him and be “blessed” by the recognition of this protector of the flawed guru system.

DIABOLIC (DRD), the dear disciple of Jayapataka Swami, lost his sense of right and wrong when he crashed into the earth on his head, as aforementioned. So now his understanding is perverted; he talks of dharma but practices adharma. He talks of his loyalty to Srila Prabhupada but has been heard, for more than a couple of decades, to have declared his doubt even in Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswathi Thakura’s connection to the guru parampara! He is the ANTI TRUTH PERSONIFIED and his cold unscrupulousness is rivaled only by the Nazis.

“We could perceive the hands of Lord Krishna throughout the session.”
“How could that Wicked liar claim that he did not know who wrote in the blogs?”
“Now our good days are ahead- we should just expose them and thus cut off their venomous fangs. Then alone can we spend our creative energy for the wonderful projects we have at hand. These projects are meant to satisfy the desires of Srila Prabhupada to extensively preach Krishna Consciousness. Unfortunately, we have to spend a lot of our time and energy to defend these negative forces which attempt to impede our services to Srila Prabhupada.”
“They claim to be the followers of Srila Prabhupada. But these cheaters do the greatest disservice to our spiritual master.”
“They use Srila Prabhupada’s name, property etc. to pursue their personal agendas.”
“Woe to the vicious rogues who disguise themselves as devotees and spend their days meditating on means, however low and devious, to break the service to Srila Prabhupada, that the devotees on Hare Krishna Hill toil day and night to perform. Shame on them.”

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