Friday, June 17, 2011

Clarifications on Organic Farm in Mahadevapura, Srirangapatna

Jun 16, 2011 — BANGALORE, INDIA (SUN) — ISKCON Bangalore has setup a model farm in Mahadevpura, Srirangapattana Taluk for the purpose of showcasing organic farming and organic lifestyle. Thousands of farmers have been trained in organic farming through this model organic farm. Even now, regular training programmes are conducted for farmers from around Karnataka to educate them about the efficacy of organic farming. Prof. Bisalaih, former Vice Chancellor of University of Agricultural Sciences, had visited the farm with his faculty to get a firsthand experience of an organic farm, and was very impressed with the facility.
The total land held by ISKCON and its office bearers for the purpose of showcasing organic farming is about 77 acres. The lands were purchased from local farmers in 1994. In between the patta lands bought by ISKCON, Gomala Kharab land belonging to the government is also located. We have excluded the government lands and fenced our lands to protect the crop. We have erected stone compound walls on the outer side and wired fencing on the inside bordering the Gomala land, thus clearly excluding our land and Gomala land. Gomala land is directly accessible through north east.
ISKCON has applied for the Gomala land to setup model goshala to breed native Indian cows. We have made various applications for grant since 1998. Our application for grant is pending before the Revenue Ministry. We have not encroached upon the government gomala land. Please find attached the application for grant of the land in the year 2009 (Annexure 1).
We were surprised when all of a sudden, on 29th May 2010, notice (Annexure 2) was served to ISKCON stating that we had encroached the government gomala land and that we should vacate the same. Aggrieved with the said notice we filed a writ petition (No. 17945, 17946) before the Honorable High Court of Karnataka. The Honorable High Court stayed the proceedings (Annexure 3).
This matter was brought up even in the House committee convened to inquire about ISKCON, and the House committee opined:
    "The matter about Mahadevapura land is pending before the court. Hence it is sub judice matter to discuss and decide on this either in the assembly or in the committee.” (See page no. 39 of the Report) (Annexure 4)
Subsequent to this we had requested the authorities to complete the process of pakka podi durast (Annexure 5) so as to clearly identify the extent of our land and Government land, vide letter dated 18/8/2010. The concerned authorities are yet to carry out the survey (Annexure 6).
In the meanwhile, some people who have been instigated by ISKCON Mumbai and Shri D.K Shiv Kumar are simply throwing wild allegations against us, that we have encroached the land and that we are obstructing entry to gomala land. It is very unfortunate that these people with vested interests are bent upon disturbing the wonderful service rendered by our farm for furthering the cause of organic farming and organic lifestyle. All this exercise is only to attract the media to tarnish our image, when the matter is sub-judice in view of the pendency of the writ petition before the Honorable High Court.
Please also find attached a schematic diagram of our patta lands and gomala lands of the Government (Annexure 7).
Thanking you,
Yours in Service of Lord Krishna,
Bharatharshabha dasa
Head – Communication and Public relations, ISKCON Bangalore 

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