Sunday, June 19, 2011

Prof Dr Mumtaz ali Khan's opinion about the currnet iskcon tuzzle

Prof Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan, cabinet minister in current BJP ministry of Karnataka state of India, Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority welfare has shared his opinion about the current tuzzle between ISKCON Bangalore and ISKCON Mumbai in a leading newspaper "VIJAYA KARNATAKA".

The English translation of his writings

ISKCON is a holy temple. A place where one can witness Krishna in various forms. Thousands of devotees participate in the worship of the Deities everyday. Even people belonging to other religions also come, feel happy, take prasadam and go. The temple building is very beautiful and looks like situated on a small hill. The cool and soothing atmosphere outside the temple and attractive paintings inside the temple that depict Lord Krishna’s pastimes truly captivate the mind.

Bhajans and devotional songs by the devotees during worship brings joy to the mind.
Their mid-day meal project has been appreciated throughout India. Lakhs of school and college students are provided with nutritious and delicious Mid day meal. Where can you get such piping hot meal that includes rice, sambar and sabji? Many children from Urdu medium schools also eat this vegetarian food and enjoy it a lot. The managers of this project serve without any distinction between caste and creed. The food they serve is prepared using modern machines. This is a great and valuable contribution to the society being rendered by them.

Such a holy temple, ISKCON has now become the target of controversy. ISKCON Mumbai has upheld its ownership on ISKCON Bangalore temple. They have been arguing that ISKCON Bangalore temple belongs to and is an inseparable part of ISKCON Mumbai. There has been no solution to this dispute. The Honourable Supreme court has given a temporary solution stating that the status quo should be maintained. I request that there should be no harm at all to the ISKCON Bangalore temple. Let the ownership rest with the present managers. Let both societies operate separately. Does it look good that religious institutions fight like this? Should protection be given to the Bangalore managers? Should the citizens of Bangalore grow furious and come to the street? Let the Mumbai men give up their adamant attitude and give a good direction.

Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ali Khan,
Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority welfare,
Government of Karnataka 

Prof Dr Mumtaz Ali Khan, Minister for Haj, Wakf and Minority Welfare, Shares His Opinion About the Current ...

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