Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Radhanath Swami- The Complete Picture

The time was 12 night, I suddenly received a mail from an unidentified devotee, who talks about Radhanath Swami's new website giving me a clear cut details about how Radhanath Swami as taking Seva to a new level. He tells that he was from ISKCON, Chowpatty and according to my knowledge he'll surely be a former devotee of Radhanath Swami.So lets us study what Radhanath Swami is upto.

1.  Meta Title in website

I think this doesn't need any explanation. Prabhupada was a person who just wanted to spread message of good head to all, he never told us that he is an author or humanitarian or ever spiritual leader. prabhupada always praised his spiritual master and never claimed himself as anything, he just said I'm the servant of lord Krishna. So I personally feel that Radhanath swami is doing more false things to coverup the past issues.

2. First Page of the Website

This is just a part of the first page, but trust me i didn't find Prabhupada's name or picture in the first page. going ahead, The pages you see above, lets concentrate on "About, book and teachings". 

A. Book:

Logging in to that page, i observed the sale of only one book that is: "The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami". and when i saw PHOTOS FROM THE BOOK list, i was shocked

Where is Swami Prabhupada??? and Who are these other people? 

B. Teachings:

I read the teachings of Radhanath Swami but I didn't find the Srila Prabhupada's name here too and even Krishna's teachings. Radhanath Swami ideologies reflected a common mans philosophy and nothing greater than that.

C. About

He is an ISKCON Guru and he is the follower of srila prabhupada but here i didn't find any related topics. srila prabhupad's name as actually disappeared from the mind of  Radhanath Swami's well as the name of lord krishna.

Please see these below interviews, he never talks about krishna or srila prabhupada, but he talks about material LOVE which is surely not a part of Krishna consciousness.

3. Backdoor Scenes about website

  • RS has requested all his councilors to involve their counciles 
  • Chowpatty temple councilors have told all their counciles to engage daily in web-seva in order to please RS 
  • Web-seva declared as 5th regulative principle for all disciples - must if you want to be called disciples of RS 
  • Aspiring disciples have better prospects of shortening their long waiting list 
  • Daily web links circulated to all disciples 
  • Disciples to engage at least for 30 min. every day. 
  • Disciples trained to click links and write favorable comments 
  • Disciples encouraged to buy computers 
  • SEO experts involved 
  • Dedicated website department set up @ Chowpatty temple with big budget 
  • Already 100 + websites on RS 
  • Disciples encouraged to roll out more websites 
  • Posting photos of RS without vaishnava tilak encouraged
  • No mention of ISKCON, Srila Prabhupada on websites as RS does not want to spoil his reputation 
  • RS projected as a saint doing great philanthropy in India 
  • Photo sessions with famous leaders orchestrated 
  • RS exaggerates and builds stories 
  • RS thus targeting big potential donors

4. The Shika Factor

Observe the fact that, Radhanath Swami as removed his Shika (hairs on crown head). observe these two pictures below

5. Becoming New Spiritual Leader outside ISKCON

In the book "The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami" Radhanath Swami talks about he being Spiritual leader in India but he never refers to he being a part of ISKCON Society. So Radhanath Swami is actually planning to create a separate society outside ISKCON Temple using ISKCON as a base point. 

6. ISKCON Property in Radhanath Swami's name

Radhanath Swam in many places he talks about building hospitals, food for children and many more things but he never tells that it belongs to ISKCON. he clams that hospitals and other things are his own and he has created it for well being. 

7. Why is GBC quiet?

Maybe, no one wants to confront the most influential swami because they all need his services. RS has huge number of skilled committed disciples, lots of dollars, schools, resorts, private bank, hospital & hospice.

So now devotees decide, is he working for ISKCON and for Prabhupada or he is planning to create another society?

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