Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Offering to Srila Prabhupada 2011

Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your divine lotus feet.
This is one of the auspicious day for me to share and offer you something which is very small to you but something very big for me. I'm in connection with you for more than 10 years now and i feel satisfied spiritually but i used to feel that i'm serving you less. With the busy schedule's like mine its actually impossible for me to come to temple everyday and serve your lotus feet by distributing your books and so on. That is the time when i realized that i can do something which makes people understand the reality of ISKCON, so that they come back to you. I started a small blog named ISKCON TRUTH on December 6th, 2010 with some quality goals like to reach at-least Ten Thousand people per year. By your mercy, i have reached Twenty  Two Thousand people in just six months and on the top of this, my blog as been ranked under the best blog list too. Today, ISKCON TRUTH is connected with more that 150 devotees all around the world giving clear cut information about the rascal Gurus who are destroying your name and ISKCON TRUTH has realized 540+ people about the issues and they have come back to you. My dear Prabhupad, I get lot of threatening mails, messages from different part of the world but I'm not afraid to stand strong because you realized me that Narasimha lives in my heart. Today, I offer you this small blog ISKCON TRUTH to your lotus feet. I will continue to realize people and stand with the word truth just to take all people out of false guru worship. From then, you give them true knowledge from your books.
Requesting you to help me in this venture of Truth to reach more and more people, to pull them back to you. 
I beg to remain under the shelter of your lotus feet.
Your most fallen Servant,


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