Thursday, September 1, 2011

ISKCON Mumbai wants peace talks with ISKCON Bangalore

ISKCON Mumbai took a new step today, some of the main heads of GBC came to bangalore for a peace talk about Bangalore temple Issue. The mumbai ISKCON member and Bangalore ISKCON temple president Varada Krishna Dasa to IT (ISKCON TRUTH) Correspondent: we offered madhupandit das to come to table talks but he didnt come. We even offered him permanent post to become president of ISKCON Bangalore temple but we didnt get any reply from him.
Madupandit Dasa (MPD) to TV9: I didnt get any invite for the meeting.
Bharathasabha Dasa (Communication head of ISKCON Bangalore) to IT: ISKCON Mumbai as come here for other purpose and the fact is that they have not invited MPD to any sort of meeting.
However ISKCON GBC members are sticking to there point and they want closed door talks with MPD. dayaram dasa who is also head of this mission said to IT:  ISKCON Mumbai is ready to give whatever MPD asks like life time ISKCON Bangalore president, however he rejected to answer anything about Guru issue. 

Here is the details of people who have come to Bangalore for peace talks

Braja Hari Dasa- ISKCON Juhu Mumbai president
Devaki Nandan- regional secretary ISKCON mumbai
Basu Ghosh Das- President of ISKCON Baroda
Yashomatinandana Prabhu- president of ISKCON Ahmadabad

Rewati Raman Das- President of ISKCON Tirupathi
Bhakti Purushotham Swami- GBC of Mayapur
Doyaram Dasa- Kolkata President

Gopala Krishna Maharaj-ISKCON GBC Member & acting Guru
Bhakti Charu Swami- ISKCON GBC Member & acting guru (Known as one of the successful ISKCON Gurus after Jaypataka swami. He accepts the fact that he is not a guru but he was forced to become guru. Ref: 100 Contradictions: The life and teachings of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami book)
last but not the least Varada Krishna Dasa
and many more have come to bangalore

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