Thursday, October 13, 2011

ISKCON Authorities ban Mahavidya das

I have read in the past of the cruelties inflicted on ISKCON devotees in Russia.
I have even been part of, at one time, the campaign to free the Soviet Hare Krishnas.
I have been beaten-up myself several times just because I wore Hare Krishna robes.
Do I agree with the Russian Government and its behaviour to ISKCON?
Most certainly NOT.
However… it has come to my attention that ISKCON authorities themselves are quite happy to behave just like any oppressive regime.
If you do not believe me, come over to my part of Planet ISKCON.
Dare to challenge the present ruling management and be prepared for the worst.
Yes… I tried… and have been excluded.. sent into exile… call it what you will.
No trial… no appeal… nothing but the whim of the ruling class.
Fascist state?
The present management have produced their very own "gagging order" that they use to intimidate the "working class".
(Anyone notice the similarities yet?)
The istaghosti system (where we get to raise various issues) has been edited out.
Instead (if it gets past a censor) one may or may not be allowed to speak publicly for a total of...
300 seconds once a year.
Sounds familiar, does it not?
To ask for financial transparency... better watch out.
One can be banned for the crime of "accosting" or speaking to (something devotees do every day) people.
So before our ISKCON leadership gets on its high moral platform, denouncing the "bad guys", it might help them to reflect on their own ISKCON institutional dynamics.

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