Monday, November 21, 2011

'Seeking The Divine' an album by FOLK Band,Yugadharma

Yuga Dharma, A music band sponsored by ISKCON BANGALORE has released a new album named "Seeking The Divine" . This album comprises of renditions from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu parampara. Seven exclusive kirtans which will transfrom you to the spiritual realm!


The band’s artists are not musicians by profession, but no less passionate about music compared to one! Most of the artists are busy professionals in the corporate sectors and contribute to the band as voluntaries.
Rohith Kaushik, the lead singer of the band is into program management by profession in the aerospace domain. He is trained in Hindustani classical music but is versatile enough to be able to begin a song in classical styles and finish it something more modern like Rock.

Amit .V. Anand, blessed with the proverbial 'music in one's veins', given his family's strong background in music. This Bengaluru boy is a free spirit when it comes to music. Although trained formally in Western Classical Piano, Amit doesn't hesitate to dabble with new genres and instruments, be it mixing music on his computer, singing or just drumming away on a bongo. He has composed, arranged and recorded over 50 tracks for various artistes and television projects. When not busy with music, he can be found involved with his engineering courses or just sitting around contemplating the beauty of Life, Universe and Everything around.

Kishon Deori is the lead guitarist of band. With an experience of playing his guitar for over 9 years, he likes playing rock ,jazz and funk stlye kirtan. Playing slow rhythm progression in traditional style kirtan is one of his favorites.  Kishon currently works as a Team Leader at Ernst & Young.

Bhaskar hails from a family of musicians. His father Vidwan Sri M.A. Krishnamurthy is a renowned percussionist. Sri M.K. Bhaskar has accompanied stalwarts in the field of carnatic music and has been widely recognized as a talented upcoming artiste winning several prizes. While Bhaskar mostly plays the traditional Bengali style mridanga or the tabla for the band, he is also an expert at playing other percussion instruments like Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, Morching etc. Bhaskar is an engineering graduate and is currently pursuing his post graduation in VLSI Designs.

P.H.V.S.D.KIRAN plays the Drums. This self-taught drummer possesses useful on-stage experience in various genres of music like Rock, Jazz, Fusion, etc. When the band is jamming up in a more traditional style, Kiran plays Indian traditional instruments like the Khanjira or the African Djembe. Kiran is a mechanical engineer and currently works as a HyperWorks Specialist in Multi-body Dynamics at Altair Engineering Inc.

Download Name Play Size Length
download 01_Narada Muni bajay vina
Seeking The Divine
8.7 MB 9:33 min
download 02_Hare Krishna kirtan
Seeking The Divine
9.9 MB 10:47 min
download 03_Nace re Nitai Gaura
Seeking The Divine
10.5 MB 11:28 min

 Listed below are three tracks from this divine album. To buy your copy of this absolutely wonderful compilation send a mail to:

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