Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Social media’s power difficult to ignore

Whether it’s a non-profit or a corporate, social media has now become one of the important tools in any organization’s belt. With the advent of mobile technology and the boom in popularity of social networking sites, social media is also a challenging field to manage, opined experts in the social media from around the globe who participated in the two day conference held at the Hotel Royal Orchid in Bangalore. Speakers after speakers emphasized that social sites such as Face book, Twitter, Linked In and numerous blogs have become a serious force in the globalized world making it hard for any company to ignore their power.
The event was held to enrich Akshaya Patra's online presence and reiterate the fact that today, non-profits are the better customers of the Internet. Commenting on how the social media can help organizations like Akshaya Patra, Shridhar Venkat, Executive Director, The Akshaya Patra Foundation said “ Since inception, Akshaya Patra has tried to harness technology for social development. Akshaya Patra’s aim is to enable hunger-free education for the children in India, and we are trying to make it possible with the help of social media. Apart from generating awareness, social media also helps us to reach our supporters and well-wishers and update them about the latest happenings and requirements. Engaging with social media we are able to feed more and more hungry stomachs”.
The conference was attended by the world’s most respected social media experts. During the two-day conference, experts shared their newest strategies, latest techniques and proven business-building tactics that one need to know to immediately benefit from social media.
"Social India has one of the best line-ups of social media experts I've ever seen," stated Eric Weaver, vice president of social business strategy for Seattle-based Ant's Eye View. "Rather than being observers or commenters, all the speakers have hands-on, real-world experience with major brands. By bringing proven corporate practitioners to Indian audiences, Akshaya Patra is providing attendees with actionable insights and approaches to their own marketing, PR and operational efforts."
Some of the speakers in the conference included Shauna Causey, Social/Digital Media Strategist (USA), Shashank Nigam,CEO, Simpliflying, Kapil Gupta, CEO, OM Logic. Social India conference held in aid of Akshaya Patra Foundation and Anant was officially supported by Infinity group.

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