Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ISKCON Hyderabad President Vedanta Prabhu Absconding

By: Report in Sakshi leading Andhra Daily 
Samskara Bharati head illegally held captive
  • Tied to a pillar and beaten up by ISKCON Temple President
  • Three sued, two arrested
Sakshi, Hyderabad, Abidds, Newsline: Abidds police have filed a case on the President of Abidds ISKCON temple and two others for having attacked the in-charge of Samskara Bharati office. The prime culprit is on the run while other two have been arrested. According to Inspector Srinivas, Samskara Bharati is functioning from an office in Pulla Reddy Bhavan, located on Abidds Main Road, near ISKCON temple since 1989. Shankar Sharma, incharge of the institution is residing in the third floor of the said building. There was a quarrel between Shankar Sharma and the President of ISKCON, Vedanta Prabhu. Vedanta Prabhu with Sambashiva, a devotee from ISKCON temple and Prateep Kumar, an employee from ISKCON temple, have tied Shankar Sharma to a pillar and beaten him up with a stick. Vedanta Prabhu, with two more persons beat me, destroyed my vehicle and threw out all belongings of Samskara Bharati on streets, complained Shankar Sharma on Saturday night to the local police. The local police have now filed cases against the three on illegal restraint, attack and many other grounds. While Vedanta Prabhu has absconded, the police have succeeded to arrest Sambashiva and Prateep Kumar. Abidds ACP Limbareddy informed Newsline correspondents that there is a special squad deputed in the city to arrest the prime culprit.

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