Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Copy Cat: ISKCON Vizag Copies ISKCON Bangalore

ISKCON Bangalore up to date has a different style of constructing a temple. The uniqueness in iskcon Bangalore is nothing but the architectural wonder which resembles pyramid. The ISKCON Bangalore has constantly developed temples across India giving the same essence of iskcon Bangalore. Here are few ISKCON Bangalore pictures and proposed projects of Hare Krishna Movement Bangalore.
ISKCON Bangalore
ISKCON Bangalore's Hubli proposed temple
ISKCON Bangalore's Jaipur Temple Project
ISKCON Bangalore's Malasya Temple Project

ISKCON Bangalore's Vrindavan Temple

 Here is an Image of ISKCON Vizag of GBC

You can see the similarity? Yes, ISKCON Vizag is trying to copy things from iskcon Bangalore.
They are not only copying the architectural style but also Magazine and other activities.


ISKCON Vizag's Voice Of Krishna Magazine

ISKCON Bangalore magazine is called “KRISHNA VOICE”
ISKCON GBC magazine is called “Back to Godhead”
ISKCON Vizag Magazine is called “Voice Of Krishna”

Cultural Camp
Cultural Camp

Summer Camp

ISKCON Bangalore started a unique camp called Cultural Camp for children, to help them develop spiritually in their summer holidays.
ISKCON Vizag copied them and started the same camp with different name. The name of the camp is “Residential Summer Camp”

ISKCON Vizag trying to copy ISKCON Bangalore so that they can also achieve the same success as ISKCON Bangalore. We have to wait and watch......

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