Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Iskcon Bangalore's Values plus event

Values Plus is a social transformation program launched by ISKCON Bangalore, with a view to working at the very foundation of the society: Children. The aim of Values Plus is to build a superior value system, reinforce the moral fiber and create an ethical framework in children. To achieve this, Values Plus uses a workshop-based model with an interesting mix of interactive audiovisual content, activity based learning and fieldwork, on a sustained basis, throughout the year, and across years of education.
Values Plus content is designed to cater to specific needs of different age groups, and synchronized sequentially to help children receive, resolve, internalize and implement, ideas and concepts related to morality, ethics and model citizenry, easily and completely. 
Values Plus content is derived from what we describe as world wisdom; wisdom that is common to all civilizations across history, and embodied in the timeless and quintessential Vedic culture or the original heritage of India.
Values Plus intends to fund, in a small way, as a token of encouragement, a few of the projects based on merit, to ensure that the transformation mindset builds and grows at the individual and societal level.
The aim and success of Values Plus lies in creating a responsible, sensitive, honorable and gentlemanly citizenry that has the potential of creating a new world culture, founded firmly on Righteousness, Goodness and Godliness. 

Justice Santosh Hegde talk in Iskcon Bangalore during Values plus event 

Chanchalapathi Dasa talk in Iskcon bangalore during Values plus event 

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