Friday, August 3, 2012

'Krishna and Kans' Movie Review

'Krishna and Kans'  India's first 3D animated feature film Produced by Reliance Animation with help of devotees from ISKCON Bangalore, TTD and swaminarayan temple and i am surprised that the movie has come so bad, by the way I will come to that point little later.
The 'Krishna and Kans' movie was released with high confidence that it would run in theaters and it will become a hit but frankly that's not going to happen. Today morning i went to this movie and was surprised that i was the only one sitting inside. Not even a single person came to see the movie but i was alone in the hall. That was a big surprise for me because i went to 11.30am show morning and that's the only time they are going to play the movie.
The movie story was not taken from "Krishna" book of prabhupada but bits and pieces. The movie for me was kinda offensive as the animation is no less than a cartoon. Putini is not heroine in the movie, she is evil entity but there is an item song which is really not suitable for krishna devotees and kids. The other two songs are kinda okay but its not that devotional to sing again and again.
There are many mistakes in this movie and may be to name one or two i can. The first thing is the vrindavan setup, Its a total mishap and kamsas jail is seated on a mountain and that doesn't sound real. So therefore this movie lacks originality.
Coming to the animation and 3D, Its good and i just don't want to tell more because i didn't like both. for some of you who have seen "Little Krishna", you will feel the difference and of course 3D was weird and bad
Totally i am going to give one star for this movie and deferentially not recommending any devotees to go and watch this...
Hare Krishna

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