Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food For Life (Annamitra) to pay compensation for food for death meal

Hindustan Times: The National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) has given a fresh deadline to Haryana government to pay compensation of Rs. 72 lakh to 288 students, who fell ill after having mid-day meals in Kurukshetra last year, till September this year.
NHRC in a statement said it had recommended the state government to pay Rs. 25,000 each to 288 students of government schools in Kurukshetra who fell sick after taking mid-day meal provided by ISKCON gbc in July 2011.
The Commission has also asked the Haryana health department to take action against the errant public servants.
"However, despite reminder, the state government is yet to send its action report along with the proof of payment as recommended by the commission.
Giving six weeks time to the Haryana government, the commission had asked it to submit compliance report by June 4, 2012.
"However, on receiving no response from the state government, the commission on August 6, 2012 issued a reminder giving four weeks time to the chief secretary, government of Haryana for compliance report, which is still awaited," an NHRC spokesperson said.
The NHRC had in July last year took up this case following media reports on the issue.
A government report said five samples of the meal were collected from Thanesar block, three from Pehowa block and two from Ladwa block. Out of these ten samples collected,two were found contaminated with dead lizards and one was found contaminated with two dead house flies ,unfit for human consumption, the spokesperson added.
However, when the Commission issued show cause notice to the state government as to why children should not be given interim relief for violation of their rights, the authorities replied that all of them were provided best treatment free of cost and hence, the case of interim relief was not made out in the matter.
The Commission did not accept the government's stand and said it was a clear case of violation of human rights and every child who had fallen ill is entitled for interim relief, the spokesperson said.

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