Monday, February 18, 2013

ISKCON launches campaign to promote moral consciousness

ISKCON volunteers taking out a rally in
Kurnool on Friday.– Photo: U. Subrmanyam
The HINDU: International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) launched a campaign for promotion of morals in society here on Friday. Minister for Minor Irrigation T.G. Venkatesh flagged off the rally of eight vehicles which displayed the moral messages and a group of students clad in sparkling white clothes at Municipal School Ground here.
The volunteers of ISKCON walked at the head of the rally rendering soulful devotional songs.
The rally passed on the streets of the city covering Control Room, Kondareddy Fort, Prakash Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Rajvihar, Collectorate, C. Camp, Nandyal Check-post and back to the school ground.
Satyagopinath Das, chairman of South India ISKCON Committee, who is heading the campaign, addressed the volunteers and public at the Municipal Grounds. He called for a fight against vices like violence, illicit sex, liquor consumption and gambling.
He said that ‘dharma’ (righteousness) was based on four strong pillars- non-violence, sanctity, truth and penance. The four vices destroyed these four pillars and brought down the ‘dharma’ and caused agony in society.
He said that most of the crimes in society were triggered by the four vices. About 90 per cent of crimes were perpetrated under the influence of liquor. If the liquor was banished from society, the crime rate could be controlled as well.
The campaign would be undertaken in major cities of the State. Local volunteers also took part in the rally.
ISKCON chairman calls for a fight against vices like violence, illicit sex, liquor consumption and gambling

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