Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jayapataka's Ghost Busting Scam

Oh oh, ghosts are haunting the acharyas, watch out!
Dear Puranjana Prabhu,
I was not questioning because I don’t know about the money these people have wasted, I was just interested to know if they went to that hospital as it is connected to mind control by the Illuminati.
[PD: So the question is, are the GBC controlled by the illuminati? No, the illuminati theory is that their members try to blend in and hide their identities, by conforming to the organization they are infiltering, then they gradually sneak in their agenda over decades of time.
These GBC guru people did not bother to even TRY to hide their bogus activities and try to “blend in” at all. Jayatirtha was taking LSD and he was singing like an out of control insane fool with his cracker pot kirtans, right in public, on his Vyasasana, and this was right out of the box in 1979. He was not trying to blend in at all. He was making huge public waves immediately. The rest of the GBC defended Jayatirtha, because they were not hiding their agenda that they wanted mad fool drug addicts on the Vyasasana in ISKCON.
Jayatirtha was also giving drugs to his inner circle of people, having illicit sex, and behaving in public like a buffoon. No blending was even attempted. That is not blending in. Kirtanananda’s people were being arrested for selling drugs, using underage teenage girls as drug mules, and so on, and this was in all the newspapers. Blending in? No. Making huge public waves? Yes.
Hansadutta had his people stealing credit cards, and his farm was busted by a Federal raid in 1979, not blending in at all. Ramesvara’s PDI (drug selling) pals were busted and the Laguna Beach temple president was arrested also in 1979. Federal agents were involved again. And we could give countless examples of this, for example that the entire ISKCON was sued in Syracuse Federal court for fraud, for selling candles and calling that samkirtana, for using bogus charities for the blind and poor to collect money, etc. and this was in all the newspapers in the USA, and they lost the case. Again, FEDERAL cases, NATIONAL newspaper coverage. Even the pornographic magazines made by Larry Flint were carrying articles about the cheating of these leaders. In other words, even the editors of porn magazines were appalled at the evil behavior of these leaders. 
The Syracuse case was started in 1979, so right out of the box they did not try to make a blending in of anything, they made huge public waves — after waves — after waves — of giant public problems that were in all the newspapers.
Apart from that, had these people really been organized criminal conspirators, I never would have got “the will,” the letters, the July 9th letter, the May tape, and especially — the poison tapes and so on. Not only that, I never would have lived long enough to obtain any of these items if these were actually organized conspirators.
Nope, they are a bunch of hippie do-dah space cadets, they bungled almost all their crimes. And that is why they were constantly in the newspapers. They were amateur criminals by any standard. That does not mean that amateur crooks are NOT dangerous of course. The police around here say that these amateur crooks are their worst problem. The “crooks in learning” do not even know how to shoot guns properly. So they often kill innocent men, women, even pregnant women, and children, even babies and toddlers, … in short, the innocent by-stander is much more likely to die than the people they are shooting at. Amateur crooks, they are not hardly organized, but very dangerous nonetheless. ys pd
Hari Bhakta says: Thanks for your comment Puranjan Prabhu. Yes, I agree, they should not spend so much money. It’s a shame. Maybe they are amateur criminals on purpose to bring the Mission of Lord Caitanya down? Well I’d also like to say, that Citeswar Prabhu is actually a really good ghost buster. He helped me with a serious issue and through his yagnas, he helped me a lot.
Although it is a material science, it can help those who are struggling and not on the pure devotee platform, free from the effects of the mind and modes of material nature.
Puranjana das says: Right, well Chitesvara thinks that acharyas are full of ghosts. That means, he is in illusion. I was in Badger when Chitesvara came there to milk all the devotees for money with his ghost busting program (pagal baba means “mad man,” no kidding), and he may have known about me being his worst critic.
So I sunk down in the seat of my van, and waited till he was right beside my van window, then and I popped my head out and said, “Hey Chitesvara, its your old pal Puranjana”! I have never seen anyone run away so fast in my life. He looked just like — he had seen a ghost. Hee hee. ys pd
Hari Bhakta says: What exactly did he say about the Acharyas? Wonder why he said that? Did he say that Prabhupada was full of ghosts? He will get a lot of bad karma if he is actually ripping people off. What more do you know of his program?
Puranjana das says: Chitesvara supported the GBC gurus in 1990 when they were trying to explain all their fall downs. He said — the reason these gurus are always falling down is — they are haunted by ghosts. I cannot remember the exact numbers he gave but he said something like, Ravindra has 14 ghosts, Hrdayananda has 23 ghosts, and so on and so forth.
Prabhavishnu was the only slightly sensible person here, he protested the whole thing saying — this is all foolishness. And so Chitesvara said, that is because the ghosts inside Prabhavishnu to not want to be taken away by his ghost busting technique. So Prabhavishnu was ordered to be ghost busted, and he was.
JAYAPATAKA swami then ordered that ALL the GBC’s gurus must be ghost busted by (his disciple?) Chitesvara. Shortly after that, and all through the early 1990s, Chitesvara was given the job by the GBC gurus, to be flown all over ISKCON to ghost-bust gurus, temples, devotees and so on. Which he was doing worldwide.
So yes, Chitesvara not only says acharyas are full of ghosts, he says, only he has the potency to save acharyas who are full of ghosts. That means, he thinks acharyas are being overwhelmed by ghostly hauntings, and that the “pagal baba ashram” has to save the acharyas. Notice the word “pagal,” Chitesvara is saying that the acharyas are mad men (pagal) who are full of ghosts. That means, he is saying the acharyas are in the lowest modes of tamasic guna. I still have one of his business cards somewhere which says “pagal baba ashram ghost buster, Chitesvara das.”
I do not really blame Chitesvara so much, he was simply a tool the GBC used to explain all their fall downs. Of course he will get some serious karma for his supporting and helping the main GBC idea that the Lord’s acharyas are ghostly haunted mad fools who are engaged in debauchery,
This is very sinful, to juxtapose such low level material contamination with the acharyas. Even the ordinary karmis are not ghostly haunted debauchees, so for the GBC to say the Lord’s successors and acharyas are on that odious tamasic level means, they are saying the acharyas are much lower class of people than — the ordinary hamburger eating man on the street? This is what they have said all along, the ordinary man is more advanced than the acharyas, because the ordinary man is not falling into illicit sex, intoxication, criminal activity and so forth. To say the Lord’s successors are mad fools who are chasing intoxication and illicit sex is an insult to pure devotees everywhere, and its an attack on Krishna by saying His direct servants are mad debauchees.
Chitesvara will be karma implicated in all this, and if you think about it, for their saying the successors to God are pagal baba ghostly haunted debauchess is — just not going to win them any favors with the Yamaduttas, lets face it. They have not figured this out yet, but fighting against Krishna like this is just messing with the wrong person, they won’t win this war. Do they say Prabhupada is full of ghosts, well indirectly yes, when they say acharyas are full of ghosts, that could be any of them. This also means, as soon as we become purely attached to Krishna, ghosts will make us behave like debauched criminals, that means, the worst thing you can do is to surrender to Krishna. This is very offensive. ys pd
Acchedya das says: When reading comment above I remember when this Chitesvara was sent to our newly constructed temple around 1983. As soon this temple was ready built it was announced that “powerful ghosts obsessed the building and an expert would arrive soon to solve this problem”.
Then Chitesvara arrived in great pomp with a team of assistants. Of course all this fund-raising was paid by -- sankirtan laxmi. It’s easy to be wise after the event, but it’s hard to believe that Chitesvara considered this exorcism ritual to be of any value. They placed a few pumpkins in front of the temple and started chanting mantras. At one point Chitesvara declared that he can see that all ghosts are hiding now in those pumpkins because they were terrified by Chitesvara’s powerful mantras.
Then he told the devotees to smash those pumpkins at the concrete temple stairs. This would shock these ghosts so much that they would never return. He told the devotees to bow down and pay obeisances in honor for being rescued from these ghosts. Chitesvara received a check and asked for immediate transfer to the airport because there was, “another urgent exorcism to be performed in Italy”.
Quite amazing how naive we were at that time. The whole thing was nothing but pickpocketing?
Hari Bhakta says: Thanks for the information Prabhu, seems like Chitesvara Prabhu was used as a puppet by Jayapataka in a bid to explain why the “Acharyas” were so pagal. Guess he made some good money out of it. So sad. Do you think he actually has the ability to remove ghosts and see past lives? According to him he has a mystic siddhi to obtain this information. I guess you can have these powers, but still be mislead by others. Was I duped by this guy? Is there anyone in the world that is trustworthy?!
Puranjana das says: Yes, as soon as I saw the business card “Pagal baba ashram,” I said, this shows how desperate the GBC gurus are, they have to explain their “guru failures” as being “caused by ghosts.” We had a comedian here in the USA named Flip Wilson, and that was his main punchline “The Devil Made Me Do It.” So the GBC borrowed almost the same idea and came up with “The Ghosts Made Me Do It.” Yes, anyone who accepts this is being duped, its a scam.
This is now a big problem here in San Francisco. Old Chinese ladies are being told to collect their valuables — including taking their money out of the bank — and to put the valuables into a paper bag under their bed to remove evil spirits, so their house will be ghost busted. Problem is, the ghost busters change the women’s paper bag with their own, a bag filled with useless newspapers, and they steal the old ladies money and jewelry. Its the same type of criminal cheating as the GBC. Preying on people’s sentiments. ys pd

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