Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Varada Krsna Dasa's E-Mail to Dayaram Das Exposed

From: Varada Krsna
Date: Wed, 15 May 2013 19:20:45 +0530

Dear Dayaram Prabhu,

As you are aware MPD has activated two new criminal cases against you and me. While I am accused in both of them, you are only accused in the second one.

In the first case, which involves a video sting that exposes money laundering by the Akshaya patra, bribery and kick backs, I am accused of being the conspirator behind the Video sting. In that case we got a hard fought anticipatory bail through the court. The Police were after me for more than three months and they visited our temple several times and also visited my home and threatened my wife too. The application for bail was opposed strongly by the Police and Prosecutor and they brought on record all previous complaints against me including the infamous “Eve teasing” case* just to show me in very bad light to the Magistrate. Obviously all these materials were supplied by Madhu Pandit’s group since they were present in Police Station and in the courts to monitor the progress of the case. Somehow, we managed to get the orders in our favor and obtained anticipatory bail.

In the second case, the charge against you and me is that we have tampered with court records (in the regard to Madhu Pandit’s various law suits he has filed against ISKCON), manipulated court seals and falsely inserted court seals on the balance sheets and thereby falsely claiming that these papers are court records, and are in possession of and circulating such false records to harm the reputation of people.

The Police have been on the look out for me in this case also for the last two months or so. Our lawyers have visited the police and we had filed for an anticipatory bail in this matter also. The hearing is to happen this week. In the meanwhile, MPD knew I would be in the temple during the deity pranpratishta festival and as some of the devotees suspected, the police came here to our temple on the 11th of May; one in plainclothes and one in uniform. An earlier group of informants came and ascertained my presence here and tipped off the police.

As soon as the abhishek was over, the barged in the Pujari room and led me out and told me to follow them to the Police station, I had just no chance or choice to do anything else and I went along with a few devotees. At the Police station, within minutes after I was taken there, MPD’s minions arrived - Kodanaram, Bharatarshabha and one more brahmacari and their auditor/lawyer.

They walked into the office of the sub inspector, and we could see them talking for long time and the police being briefed about what they should charge me with. The Auditor too was involved in the confabulations.

As the Police Inspector had not yet arrived, we were sitting in the waiting area whereas MPD’s men were sitting inside the Inspector’s chamber. This clearly showed the predetermined outcome planned and the relationship they already had. When the Inspector arrived MPD’s men were present while I was being questioned and they were literally shouting at me and they were trying to present various reasons to show why I should not be allowed to go. The Auditor was personally present and he was claiming that the papers we gave out at the Press meet were forged and his signature on the audit reports were forged. He too was demanding action against me. The three of them put up a strong case. I pleaded innocence and explained that I was only supporting Dayaram Das as he could not speak in Kannada and I had no idea about any legal things.

Immediately they countered this and pulled out a DVD of the Press conference to show I was not just a translator. They played out the DVD in the station on their laptops and kept the attack up and urged the Police to take action. They kept saying that I was the main agent, the main nuisance maker and the main spokesman and the real brain behind the scenes.

This back and forth went on from about 3 pm to 9 pm; our lawyer was also present.  Even while my statement was being recorded, the police allowed MPD’s men to stay and even asked them to suggest what they wanted in my statement. Towards the end, I lost my cool and shouted at the Police recording my statement and asked him if this was meant to be my statement or MPD’s dictated statement that I would have to sign. The ruckus I created to protest the police attempts to intimidate me, attracted the attention of the Sub Inspector and he came into the room and stayed there till the rest of the statement was recorded. Then the police tried to twist my statements to implicate you as the person guilty of forging, manipulating and tampering with court records. We resisted all these efforts and somehow, miraculously at around 10 PM at the night they let us go. What can I say about the level that Madhu Pandit’s group is going down to in trying to implicate us in some false, bogus cases by sheer money power.

I got a first hand taste of what it means to be subjected to police intimidation and pressures. I really don’t know if talking to him or settling with him is the way to go, given the level of animosity he has towards us and the levels he is stooping down to out of vengeance and envy. I cant understand how some devotees from our side want to share the dias with him and attend programs that he is inviting them to while at the same time he is trying to put one of us in the jail on some completely false and cooked up case. They planned it to perfection, the arrest would make big headlines, disrupt the celebration of the Deity installation, would demoralize the devotees gathered here and would make sure I stayed inside the jail for a minimum of three days.

They were openly discussing about wanting to have you arrested too. We are applying for a bail for you also. I shall keep you informed about the progress.
ys varada krsna dasa


This letter is funny but lot of facts are involved. Here Varada Krishna Das himself accepts that he is convicted in 2 cases and Dayaram das in one case. He accuses Madhu Pandit das behind conspiracy of him being called to police station, frankly anyone knows that its the case running between ISKCON Bangalore and ISKCON Mumbai therefore ofcourse MPD should be present at the police station to give his view. Here it also suggests that VKD was hidden somewhere like a thief, he tells that police was looking oiut for him from past 3 months. If VKD is genuine why should he run and hide?

Its time for Devotees to analyze the truth with ISKCON TRUTH. Mail us at admin@iskcontruth.com

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