Friday, June 28, 2013

Akshaya Patra supplies food to Uttarakhand flood victims

Akshaya Patra, Jaipur, acting on an appeal from the Rajasthan Government, volunteered to send food to the flood-affected areas in Uttarakhand, where thousands of people are still stranded.
The victims require sustenance at a time like this, and so far they have been provided with 11,000 packets of quality biscuits baked using an innovative biscuit-baking machine in Akshaya Patra’s Jaipur bakery, along with 1,00,000 chapattis accompanied with pickle.
Akshaya Patra’s delivery vehicles transported the provisions to Uttarakhand, and the food was distributed among the victims in the base camp in Rishikesh with the help of Rajasthan Government officials.
Food packages were also carried in helicopters and air-dropped in other areas where victims are stranded and displaced.
The relief operations are currently on hold because of the heavy downpour, but will resume once an all-clear signal allowing them to continue is received.
There is a need for solidarity in the nation right now, and collective efforts can help reach out to the displaced victims of the flash-floods.
Rajasthan Chief Minisister Ashok Gehlot, while speaking to reporters, stressed on unity among all people who “should think from a human point of view” to help the victims.
The Akshaya Patra Foundation has always strived to assist and support the needy, and securing a bright and healthy future for the nation will always be one of the topmost priorities.
The foundation currently provides daily midday meals to 1.3 million schoolchildren in India to increase school enrollment, nutrition and academic interest.

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