Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ISKCON Teens sending threats to ISKCON Truth Website Exposed

A month back we where receiving mails and messages from a person belonging to iskcon sheshadripuram. we would not like to disclose his name because we think that he is just a dog nurtured by fake gurus/ swamis of iskcon. however the mail subject said "Letter from ISKCON Legal team" which was sent from and not iskcon's personal website email ID. One of our colleagues from Malaysia informed us about a teen who is continuously messaging us to facebook page calming that he is from iskcon sheshadripuram and he is working under the direction of a person named Anukul Kesava Das. We were unable to find out if this person was under Anukul Kesava Das therefore we sent some of our devotees to get detailed report. Our finding found that iskcon sheshadripuram is nurturing some of the teens to fight iskcon bangalore. The news was so shocking that we sent one of our undercover investigator to get more details however we were unable to secure any more information on the same.
We would like you to read the following email sent by one of the teens from iskcon

to: "Associates Email ID"
date: Wed, May 14, 2014 at 7:24 PM
subject: Letter from ISKCON's Legal team.

To. {Associates Name},

{Some fake Address}
Ph: {Associates phone number}

Hare Krsna

On Behalf of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Registered in various countries and states,
It is our Humble Request for you to remove the Term "ISKCON" from your website "". You do not have any permission to use the term "ISKCON" nor is your website a registered entity.

If the said content has not been removed by 31st of this month, Multiple legal actions will be taken.

You have indulged and still indulging in a criminal act and in all circumstances you will be punished in accordance to law. We will file a criminal complaint against you at the cyber crime office, and we have got your home address & Telephone details. This we are going to do at the behest of our legal advisor and this will put you in big suffering.

This is your last chance.

The mail was so childish that the whole iskcon truth team started laughing but we taught for a second why are unintelligent iskcon teens associating themself with such kind of a hilarious threats. The email was sent to one of our associates who funded our domain, the associate was unhappy with the threat and wanted to register a complent at the local police station however after sharing the findings of ISKCON Teens he decided not to take any further action on the teen.

I would really request ISKCON Sheshadripuram and Anukul Kesava Das to crack down the teens who are using your name to involve in legal issues. If you are nurturing them then it is unfortunate because you don't need to do this. ISKCON Truth is an information center and we publish truth only, so therefore fight cases against others and leave the publications aside because ISKCON Truth has freedom of speech and expressions and no one can take that away from us.

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