Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The most bogus Sannyasi's in ISKCON

Satadhanya (ex-swami) you are a notorious child molester, stop fucking around with our children you pig. You are a rascal and cheater. Stop your demoniac activities and get out of Iskcon, you bogus Swami. You are a criminal and belong in jail, you pimp. (Aruna Das, Austria) 

Is this the bogus Satadhanya ex-swami who, in sannyasis dress, is fucking gurukul children whose anuses have to be stitched up ? What has this fucking shithead demon to do with the GBC? or Iskcon? His ass should be kicked blue and green, his genitals cut off, and him send to the transvestites. The GBC's must be real perverts to have such low class people affirming affidavits for them to harass Srila Prabhupada's followers who do not believe in the homosexual paedophile guru lineage. But than: birds of the same feather........

Answer: Yes it is!!!  Satadhanya das, a.k.a. Stanley Fedderof, bogus ex swami, notorious paedophile molesting children, found guilty by the GBC themselves of anal intercourse, one boy needing stitches, and other gross acts of pedophilia against young boys. So bad was the abuse that he had to pay heavy reparations to the victim.
There has been worldwide pressure from devotees to remove Satyadhanya Das, the convicted child-abuser, as the official attorney of Iskcon. The affidavit-in-reply that has been supplied by the GBC, names only Satyadhanya as their official power of attorney. Even Bir Krishna Goswami, the GBC chairman has agreed that he must be removed.

Unfortunately no such action has yet been taken. All this pressure will now explode once the news that yet another child abuse case against Satyadhanya has been discovered by the ISKCON office of Child protection. However this is top secret, and the authorities have been told to 'sit on it' lest their court case in Calcutta gets further damaged.

Satadhanya - a false renunciant, bogus Swami who in Sannyasis dress is raping children, now the main gbc courtroom spokesman, a man who had been directly involved in Prabhupada's poisoning room, later showed up as an obsessive homosexual molester and torturer of poor kids within indian iskcon schools; suspected to blackmail gbc with his afidavit / testimony, which prompted them to bribe him with spokesman post, extended public authority and very nice underhanded salary.

Gunagrahi Swami - a pervert liar and sex maniac- another pig defiling the Sannyasa Ashram, mocking the Renounced Order of Life. So renounced is this bogus Swami, that he gave up his vow of celibacy, engaging in abominable sex pastimes, yet still wearing the dress of Sannyasa.

other bogus Swamis and Sannyasi's are as follows:

Jayadvaita swami - presently man in charge of bogus organisation called BBT-I; man who shamelessly and unnecessarily changed waste number of Srila Prabhupada's original teachings; misteriously, after a very cloudy dealings behind the scene of the BBt vs BBT-I court case, became a man who's now No.1 in charge of decisions regarding future contents of SP books; known as heartless, shameless liar and unscrupulous person to protect and coverup gbc gangsterisms,

Gopal Krishna swami - Bogus Indian 'guru' in charge of polite money extortion called 'iskcon membership', and systematic thuggery and violence actions upon anyone who's showing blind disobedience to gbc gangsterous regime in India; man who's directly responsible for many many bans and terror upon innocent devotees inquiring about gbc' mismanagement and asking for justice, implicated in the Vrindavan murder of ............

Hari Sauri (ex-swami) - another false renunciant and bogus Swami, beeing Sannyasi in the renounced order of live, he engaged in illiced sexlife with woman, thus eating his own vomit, as his pal Harikesha says. Now this fallen Swami is one of the main spokesman for gbc. Hari Sauri is the ex-right hand General of Bhavananda, a homosexual pedophile who was posing as a guru. Hari Sauri - man with '1000 faces'... as the wind blows... his perverted face shows.

Lokanatha swami - a child molester now man-in charge of degrading Srila Prabhupada's genuine saintly image in public.

All of the editorial of CHAKRA, BBT-I and GBC's news agency; the main coverup and misinfo instrument of GBC meant to delude victimized devotees and outer world and extend gbc reign as long as possible because every day brings more than 1$ dollars of 'religious tax-free' profits worldwide to Iskcon GBC body who does 'no one knows what' with this huge amounts of money.

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