Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal wants to emulate Akshaya Patra in Delhi

Times Of India: BENGALURU: Away from the controversies his party was embroiled in and distant from polluted New Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal not only detoxified his body during his 12-day stay in Bengaluru, but also found time for some introspection and planning.
The Delhi chief minister, on Monday said that the time in Bengaluru was of introspection and that he has been able to think and plan several things that will help serve people better.
In his second term in Delhi in quick succession, Kejriwal says that education system and public distribution system (PDS) needs some overhauling so as to help people.
"A lot of thought went into what should be done in the two areas and I've even made some proposals, announcements of which will be made soon," he said just hours before leaving for Delhi, on Monday.
Following a quiet visit to Iskcon Temple here along with his mother on Sunday, Kejriwal said: "I even visited the Akshaya Patra facility here, which runs the mid-day meal scheme at schools. And, contrary to reports that it is not executed in a hygienic way, I found the kitchen to be extremely clean."
"...I've also spoken to a lot of people associated with the programme and want to emulate this in Delhi," he said.
Thanking the doctors at the Jindal Nature cure Institute, where he was admitted on March 5, he said: "I am feeling better and my blood pressure is under control." He was admitted following a prolonged chronic cough problem and high blood pressure and hypertension issues. Education department sources in Delhi said that a plan to introduce the Akshaya Patra scheme in their schools was afoot a few years ago but did not see the light given the lack of consensus over pricing.

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