Monday, December 13, 2010

Radhanath Swami’s Alleged Involvement in Sulochan’s Murder

A Pastime or a Pastcrime?

Aug 17, 2010 — AUSTRIA (SUN) — Examining the role of Radhanath Swami in the murder of Sulocana dasa. 

Was Radhanath Swami justified in instigating and supervising the murder of his godbrother, Sulocana dasa? This is the question. “Radhanath did it!” – there seems to be no question about that; the evidence provided by Hrishikesh dasa in his recent posting, Radhanath Swami’s Alleged Involvement in Sulochan’s Murder “, appears conclusive. But was the murder justified?

Murder Justifiable?
Could one think the murder justified, when one realizes that Kirtanananda was actually not a pure devotee be preciously protected, but rather an active, predatory homosexual who was disingenuously posing as an appointed and empowered disciplic successor to Srila Prabhupada. Such studied hypocrisy of Kirtanananda damns any possibility in justifying the murder of Sulocana Prabhu. Kirtanananda just was not worth it. 
This begs the question: Did Radhanath know that Kirtanananda was bogus, or did he genuinely think Kirtanananda a pure maha-bhagavata devotee? If Radhanath genuinely considered Kirtanananda a maha-bhagavata, then it could be argued that Radhanath made an “innocent” mistake in instigating the murder.

Ignorance Equals Innocence?
At the heart of this argument is the idea that if one makes a genuine mistake, then one is innocent. Or to put it another way: “Ignorance makes one innocent!” This is patently a nonsense assertion. Sri Yamaraja Prabhu is unlikely to accept that argument. Mistaken ignorance is the root cause of the fallen living entities involvement in the binding cycle of karmic action and reaction. To twist that mistaken ignorance in the opposite direction and use it as a “karmic excuse” is an absurd reversal of karmic law. Particularly, when one considers that it would be the bounden duty of Radhanath to know well the qualities of Sulocana Prabhu and Kirtanananda before he instigated the “holy murder” of Sulocana Prabhu, who in fact was essentially speaking the truth of the whole “Guru Business“.

Tirtha das / Thomas Drescher, the murderer of Sulocana Prabhu - killed on the order of Radhanath Swami, after receiving 6000 dollar from Radhanath and Kirtanananda

Was Ignorance Possible?

So, no justification so far. But now another question arises begging: How could Radhanath not know the real nature of Kirtanananda? Radhanath was a member of the innermost circle of New Vrndavana. So how could he not know of Kirtanananda’s active homosexual nature? After all, it was a long-standing rumor coming out of New Vrndavana, well known to devotees even on the other side of world who had never ever been to New Vrndavana. So how could Radhanath not have known that Kirtanananda was a fake, a false pretender, mindlessly taking the worship and position of a maha-bhagavata?

So we arrive at three sobering conclusions:
    1. The murder of Sulocana Prabhu was not justified by some argument that Kirtanananda was some maha-bhagavata to be protected. 2. The argument that Radhanath was ignorant of Kirtanananda’s real nature and therefore innocent in his “ignorance” in instigating the murder is a false and specious argument. 3. Finally, being a member of the innermost circle of New Vrndavana, it is almost impossible to believe that Radhanath would be ignorant of the real nature of the pretender, Kirtanananda.
Ultimately, however only Sri Krsna is privy to the consciousness of Radhanath, and He will judge accordingly. However, given the neophyte and spurious nature of those involved in instigating the unjustified murder, we observers to the whole ghastly affair should know with certainty that this was not a transcendental pastime. Rather, this murder was a crime, both materially and spiritually.
All those involved, including Radhanath, are a living disgrace for their evil deed.
No matter what is the present show, they have no excuse for their past crime.
And what the future holds, even Sri Brahmaji does not know.
Aum Tat Sat

Sulocana Prabhu, murdered by Thirtha das on the order of Radhanath Swami and Kirtanananda
Radhanath is Planning Something
Aug 15, 2010 — INDIA (SUN) — If you notice Radhanath Swami and some of the other boys from the New Vrindaban era — boys like Devamrita Swami — I cannot help but feel that they have some sneaky plan going on. How come all of their programs are outside of ISKCON? They are like the Lotus, which even though it grows in water, never gets wet. Even though they don the mantle of an ISKCON Guru/GBC/Sannyasi, all their projects are never in ISKCON’s name.
Take Radhanath, who is one of the most incredible takeover merchants in ISKCON today. How many Temples in the ISKCON world are now controlled and operated by his disciples, and how many of these temples exclude any devotee who does not bow in supplication to His Holiness?
It is also very interesting to know that there are many properties in India which are owned and run by his disciples that are training grounds for hundreds of brahmacaris. I hear that he is doing the same thing in many other countries across the world.
What is he up to? Why is he so secretive?
It is also a fact that many senior GBC men are beginning to ask questions and are becoming suspicious of his motives and agenda.
Maybe he is planning on starting up his own movement with his babaji from Varsana, Ramesh Baba?
Whatever this Radhanath Swami is doing, it will never be for Srila Prabhupada and for the ISKCON devotees, for he is way too egotistical and self-centered.
But he is planning something… and it’s bad…
Dinanath Carana das
Sulocana Prabhu seen here with his children, he was murdered on May 22nd, 1986, 1:00 a.m., Los Angeles, by the order of Radhanath and Kirtanananda
[PADA: Good analysis. Radhanatha is behind the Bangalore Court case, he wants control of that temple. He is also working with the Gaudiya Matha's Mandala Publishing devotees, who shun and criticize ISKCON and they love Sridhara's and Tripurari's programs. Radhanatha's book has photos of him with a bunch of Mayavadi Gurus that Srila Prabhupada despised. Yes, he is carving his own movement out of ISKCON, and he is going to walk off with a big chunk of the society and use it for -- himself. Good analysis, in sum he has burnt out New Vrndavana to ashes and now he is seeking new fields to burn to ashes, at ISKCON's expense. ys pd]

Radhanatha violates decree against Gaudiya Matha

Radhanatha’s printers are: Palace Press / Mandala Books. Rahugana, I think his name is Raul Goff? Anyway, he prints books for Tripurari, the Gaudiya Matha, and many other bogus people. Tripurari was “the guru of the gays,” but he also got into trouble with his followers for having a girlfriend. I am not surprised Radhanatha is their new darling. Anyway, Palace Press people have no interest in supporting ISKCON and they never go to the ISKCON temple here. They are Gaudiya Matha.
The GBC wrote a 23 page letter about how no one should associate with the Gaudiya Matha folks, but Radhanatha does that all day and all the time. I am really not worried about Radhanatha, we are gaining headway, new friends and contacts, and people who agree with us all the time.
Radhanatha’s ISKCON is definately falling apart, even he cannot save it. My friends at New Vrndavana said that the Palace Of Gold  roof is leaking, there are also foundation cracks problems, and the temple just now cut off paying temple apartment dwellers electric bills, citing they are out of money, they are losing support left, right and center and we are gaining support left, right and center. We are getting some new people in India too, etc. Its just a question of time. I also told some of the molested children who are not getting paid for their lawsuit against the GBC, that the reason they are not getting paid is that Radhanatha is spending all their money on lawyers to stop our free food programmes in India. Radhanatha is not making any friend with his new idea of starving the children program, believe me! I was also on CBS TV, 23 million people watched as I exposed the Radhanatha cult, he has a long way to go to catch up to my exposes. ys pd

Radhanatha is preaching — what?

Dear Prabhu, Radhanatha is “preaching” that Krishna’s successors are engaged in illicit sex, that is preaching? The messiah from heaven is: illicit sex? What kind of heaven is that? And RS’s crew were covering for Radhanatha’s best pals like Umapati and his disciple molesting program, which means – more victims. Why are they always covering for homosexuals, and for more than ten years?
RS came to San Francisco and was hanging with the former New Vrndavana “Palace Press” crowd, the former goons from New Vrndavana, who are sometimes printing books from the Gaudiya Matha and other bogus groups, and all of them shun ISKCON and do not participate in ISKCON either. RS’s former Palace Press folks would NEVER EVER accept the authority of the GBC nowadays, at all! But we have to? Why does he support this hypocrisy?
The GBC itself just said no one should mix with Narayana Maharaja, and yet Radhanatha is going there to meet him? What is he preaching? Now Radhanatha folks are suing us at a cost of millions, while there are bed bugs in USA temples and rats in the basement, and no money for the water pump? Why are we paying for lawyers to have mansions – and allow deity to have slum-lord conditions? Is this preaching?, let Krishna live in a slum and give the lawyers a mansion? And now Radhanatha people are putting Fakir Mohan in the European temples, a disciple of the famous homosexual guru from 1936. The homosexual guru program can speak, we cannot speak?
September 6, 2009, Mumbai. Radhanath Swami sitting besides Narayana Maharaja who is wearing a mask, giving darshan that morning in Mr. Dagaji's house and Radhanath Swami from ISKCON came to meet him and hear his message
I am in favor of preaching, but, what are you preaching? Yes! Preaching is hard, at the Ratha festival one of our ladies was attacked by a GBC goonda woman who likes Radhanatha. Why are you promoting a violent program against women devotees? One of our book distributors – Kanhaiya dasa – was attacked by Radhanatha’s friends in Seattle. Why does Radhanatha think he is authorized to incite harassing, yelling, pushing and even beatings and violence against the devotees of Krishna? We should not support violence against vaishnavas, because yes, that means Radhanatha wants it to be hard for our preachers by his inciting this violent mood. As we all know, anyone who incites violence against devotees has to go to the stone rollers of Yamaraja. This is why we oppose his program of having devotees banned, beaten and worse. The reason it is hard, he is making it hard! ys pd