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Chandramukha Swami - 'Moon Face'

Disciple of Hridayananda - bogus guru, sannyasi from Mexico

Part 1 - by Radha Krishna das - Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chandramukha Swami - 'Moonface'

After we published the note " Chamdramukha Travieso "We have received several emails about the lifestyle of our buddy the" moon face. " These mails received confirm that - in this life - one thing is usually accompanied by another. If you use your laptop computer to visit pornographic sites, this is likely to be accompanied by other anarthas - undesirable habits. Conversely, certain anarthas outside the life of a Vaishnava sannyasi pornography can lead to mischief.

In the case of Chandramukha, we have for example the story of a man from Rio de Janeiro who worked at a dealership and knew the devotees. When the devotees heard about his work, appeared shortly after the "Moon Face" at the dealership, karmi well-dressed, and very interested in buying the best auto auto km zero. Chandramukha separately asked the usual discount for "Krishna devotees." The Lord knew the behavior and attitude that must have a quitter, and he was angry and disappointed that a guru and swami of Iskcon seem to be more interested in new cars in Maya rescue the forgotten souls of Krishna.

What is the conclusion of the story? The "Moon Face" bought the big car, Kilometer Zero, the latest model. And the owner of the car was left scratching his head trying to understand the life of resignation in accordance with the Vedic culture.

Tell me more nice things about me.
Chandramukha is a disciple of Hridayananda. However, in recent years and also he is guru in Brazil and started his own disciples! It is natural to conclude that, in many ways, the "Moon Face" is following in the footsteps of Hridayananda - which unfortunately are not the best.
Some "disciples" of Chandramukha pranam praise him with this mantra: "Namaste guru prestaya Hrdayananda padasraye." Chandramukha has taken refuge at the feet of Hridayananda and for that reason is a darling of his guru. Padasraye also means following in the footsteps of Hridayananda. And of course, Hridayananda has a long history of permissive behavior with the ladies, so do not be surprised if Chandramukha is following in his footsteps, you are finished visiting porn sites on the Internet.

Some "disciples" of Chandramukha pranam praise him with this mantra: "Namaste guru prestaya Hrdayananda padasraye." Chandramukha has taken refuge at the feet of Hridayananda and for that reason is a darling of his guru. Padasraye also means following in the footsteps of Hridayananda. And of course, Hridayananda has a long history of permissive behavior with the ladies, so do not be surprised if Chandramukha is following in his footsteps, you are finished visiting porn sites on the Internet.

After this note, we will post another written in English, which chronicles the decline of Hridayananda from the days when Srila Prabhupada was with us today. In this context, is really what we expect from Chandramukha the "Moon Face"? The first has its peccadilloes, and the second has more. Consequently, all in the family, as they support each other and let the party continue. Thus, if Brazil will Hridayananda karmi dress, hugging girls, and gets to play ping-pong, Chandramukha probably never going to question such behavior unworthy of the Vaishnava tradition. Rather, play ping-pong with him, and will seek to justify all the devotees believe how lucky they are beyond being able to witness the occurrences of Hridayananda. Chandramukha never have the moral authority to tell Hridayananda is in Maya.

"I'm a disco dancer"

When it came to light for Param gay you, we learned that 20 years ago Hridayananda had heard about another incident before his predatory homosexual, but protected him and sent him to Europe for everyone to forget about it. Then Hridayananda incident must surely consider his follower pornographic Chandranukha a minor thing, but really is not.

But internet pornography or zero mile auto brand are not the only problems Chandramukha. He blamed his temples closed due to mismanagement, being the most recent one in Sao Paulo.

And "Moon Face" has an artistic streak. I love music, and it shows in which mantras invites musicians to play worldly worldly music in the temples - and collect enough Laksmi. Some of these events have been called "Night of Vraja." For example, the night # 5 included the "Show of Mantras" Tomaz Lima, and the launch of Waldemar Falcao new book entitled "The God of everyone." In another event like the band have 14BIS. In all these events in the temple income is charged for admission. And Chandramukha has released several CDs containing mundane new age.

Also announced Chandramukha books published. But what he does is copy text from Srila Prabhupada, and posts by adding your own words and meanings. Many people believe incorrectly handle the work of Srila Prabhupada, and publish books that are vile and refried whether the originals exist.

And it seems that the "moon face" I love money. We received a report that was once organized a campaign to collect funds needed to pay for surgery to a former devotee of the movement, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. But Chandramukha was in need of money and decided to steal the funds for the operation and no one knew what he did with them.

Although some previous remarks could be more specific that the information so far received, it does give us evidence of a trend in the habits of Chandramukha: He likes the good life and being surrounded by amenities such as good cars, and that is a reflection of Hridayananda behavior of their guru.

The important issue here is that although Chandramukha want to stand as a charismatic leader and a musical talent, that does not qualify as a lineage guru Srila Prabhupada. George Harrison was a talented musician and sincerity, who served Srila Prabhupada and wrote songs that contained the Maha Mantra. However, their money, their qualities and all the important people who knew not what became a Vaishnava guru or a sannyasi.

Chandramukha not about talent at all Artisit of George Harrison. Go to YouTube and listen to some of the howls that gives there. And even sing like a linnet, and throughout Brazil will follow the rhythm, it does not become a guru or a sannyasi. A sannyasi is essentially a renounced material life, devoted to austerity, spiritual practices, and to preach the message purely transcendental. No material attachments is someone who wants to give a turn "devotion" to continue preserving them. And a guru as Srila Prabhupada, should be on the highest platform of personal spiritual development - which excludes porn pages Chandramukha computer.

The dilution of the dignity of Vaishnava guru within the movement that founded Srila Prabhupada is more evident with Chandramukha, for Iskcon gurus and is licensed as individuals like him, second generation, which obviously does not possess the necessary qualities. The single incident of the laptop containing records of visits to porn sites is enough to understand the parody in which the job has become a guru in Iskcon. But if we add the other anarthas already mentioned here, concerning the worldly tendencies of the "moon face", see the total failure of Iskcon to continue the legacy of Srila Prabhupada.

Chandramukha released a CD called "The Best of Two Worlds." Perhaps this is an indication of their aspirations: To have and have Maya Krishna. On the one hand to participate in the legacy and teachings of great masters in the line vaisnavas disciple of Sri Caitanya - and even presented as a spiritual successor to Srila Prabhupada - while visiting porn sites, produce and play new age music much.

Part 2 - by Radha Krishna das - Sunday, July 11, 2010

There you go this, Gurudeva.

The "naughty" by Swami Chandramukha lies not in his powers of ping-pong with Hridayananda when he visits Brazil. It has nothing to do with volleyball games organized by past and represent a doubtful example to the devotees who witness this spectacle.

It is going back to my beloved disciple .

 Rather, it lies Chandramukha naughty porno his errors, making it great Gunagrahi fee disciple, Swami and his porn trailer XXX .

The Hridayananda amiguis Chandramukha and playing volleyball.
But who is Chandramukha? He is one of the first disciples of Hridayananda in Brazil and has worked all his life there. He coordinates the Brazilian BBT, travels around the country, and writes books. However, this does not prevent him from doing mischief detailed below. Although Chandramukha attributed many achievements, he is actually part of the general problem that exists in Iskcon, not the solution. In your case this is due to blind acceptance of Hridayananda, because the result is helping to perpetuate a false and corrupt "gurus" and "sannyasi" that steals dignity to the institution founded by Srila Prabhupada.

The following is a letter sent to Chandramukha compares it with the rumors that have emerged against him. The text is originally in Portuguese.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chandramukha Dear Swami.


This message has been copied to some devotees with representation in the Brazilian Yatra.

Iskcon recently went through strong turbulence, related to events involving the person Prabhu Param Gati.

Now we have a Swami who frequents porn sites!!

Exactly for that reason could not stop to consider the principles of time, place and circumstance to address an issue that I will refer in this message, to make it happen in a beneficial way.

Thus, taking into account the institutional moment we were facing, I felt right not to comment earlier.

Today, seeing that Iskcon Brazil showed maturity to deal with obstacles which are related to one of its most active leaders, are trained enough, I think, to deal with other equally delicate situations.

It is important to clarify that my intention is to ensure the good of the institution founded by Srila Prabhupada, and the good of your own spiritual life, having seen Escelsa position you occupy, with broad representation.

As we know, the life of a devotee of your high hierarchy must be crystal clear as pure water, no obscurities to come and meet your character.

A few months ago there was a serious accusation against you, motivated by verifying a number of records access to pornographic sites from your laptop, a fact revealed by a devotee who had made him - at your request - a maintenance service.

On that occasion, in your preliminary defense to the Executive Committee of CGB, according to information received, you also claims that other people made use of your laptop. The delicate stage in which the yatra Brazilian was still shocked by the announcement of the conduct of Param Gati Prabhu, certainly had weight so that the committee accept the rationale so simplistic that you gave without taking inquiries that come to an effective clarification.

We must also consider the fact that, as you know, there is an institutional norm for devotees who hold positions of leadership, in the sense of avoiding disciples and / or consultants have access to this important piece of work [the leader's computer] containing highly confidential data.

Presented in context and, in my view, at least you should commit to immediately submit a list of those with access to your computer, and that there was an effort to find the alleged offender, so that, properly identified, and being a member of the institution, is reprimanded in an exemplary manner, and at the same time, of course, end up strictly with any questions you have about your behavior.

I'm sure you being a devotee who favors preserving Iskcon and the image of a leader, you will agree that it is not possible to address this issue in a superficial way, and you understand the need to delve deeper into a measure which, again, it is to verify these records accessible on the laptop of a corporate guru.

You have maintained a traditional position as guardian of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada, and therefore I have no doubt you will understand my intentions, and address them proactively.



Krpa Mahaprabhu das

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In short, a devotee maintenance on Chandramukha notebook computer, and found there records of visits were made to pornographic Internet sites. When Chandramukha was asked why, he replied that several devotees use their computer and therefore should have been one of them and not him.

From here I'll work on my laptop.
But the author of the letter, das Krpa Mahaprabhu, he doubts that explanation and asked to provide a list of who had access to his computer to investigate and find out who he used to visit those pornography sites. However, it also makes the observation that the leaders are instructed to take good care of their computers due to the sensitivity of the information they contain. This being so, how could anyone get the computer to view porn sites Chandramukha?

Krpa Mahaprabhu das seems to be very gentlemanly and Chandramukha decide to give the benefit of the doubt. However, it is unlikely that others have used computer soul as "sublime" to view pornographic sites. Most likely it was Chandramukha those who visited pornographic sites, but being discovered shirked his responsibility and tried to find scapegoats.

We have seen this behavior when someone is caught repeatedly committing fouls against the regulative principles. To begin with, in my own case - in 1989 - I initially denied the accusations when I was confronted with my slip to the vows of sannyasa. Fortunately I had the good sense to recognize almost immediately. We also got to see this behavior in the chaos of Satsvarupa, Paramgati and many others who put innocent face of an angel to be questioned about their behavior.

The author, Krpa Mahaprabhu says that when the facts came to light, the yatra [program] Brazilian was in the midst of the storm caused by Paramgati. But he is confident that the yatra is strong enough to face the realities that emerge, even very unpleasant.

The important thing here is how he will act Chandramukha. We know he has a career within ISKCON, and that through the years and much effort has been standing with the community iskconiana. Now we have two paths to follow.

The first is to become the innocent and let the storm winds subside. Members, followers and supporters have repeatedly shown Iskcon be short of memory. If you bet Chandramukha that, perhaps in a short time all is forgotten and it appears as if nothing had happened.

However, the problem with this is that is a hoax. If you violated your vows of sannyasi then you do not deserve to stand as one. To insist on calling swami is due solely to the addiction and privileges you have and want to continue operating.

The second way is to stop being officially sannyasi to preserve the dignity of so lofty that lineage and that in fact they are. The service has been doing Chandramukha can continue without the false title of sannyasi. There is no impediment to it. Only the attachment, the false ego and deceit motivate him to continue presenting himself as something that is not.

Chandramukha could also demonstrate, as Krpa Mahaprabhu asked, that was someone else who used his computer devotional for internet porn sites. As the devotees who had access to that computer could also more easily use other computers to view pornographic sites, it is unlikely then that have used the laptop to Chandramukha to view internet porn.

Taken from harekrsna.org

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