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Dayalu Nitai Sundar Das Exposed (Part 3): Reply to Nimai Pandit Das

The following is the reply mail written by Dayalu to Nimai. You can check Nimai Pandit Dasa's mail HERE

Dear Nimai Pandit,
Hare Krishna.All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Before starting to reply your mail para by para, line by line I would like to share some incidents which happened in the last one year between you and me so that all the devotees who are reading this mail may understand your intention behind writing the mail which you have sent to me and have also forwarded it to many other devotees without my knowledge.which has created great confusion amongst the devotees here. You have gone to the extent of printing the whole mail and sending a hard copy to me by courier. I have already started getting calls from many people who are asking me various questions which have been created in their mind by your mispreaching.

Some very strange things are happening with your behaviour with me since last 1 year. If you remember I had raised one issue regarding one grihastha devotee Gaurangasundar (Gaurav Mohnot)  in my mail to you date: Wed,Jan 30,2013 at 7:24 pm. In this mail I have mentioned that he is passing sexual remarks to many matajis some of whom are attending our programs. I even sent all those nonsense chats in which he has passed such remarks as an evidence to you. You replied to me in a mail date: Thu,Jan 31,2103 at 3:58 pm. To my surprise you were writing that you already know about it for last four months. You went on to say as follows (I am reproducing your exact words verbatim from your mail which is still lying in my mail box) – “Srila Prabhupada’s first solution to these kind of problems was more service and more responsibilities, more enthusiasm to serve so that service will purify …etc. etc.”.
Later on during the Prabhupadanuga festival which was hosted by us in March 2013 which was attended by devotees from Russia, Germany, Turkey, UK and USA I came to know that Gaurav is doing this to matajis of other countries also.After that I called you and explained the whole situation and requested you to remove him from the post of communication director of ISKCON Inc.

To my surprise you told me that how we can take away his service from him? I explained to you that you can give him some other service because most of the people to whom he is preaching all over the world on internet have already burnt their fingers once with false gurus. This time if they come to know about his activities their faith will be completely shattered. I even told you that this is not only my opinion but it is the opinion of many devotees and still if you are not convinced, so many devotees from around the world are already here, so let us have a meeting and discuss it.After hearing this you became very angry and disconnected the phone.

Nimai Pandit later on in this mail you have raised one issue regarding one very sincere devotee Murli Mohan Prabhu who has decided to take sanyasa in the next ritvik initition ceremony which is going to be held during the gaur poornima in March 2014. The issue is that you have got some information from somewhere that he sleeps during chanting and you have written almost 10 to 15 pages giving various quotes of Srila Prabhupada and finally concluding that he should be removed from his gurukul service and sent for book distribution for his purification etc. etc. Even the information of sleeping during chanting you have got is exaggerated without knowing the particular situations in which it has happened. But since you have written 10 to 15 pages on this trivial issue I have replied that also line by line later on.


In the case of Gaurav Mohnot you are proving from SP quotes that we cannot take away somebody’s service inspite of such charges against him which can destroy the faith of many devotees. On the other hand in the case of Murli Mohan Prabhu you are trying to take away his service inspite of knowing the following facts about him -

a) his dedication, understanding, following of Srila Prabhupada’s desires & instructions.
b) The fact that he has already read Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam cover to cover.
c) He is born in a very highly traditional brahaminical family of India. His father   
     was initiated in Sri Ramanuja Sampraday before his marriage. Worship of Shaligram sila has  
     been going on regularly in his house. His whole family eats only Krishna Prasadam.
d)  His spotless character from childhood. You also know that he has never touched the four sins   
    (intoxication including tea and coffee, meat eating including onion and garlic, gambling, illicit- 
     sex) since his childhood.
e)  Right from the childhood he has been engaged in the duties of a brahamna yajna-yaajan, patan-
     paatan, daan-pratigrha.
Inspite of knowing the above facts about him you are daring to prove (late on in this mail) that he is not a true brahmana, he is in tamoguna, he should be removed from his gurukul service of teaching and sent for book distribution for his purification etc. etc.You have not stopped at this and in your mail which you have sent to Murali Mohan Prabhu you have decided his lifetime service. I will reproduce the exact lines which you have stated to him in your own words – “Actually it would be good if you can then take up the service of translating all of Srila Prabhupada’s books, conversations, lectures, letters etc. into hindi as your lifetime service”.

And like that there are so many points I wanted to clarify from you about your strange behavior with me and other devotees here. I have been writing to you emails since you left after the Prabhupadanuga festival asking clarification on many issues. Also those mails are still lying unanswered in my mail box. Around two months back Badal called me and told me that you are in India and have contacted him. I took your phone number from him and called you many times but you did not pick up my phone. So I was thinking that whenever you will come to Jaipur I will clarify all the issues which are being raised here by me and many other devotees.

Now you are in Jaipur since last one month (as far as I have got information from some of our congregation devotees). It is very strange that instead of coming and meeting me or talking to me over the phone you have contacted those few devotees who have left our center in the past 4-5 years due to some of their personal problems. As far as I remember there are only three full time devotees who have left our center in the last 5 years in the very beginning stage of their spiritual training. I have come to know that you have contacted some of our congregation devotees also and you are utilizing some of the minor differences which they have with our center to turn them completely against us.
I don’t know why you are doing this? If you really think that there is some problem with the center you could have come and met me or you could have come and stayed here for as many days as you want and checked the situation personally.

If you refer to my mails which I have been sending to you in the last few months I have requested you to come here and stay in the association of devotees atleast for some days. Whenever you have been in Jaipur you normally stay alone in your residence at Banipark, Jaipur. You have never come and stayed at our center even for one day since last three years and now you are trying to see the activities of our center through the eyes of some neophyte devotees and your imaginatons.
Few months back the situation was that I was waiting for you to clarify the issues which I and many other devotees against you are having and now you have come up with this mail wherein you are claiming that the whole center has completely deviated from the teaching of Srila Prabhupada based on some hearsay. Actually YOU should have clarified the issues which I had raised against you first.

Anyway still I will reply each and every point of this mail first.In the following text to come my reply is in black to the points which you had made in your mail which are in red.

Nimai :
Dear Dayalu Nitai Prabhu, Please accept my humble obeisances! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I am very happy to hear of all these activities that you wrote in previous emails but did not reply due to certain reasons enumerated below. But before that I would like to convey my happiness in seeing the gurukul coming forth as per Srila Prabhupada's instructions. And instruction specifically to you. Madhava now must be feeling relieved. I think it is 4 years after we used to talk about it that a Gurukul is required and that you ought to take it up that it has finally come forth!

Dayalu :
How diplomatic!!! Still for your information Madhav is studying in Varnashram College which is running exactly as per Srila Prabhupada’s instructions.We have started a Bhakti shashtri course which all the students of Varnahrama College are doing very seriously from last three months. There are 10 books in this course which are as follows:

This is as per following instruction of Srila Prabhupada :
Acyutänanda: There was talk that they would be given examinations.
Prabhupäda: Yes. Yes.
Acyutänanda: What is the syllabus for...?
Prabhupäda: Whatever books we have got, it should be studied. Bhakti-çästré means Nectar of Devotion, Bhagavad-gétä, Nectar of Instruction, Beyond Death—in this way we select some ten books. That is bhakti-çästré.
(Morning Walk -- January 6, 1976, Nellore)
In future we will be also conducting Bhakti-vaibhava and Bhakti-vedanta as per following instruction of Srila Prabhupada.
(Letter to: Aniruddha — Los Angeles 4 February, 1969)
We wish to hold examinations and award titles such as Bhakti-sastri, Bhakti-vaibhava, and Bhaktivedanta. The whole program will continue for seven years.
There are 5 students in gurukul (of age 5-10 years) and 8 students (above 10 years) in Varnashrama College. This we are doing as per following instruction of Srila Prabhupada:
(Morning Walk  "Varëäçrama College" -- March 14, 1974, Våndävana)
Prabhupäda: Varëäçrama college means for grown-up students. College means for grown-up students.
Hådayänanda: Is there a minimum age for beginning such a college?
Prabhupäda: Yes. Ten to twelve years.
Hådayänanda: They can start at ten to twelve?
Prabhupäda: Yes. From five to ten years, gurukula. And after ten years, they should go to the varëäçrama college.
Also, at least 10 more students (8 from India, 1from Russia and 1 from Germany) are going to join from next session which will be starting from Gaura Poornima (we are going as per Gaurabdha Calendar). The student who is coming from Germany is being sent by Mathias prabhu. Other devotees like Balarama Prabhu (Turkey), Nimai Nitai prabhu (Ukraine) and Alex prabhu (Russia)   have promised us to help and many devotees like Gauridasa Pandita prabhu (USA), Jitarathi prabhu (UK), Micheal prabhu (Germany), Maha Sringa prabhu (USA), Prahlad Das (UK) and have appreciated this Gurukul and Varnashrama college.

You will be surprised to know that even devotees from ISKCON are sending their children to this Gurukul (one of the student in Varnashrama College is son of vice-president of one of the prominent ISKCON centers). I am not mentioning his name because as you know in this Gurukul Srila Prabhupada is the ONLY Diksh guru which is not accepted by current ISKCON world.

As you know we are not affiliated to any government program as per following instruction of Srila Prabhupada:
Conversation:  "How to Secure Brahmacärés" -- June 24, 1977, Våndävana

Gopäla Kåñëa: I was thinking, Çréla Prabhupäda, we should get this gurukula accepted by the government also...
Prabhupäda: No, no, no. Never do that.
Inspite of knowing this, it is astonishing that most of our children have come from respectable families. As we were discussing four years back about the need of Gurukul and Varnashrama College, finally it has come forth by the mercy of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Since you have not visited this Gurukul even once, the following picture will give you a visual idea.

How is the project in the village near Jaipur coming along? How many acres do you have now?

Dayalu :
By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Gauranga Mahaprabhu we have already acquired 35 acres of land which is 70 kms away from Jaipur city. If you remember when last time you came to India during Prabhupadanuga worldwide festival, hosted by us (Hare Krishna Community, Jaipur). I informed you about this land and also requested you to visit it. Most of the Prabhupadanuga devotees like Gauridasa Pandita prabhu, Balarama prabhu, Prahlada prabhu, Alex prabhu, Slava Prabhu, Jayaprada mataji and Yagya mataji visited the land but it was very strange that though you were in Jaipur you didn’t come.

I know that you were sick for a few days but even after you recovered and visited our Hare Krishna festival in Indraloka Auditorium you didn’t even ask me about the land.

The project in the village near Jaipur is coming along very nicely. We have named this project as “Hare Krishna Village”. A well has already been dug where we will utilize the bulls of our goshala to draw water using the traditional “rahat” system which does not require electricity. The boundary wall work has also started. Our plan is to develop a self-sufficient farm community and the heart of this project is Gurukul and Varnashrama College, I also understand that for the project become successful we require much more land. There is another 150 acres of land attached to our land which we will be gradually buying down the line as LaxmiJi keeps coming. One good part is that 100 acres of “gochara bhoomi” (land marked by the government for grazing cows), 300 acres of forest land and many mountains are already adjacent to our land which can be utilized as grazing grounds for our cows free of cost.

One of the main concerns for the Varnashrama to become successful is to provide economic independence to grihasthas based on Krsi-gorksha-varnijyum. By the mercy of Gauranga Mahaprabhu, on this front we have already made considerable progress. Pure hand churned desi ghee made from indigenous inidain cows is already being made and sold at good prices. Recently Mathias prabhu has ordered 100 Liters of this ghee to be sent to Germany and many more orders from Europe and Russia are coming.

One very sincere grihastha devotee (Arjuna Das) has already become financially independent by doing this ghee business. Arjuna Das who you know very well is happily situated here in KC. His wife is expecting a child in the next month. They are both very excited about training the child for  Srila Prabhupada’s Gurukula, already running here.

Also some other businesses related to prasadam distribution are going on successfully which will help those brahmacaris who may get into grihastha ashrama in future. One such business of producing Namkeen  prasadam is being done by one of our hostel boys Priyank Gupta (+91-8432384842) very successfully. By grace of Krishna, Priyank has set up a manufacturing unit in the plot next to our center so that large quantity of Namkeen can be produced.Since I had personally launched this on Radhashtami celebration and many many orders are coming. A platform is being created for those Grihasthas who are currently doing job but if given an independent source of income they are ready to serve full time in the mission of Srila Prabhupada with their family. Rajesh Sharma, whom you know very well, is thinking seriously to take up this business as a source of income and leave his current job. Premabhakti prabhu whom you know very well was very eager to take this independent source of income immediately but I suggested him that he should continue to stay at home in village Govindgarh as there is already a temple of Sri Radha Gopal ji near his house where he is already doing morning program and few devotees are visiting. I told him that since he already has association of devotees there is no need to suddenly give up his job.

If you remember he is the same Premabhakti (Praveen Bhatra) who got initiated by Srila Prabhupada as per ritvik system at our center in May 2011. At this point I am remembering one incident which happened before his initiation, you were in New York temple fighting the case and Madhu Pandit prabhu was helping you by giving money for your case. For some reasons you were having some arguments to and fro with him on the internet (a copy of which you were constantly forwarding to me which are still in my inbox). One of the issues which Madhu Pandit prabhu was raising was that you are spending months and months in India (I think he may be referring when you were staying in Jaipur). He was saying that being the temple president of ISKCON New York you should spend more time looking after the temple and the case for which he was supporting you financially. That time you told him that you are training one devotee (Praveen Bhatra) who will take care of ISKCON New York as a president in your absence.

But due to some reason you yourself left India for a long time. Since then I have been encouraging Premabhakti (Praveen) to form a trust with three officers President, Secretary and Treasurer and open a bank account and manage the Govindgarh center independently. But because three devotees who are chanting 16 rounds and following 4 regulative principals are still not there who can occupy these posts (though there are some matajis who are chanting 16 rounds) he is not able to form a trust. Premabhakti prabhu told me few days back that now you are again asking him to leave his job and go to New York temple with his family.
I don’t know what you are trying to do?

Anyway there are so many things to say for which I am preparing many mails which I will be sending shortly.

 For the time being let us focus on the other points which you have mentioned below.

Most happy to hear that your allopathic medicines are nil and other medicines are only 10%. 

How diplomatic!!! If you remember when you were living with me in my apartment 2009-10 I was having problems with my sleep due to which I would sometimes feel depressed. I was taking allopathic medicines to cure it but there was no improvement. At that time I used to regularly attend the entire morning program (from Mangla arti to Bhagavatam class) in spite of sleeping only 2-3 hours in the night. It was a great austerity and that time you used to encourage and appreciate me. Many of the devotees at the center who are still with me still appreciate me for my regular morning sadhana in spite of this sleep problem.

Since the last two years the preaching has grown beyond my imagination – now we have 18 full-time dedicated brahmacaris,  6 initiated grihasthas, 13 Gurukul and Varnashrama college students, 60 cows and bulls in our goshala, 35 acres of land near Jaipur, three hostels with 43 students.
Raghav Pandit Das who is leading youth preaching programs has also formed Gauranga Sankirtan Party (GPS) which is regularly doing long hours sankirtan and book distribution  in various parts of Rajasthan and many many more things………

Due to the sleep problem I was not able to work with my full capacity. Around one and a half years back I consulted an ayurvedic doctor. He told me that if I want to cure this problem from the root I will have to give up my allopathic medicine altogether on the strength of ayurvedic treatment. He told me that I should not leave my allopathic medicine suddenly but tapper it over a period of 1-2 years, he also told me that during this period I should not exert myself and take sufficient rest otherwise this problem will relapse. It was dilemma for me because I thought that if after sleeping only for 2-3 hours in the night I go for mangla arti it would be a heavy exertion on me and if I do not go for such a long period then I may become a bad example for the devotees as I am the temple president here. To resolve this dilemma I talked to the devotees here about it. To my relief, everyone was very positive about me and told me that I should take care of my health first. The devotees also told me that they are already very inspired with my energetic preaching and this not coming for mangla arti temporarily for some time till I recover will not move their faith in me even an inch.

So the currently the situation is that my allopathic medicines have become nil and the ayurvedic medicines reduced to 10 %.  But due to this leaving of allopathic medicines my sleep cycle became completely topsy-turvy. But by Krishna’s grace within next 5 to 6 months this problem will get sorted out and I will again start attending mangla arti as before.
As for me, I am struggling as always to try to keep up with the instructions of Srila Prabhupada, still do not feel I can offer him any tangible fruits or results of services that he has ordered. Even the service attitude is not there, so I do not know what is going to happen to me - na gatih kuto api. Only thing I can do is keep trying every new day. To chant nicely and reading and to keep his specific instructions in focus, however painful that is. Hopefully he will see my endeavor and take that at least, as he is manifestation of Lord Caitanya's mercy. 

The only external development has happened is that Lord Krishna after taking me through a hard purification process to properly respect and utilize Shrimati Laxmidevi for expanding His and His pure devotee’s Glories and service of His devotees ONLY, He has started blessing with some gradually. Maybe now the various services to Srila Prabhupada that have been instructed to me would be able to be manifest.

I don’t know whether you went through a hard purification process or not because of disrespecting and misutilizing Srimati Laxmidevi, but the devotees who were working under you certainly went through a very hard time. If you remember your Sangad and Phulera projects, they were nightmares in which lakhs of rupees of donation money was wasted, many cows died of hunger in Sangad, , employees like Ganpat Daan were on the verge of committing suicide due to you not paying the debts which were taken in his name for your project. Still many people from whom you took loan are after you.

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 3:44 AM, Abhimanyu Sharma <> wrote:
Hare Krishna Prabhuji,
                                  I hope this mail finds you in best of your health.I am extremely sorry  for not keeping in touch with you.I am very sorry to inform you that over the past 2 weeks around 12 cows in the goshala have died,due to weakness and lack of chara.The gopalaks in our goshala are no longer ready to give their services at the goshala as it has been almost one year since they were last paid and also they are very angry and frustrated with our negligence(according to them) towards the cows.As the cows are dying almost daily ,the goshala has earned a bad name in sangad and nearby villages too.The cows are in a very deplorable condition and require urgent help and attention.As the days are passing  by the debt on the goshala is also increasing, as Ganpat danji is arranging chara and dala for the cows on credit from different sources. 
Prabhuji,I am really concerned  about our cows in the goshala……

Waiting for your earliest reply.

Your Servant
Abhimanyu Sharma     

You may say that I am exaggerating the facts. So to throw more light on this I am re-producing one mail which was sent to you by Arjuna Prabhu (+91-8107258460), who was the main devotee who suffered a lot due to your impractical way of working. Arjuna (that time Abhimanyu Sharma) prabhu’s  mail is as follows:


If you remember that Ganpat Daan (goshala in charge) started chasing me for the repayments

If you remember that Ganpat Daan (goshala in charge) started chasing me for the repayments
of  his debts which were created due to your mis-management though I was not directly involved in this project. My involvement was only that I had given to you one of our devotees (Arjuna Prabhu) to work for your project on your request. And when I wrote to you regarding first focusing on paying back Ganpat Daan’s money as he is threatening me that he will commit suicide and write our name in the suicide note. I was astonished to receive a reply from you wherein you were preaching to me that satisfying the senses of Ganpat Daan is not a transcendental activity.
Prabhu now when I reflect on these incidents I can see how much pain was caused to cows, devotees and employees and you were going on justifying these incidents by high philosophy. There are many many incidents like this and all the mails which were exchanged between me, you and Arjuna prabhu are still lying in the mail box.  

As for the reason I did not write back to you. It was partly due to very hectic schedule (traveling in Europe) but mostly due to the direction you and the center were going as I found it then (in March).

Prabhu but in march there were many devotees from around the world (Balarama Prabhu, Gauridasa Pandita Prabhu, Mathias Prabhu, Alex Prabhu, Prahlada Prabhu etc.) who stayed in our center for 5-7 days. In the last three years since our center has shifted to Sitapura, Jaipur in a big set-up you have not even spent a total of few hours here. The maximum time spent by you at the center was when you came to attend the meeting of Prabhupadanugas during the festival in March 2013.

The views of these devotees about the direction in which I and the center are going is as follows (which have been published in our latest magazine “The Vedic Times”, a copy of which I will send to you):

1) Comment by Prahalad Das prabhu (UK):
Hare Krishna. I had the good fortune to stay at Jaipur Hare Krishna Centre for 8 days during the Prabhupadanuga festival in March 2012 at the invite of Gaurangasundar Das. Most ISKCON related 'Hare Krsna' centres are controlled by conditioned souls posing as advanced Gurus and their unfortunate followers who do not follow the instructions of ISKCON Acharya Srila Prabhupada. Anyway, i was assured that it was a Prabhupada centered event and after some encouragement i booked a taxi from Vrindavan and travelled to Jaipur. Arriving at the Hare Krsna Centre was like returning back home.. back to Prabhupada. The devotees there were very sincere and welcoming, and the transcendental sound vibration of Srila Prabhupada was everywhere to be heard. Even mobile phone ringtones were purifying! I have been involved with Krishna Consciousness since receiving Prabhupada's books 29 years ago, (it's a long story) but have spend most of the time since in England avoiding the (fake Sita) ISKCON "living-guru" clubs. I have therefore had little association over many years and have found that sincere Prabhupada followers are very rare. Of course the best association is to hear Prabhupada's recordings and read his original (pre-1978) books. Hearing from the pure devotee is the key to Krishna Consciousness. So, at Jaipur HKC I was surrounded by so many Godbrothers and sisters, including other visiting guests sach as Balaram Das (Turkey), Prahlad-Nrsimha Das (USA) and Bhakta Alex & other devotees from Russia. In England there is a saying that you wait a long time for a bus to arrive then lots of buses arrive at the same time. This is what being at Jaipur HKC was like for me. Hari-Nam Sankirtan in central Jaipur was a great experience. We chanted all the way there and back too. They also have nice Goshala with many 'Kamadhenu' cows providing for the devotees. Their University 'Bhagavad-Gita As It Is' preaching programs are very popular. It is good to see more Indian-born persons recognising the true value of their own Vedic culture, instead of aspiring for the worthless materialism and spiritual ignorance of the West, where almost everyone is unhappy and lost, wasting the valuable human form of life. If the devotees of Jaipur HKC continue to keep strictly in line with Prabhupada's teachings, without comprimise, their spiritual growth and success is certain. I hope to return later this year to serve the servants of Jagat-Guru Srila Prabhupada. My obeisances to Dayalu, Raghav, Arjuna, Lalit and all the other devotees. Nitai-Gaura
Haribol! Jaya Prabhupada

2) Comment by Mathias Prabhu (Germany): My name is Bhakta Mathias from germany and i visited Jaipur Prabhupadanuga Hare Krishna center.It is a very nice Prabhupadanuga temple community with very sincere , sweet , nice, strict and humble devotees. The temple president Dayalu Prabhu and his devotees has done a very nice and most important service to Prabhupada and Krishna.The preaching work in many university's in Jaipur is going on very nicely together with book distribution. The temple devotees are very very very nice and humble Prabhupadanugas!

3) Comment by Balarama Prabhu (Turkey):
Hare Krsna dear devotees, please accept my humble obeisences, all glories to Srila Prabhupada. What can I say about my time with the Jaipur Prabhupadanuga devotees and their wonderful temple? I can honestly say it was the best experience I have ever had in any of Prabhupada’s temples.The temple atmosphere and the mood of all the devotees was so wonderfully focused on Srila Prabhupada, there was not a corner to be found where Srila Prabhupada’s soothing liberating vani couldn’t be heard. Generally we struggle to remember Srila Prabhupada and Krsna but here we struggled to forget Srila Prabhupada. The Jaipur Temple lead by his grace Dayalu prabhu has such a wonderful family mood, my wife Govinda devi das immediately felt very comfortable and at home ( unlike Mayapur ) and she wanted to serve with the matajis all day. This is so wonderful and pleasing to Srila Prabhupada, to create a mood in which anyone feels inspired to serve their lordships Radha Govindaji. They are creating a wonderful example of a temple as Srila Prabhupada wants it to be. They have a Gosala beside the temple in Jaipur and have already started to set up a much bigger project outside Jaipur where devotees can live nicely in Krsna con with a huge gosala, future gurukula and lots of land to be completely self sufficient New devotees join and so naturally they embrace Srila Prabhupada as their real very much living guiding spiritual master, I sit and ponder how lucky they are to be brought directly to Srila Prabhupada’s feet and shelter and not have to go through all we ( who went through iskcon’s guru maze ) had to go through. I am so happy for them and so so indebted and proud of another wonderful devotee leading many new devotees directly to Srila Prabhupada and can only pray that one day Prabhupada and Krsna may allow me to get their wonderful association very soon. In all my personal experience with different temples around the world, this is the one that I recommend to anyone and everyone, just being there after two weeks I didn't feel like I was missing Mayapur or even Vrinadavan! Where ever there is nice Prabhupada consciousness that is the best place to be for our Krsna consciousness. This wonderful temple has everything you need, the only thing they want or need is more devotees to do more. better and bigger things for Prabhupada’s pleasure so please give yourself the chance to experience this wonderful spiritual community and help them do more to help you. Hare Krsna, wishing you all a strong serious desire to really want to serve and please Srila Prabhupada knowing it is the best and easiest way to attract the mercy of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the combined mercy of Sri Radharani and Sri Krsna All glories to Srila Prabhupada Ys Balarama das, ( Turkey )

4) Comment by Gauridasa Pandita Das (USA): HariboL All Glories to our Jagat Guru Srila Prabhupada and his Hare Krsna Center in Jaipur! I visited the Hare Krsna Center a short time back and was quite pleased with the unity and love and devotion the devotees there have for Srila Prabhupada. The devotees are very enthusiastic and are cooperating very nicely because they keep Srila Prabhupada in the center. The devotees have wonderful college preaching programs and its no wonder why so many are taking interest in Krsna Consciousness and joining surrendering everything to Krsna.
Srila Prabhupada's Kirtan recordings are played constantly on loud speakers during the day so the whole atmosphere is purifying all the time. The devotees are as busy as bees attending the regular programs and going about their services. They have a great service attitude and go out of their way to treat eachother and especially the guests nicely. This pleases Srila Prabhupada and our sweet Lord Krsna very much. I also like that there is a Goshala right at the Temple. The cows and calves are so friendly, sweet and happy. The Prasadam is first class made with milk from the devotee cows. I was treated very nicely at the Hare Krsna Center. I recommend that you visit and become involved in devotional service and thus save yourself and others. If you can do some service and/or give donations that would help spread Krsna Consciousness.
All glories to all the devotees at the Hare Krsna Center who are following Srila Prabhupada to the letter. They are showing their love and devotion for him by cooperating and serving and preaching so nicely.
Hope this meets you all well, Your friend and servant, Gauridasa Pandita Dasa

5) Comment by Alex prabhu (Russia)
I had wonderful experience at Hare Krishna Community Jaipur in spring of 2013! Many nice and hospitable Prabhupadanuga devotees and preaching activities in colleges&schools. It was impressive. I wish all success to your service to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya and hope to visit Hare Krishna Community Jaipur again. Bh. Alexander Strgantsev, Voronezh, Russia

Above are the comments of so many devotees from around the world who stayed here for a long time.

Below are your comments about the direction in which I and the center are going which are manipulated, false, imagined, motivated by envy, based on information gathered from one or two devotees who had left the center due to their personal problems like envy, lack of sense control, etc. I will prove this step by step in my answer to the following dirty comments made by you on sincere, dedicated, fixed up devotees fully committed to Srila Prabhupada.

After reflecting on the day’s talk when I was last at the center in March, and then various devotees telling me about different activities and advices of Murali Mohan Prabhu, sometimes officially propagated by you, I came to become concerned with both his spiritual life and the devotees future there.
Prabhu, if you would have been really concerned with the spiritual life of Murli Mohan Prabhu and the other devotees here, then you could have come to the center and met me and other devotees and we could  have sat down together after a nice kirtan and discussed all these issues in an isthagoshti.

But what YOU are doing is that you are in Jaipur since last 1 month or may be more than that and you are neither talking to me on phone nor visiting the center. Instead , you are meeting / calling few devotees who have some personal differences with the center. Instead of telling them that some devotees in a big organization like our’s will have differences created by maya or by some minor faults from our side and  trying to correct those misunderstandings you are  magnifying those differences, imagining the consequences and writing some big big mails like this one, challenging me that I will not show this mail to anyone and instigating me to hold an isthagoshthi.

Prabhu, this is not ishthagoshti, it is a conspiracy plotted by you to destroy such a nice flourishing Prabhupadanuga center, based on envy and frustration. You or others who are reading this mail may think that how I can put such a serious charge against you. For last so many years I have been trying to understand your complicated personality, you always say that Srila Prabhupada has given you an order to train leaders for His movements and for that only you are fighting case in NY, want to established Varnasharama college etc. etc. You used to tell me that there are no brahamanas (independently thoughtful devotees)  even in a very big successful preaching groups like ISKCON Bangalore. If you remember I used to argue with you on this point that how can you say such a thing for such advanced devotees? and then you use to try to prove to me using Srila Prabhupada’s quotes that ISKCON Bangalore is not creating brahamanas and even once you predicted that in time when Madhu Pandit Prabhu leaves, this movement will break and the devotees who are getting trained up in your guidance will take care of those ISKCON Bangalore’s temples. I was amused by your talks but since you use to put so many quotes of Prabhupada to support it I used to get confused.

If you remember that once you went to the extent of telling me that ISKCON Bangalore situation is like khoda pahaad nikli chuhiya” (a mountain in labor and a mouse be result), I argued with you that how can you say like this for such a senior devotee like Madhu Pandit Prabhu again you tried to prove this time by saying that Krishna is not revealing him(MPP) how to preach in the west etc. etc.

If I would have known your real face at that time I would have called Madhu Pandit prabhu and told him about it. Now I am feeling guilty that I participated in such offensive talks about such a senior vaishnava with you. I called Madhu Pandit prabhu two days back and he confirmed to me that you have tried to break his movement also.

Also when my group of devotees here was small you were very nice to me and other devotees here. After my preaching expended and our group became bigger and bigger and we moved to a big set-up your behavior towards me and the center started changing, you stopped visiting our center.
From that time till now you visited our center 3 times only.

1st time when you visited our big center that also after my lot of requesting you to come and at least see our center, initiated brahmacaris and grihasthas and finally you came to the center just for ten minutes. You saw Hrishikesh Das (earlier Hrishiraj) in saffron for the first time and you passed a comment on him that “this devotee will go away soon because his heart is dry from inside and have no taste”, I was amazed on this comment by you and when I told this to Hrishikesh Das he got little disturbed and wrote a mail (attached below) to which you did not even reply:

From: Hare Krishna Community Jaipur <>
Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 7:07 AM
Subject: quarry
To: Nimai Pandit <>

Hare Krishna ! Prabhu !


All glories to Srila Prabhupada !

Thank u prabhu for your reply. 

Prabhu there is one point which is disturbing me from last few months.

Prabhu do u remember that few months before u visited at our Sitapura Center. That time u mention to Dayalu Prabhu about me that "Hrishikesh Kuch hi din ka mehaman ha".This is the point which is disturbing me. I know that Dayalu Prabhu told me this to keep alert in my spiritual life.   

Prabhu i'm totally in ignorance still i'm not be able to find out what is that mistake which u have seen in me. 

I don't want to go again in that dirty material life, i want to remain in the association of such nice devotees, i want to remain as an instrument in the mission of Srila Prabhupada.

Prabhu, I'm humbly requesting u, Please tell me that mistake so that i may try to correct it.          

Your servant
Hrishikesh Das 

If you remember once I had sent one mail to you 1 and a half years back telling you that we may get a good piece of land wherein I am planning to start gurukul and a farm community project and you replied to me that you think that I am not that person through whom this will be done and you mentioned the name of a newly initiated devotee Madan Mohan who will do it.
I know you will come back saying that all this is false so I am producing evidence for each of my statements as far as possible and Krishna is giving me amazing intelligence and evidences to prove my point. So I am reproducing a portion of that mail (and not the whole mail since it is very big) to support my above claim.

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 4:19 AM, Dharmesh Sharma <> wrote:
(my words)
Last month when Vedvitt was here (his wife and children are still here and he has gone back to Singapore to wind up the remaining things ...may be in 2-3 months time he will come back to India finally) we were talking about children's future, Gurukul, Farm community project etc. and he told me that if I look for a good piece of land in a nearby village and if there is concrete plan to develop it then he can donate or invest some good money.

(your reply)
As for me, I think Madan Mohan prabhu would be that devotee, with Vedavitt Prabhu running the gurukul there. But I could be wrong and Vedavitta Prabhu maybe feeling inspired on his own, not knowing him currently hence I cannot comment. But then he has to take that responsibility and not you.

Prabhu you have a habit of making future forecast as if you are Supersoul and you have done this hundreds of times with me and most of the time the result has been contrary to what you have predicted. Hrishikesh Das Brahamchary whom you had predicted will soon go into maya is currently peacefully situated in his devotional service and he is one of the responsible teachers in our Varnasrama College. Your second prediction of gurukul and farm community happening through Madan Mohan and not me has also become false as we have already purchased 50 Bigha land and work for farm community has already started and gurukul is running successfully, as far as Madan Mohan is concerned, today he is standing against me and the Gurukul in the conspiracy plotted by you against me and the whole movement going on here.
I would suggest you to stop making predictions imagining yourself in contact with supersoul thereby destroying the life of many sincere devotees and behave as a normal devotee with the 4 defects of conditioned soul.    

So I have enough reasons to say that you are plotting this conspiracy against me OUT OF ENVY. If still you have doubt about yourself and your mind is still justifying your above stated behavior and making you think that you are very advanced devotee I am throwing some more light on your behavior with so many senior Vaisnavas around the world whom I have been contacting since you have sent this DIRTY MAIL to me.
After reading the above incidents all the devotees of the world who are reading this mail can understand that you are envious of our center and the devotees here.
Is there anything left to prove that Nimai Pandit Das is envious?

But after last time’s almost blind angry confrontational attitude from you (1st time in our close relationship of almost 20 years!), as well as your propagating to various devotees that “Nimai is in Maya”, “He is sahajiya etc.”, I thought it is not my duty to do anything about the situation currently.

Now this is too much!! Last time when you came to the center and we were talking in my room. If you remember I started raising some of the many issues which I have been having with you. I accept that I was little angry but you were so angry that literally you were shouting. Many devotees in the brahmacari ashram heard this shouting as the ashram is just below the pathway attached to my room. I have talked to them and they are ready to vouch in front of Deities about the validity of this incident in case you start alleging me that I am telling lies. After this you angrily went down the stairs and I went behind you trying to pacify you. And since then (March 2013) I have been writing to you many mails and you are just not replying. Raghav Pandit Das even wrote to you on facebook and skype that “please check the mails sent to you by Dayalu Prabhu they are urgent” still you did not reply.
I was thinking that maybe you have taken the above incident of your last visit to the center wherein I was questioning about some issues and you were becoming angry very seriously, that is why you are not replying. I even mentioned this to you in one of the emails which is reproduced as it is below.
Dharmesh Sharma <>
Jun 7

to Nimai
Dear Nimai Prabhu,

No reply. Are u very busy ? or you are angry with me due to the points i raised on your last visit to jaipur ?
waiting for your reply.
Dayalu Nitai Das
Dharmesh Sharma <>
un 15

to Nimai
Dear Nimai Pandit Prabhu,
PAMHO. AGTSP. What happened prabhu, no reply ? I want to keep in touch with you for Srila Prabhupada's service only ...i do not know why you are not replying ?

Dayalu Nitai Das

If you see the above incident carefully you will see that you have presented the facts in just an opposite way. It is proved that YOU ARE A LIAR.

I am not PRAPOGATING that Nimai is in maya or Nimai is sahajiya. But after being thoroughly convinced myself that you are actually in maya I have told this to some devotees here who have been questioning me about your strange behavior.

I am not the teacher or anybody, and as I told you last time I am not going to take the position to advise anyone at your center anymore. Lord Krishna is the Supreme Controller and when He desires then He would guide you. Hence I have been completely silent.

I know that that you do not want to become the teacher but you WANT to become the TEACHER OF ALL TEACHERS. Remember that you always used to tell me that Srila Prabhupada has given me the service to train leaders.
As far as giving advice to the devotees at our center is concerned nobody at the center wants to take your advice.

All the devotees around the world who are reading this mail should note the following incident VERY VERY CAREFULLY which will help them to understand the complicated personality of Nimai Pandit Das.

If you remember one devotee Arjun das, whose devotional life you almost destroyed by your impractical, fanatic advices. From the time he started working with you he was developing frustration in his life and constantly telling me that he wants to come back to his original services of BOOK DISTRIBUTION in which he was getting lot of satisfaction and happiness.

When I told you about this you wrote to me that this Sangad project service is given by Srila Prabhupada to him and so how can he think of leaving the service ordered by his guru. At this point you gave me many quotes of Srila Prabhupada wherein it is mentioned that what happens when somebody whimsically leaves the service given by his spiritual master, when I told it to Arjuna Das he became scared and inspite of frustration, unhappiness he decided to continue working under you. But after continuing to work with you for another few months he almost cracked and informed me as well as you that whatever bad may happen to his spiritual life as proved by you from Srila Prabhupada’s quotes that he cannot continue working under you for this service. Then to my utmost amazement you wrote to him and me that when Srila Prabhupada would see that some of his disciple is not willing to do some service which Srila Prabhupada is ordering then he would himself relieve him from that service to save him from the offense of disobeying the order of the spiritual master, then you went on to tell Arjuna Das that since this service of Sangad Project was given by you on the behalf of Srila Prabhupada so unless YOU relieve him of this service Arjuna Das will not be able to overcome the offence against Srila Prabhupada and finally you wrote to him that I am relieving you from this service to save you from the offence of disobeying the order of Spiritual Master.

You did not stop here and then when I informed you that I am engaging Arjuna Das in book distribution as before at the center you replied to me that instead I should send him home allowing him to go in maya wherein he will be beaten up by maya and become purified and when he will come back to KC he will be more matured, this was too much for me to digest and I wrote back to you saying that is this mail written by YOU or someone else? You did not stop here and gave me a very long e-mail quoting numbers of quotes of Srila Prabhupada trying to prove that in this particular situation this is the BEST advice for Arjuna Das.
This was too much for me and I simply ignored your reply and engaged Arjuna Das in his original service of book distribution at the center. Today he is very nicely settled in KC, married to KC girl and expecting a child next week.

Since then you keep writing to me and asking me to respond, and many more devotees have begun to feel similarly and bringing their complaints to me, and requesting me to do something.

If you are reading my reply from the very beginning carefully you can clearly see your duplicit behavior in writing the above lines.
Especially as earlier I used to intervene with you and advise some of them.

That I also accept and looking back I feel relieved that you advised only some of them. One of those SOME devotees is Arjuna Das whose case is already discussed and what your advice did to him.

Bhakta Pankaj who left this movement due to your impractical advice is still angry with you.
Bhakta Aniruddha whom you handled very roughly used to shiver by your name is another example. (If you do not remember I can send the mails between you and Aniruddha wherein he is expressing his anger and frustration about the various dealings which you had with him). Recently Aniruddha called me from a landline number and was telling me that Nimai prabhu was praising me very much and was insisting me to take money. Aniruddha told me that he was telling you that I do not need the money as I am already earning money from a job in a call center. Aniruddha told me that you were still insisting him to take the money. This whole conversation between me and Aniruddha was recorded and I will be sending you the audio file and the mails between you and Aniruddha in my next mail to you.
Are you bribing him so that finllay you can turn him also against me and the center?
Moreover Srila Prabhupada’s instructions to me regarding developing Varnasrama College and seeing that you have started feeling the need for it too,

I am not feeling any need for the Varnashrama College because the Varnashrama College is already established here and running very successfully as per the instructions of Srila Prabhupada. For more information you can visit (under construction).

Nimai: makes me wish that we cooperate for the benefit of so many current/future devotees, so in combination of so many things I thought I will endeavor to clear all these misunderstandings etc. to please Srila Prabhupada.

Anybody who is reading this mail carefully (specially the congregation devotees and a few full-time devotees who have left the temple in the past few years because of their personal problem) from the very beginning can clearly see that forget about clearing misunderstanding you (Nimai) are endeavoring to create misunderstanding. And how this is going to please Srila Prabhupada remains to be explained by you and all these devotees who have become involved with you in this conspiracy against a genuine, flourishing movement of Srila Prabjhupada!!

In the last one month since you are in Jaipur you are not calling me neither coming to the center but you are either calling our congregation devotees to your house in banipark or sending your thoughts to them through some of your agents and creating misunderstandings between them and the center.

For example, Premabhakti prabhu called Rajesh Sharma, who is one of our very old congregation devotee. Rajesh Sharma told me that Premabhakti prabhu was telling him that Nimai Pandit called him (Premabhakti) to his house in Banipark and was trying to prove that the center is deviating from the instruction of Srila Prabhupada. Premabhakti also told Rajesh Sharma on the phone that he has become confused after meeting Nimai Pandit prabhu.
Another example is related to a devotee named Chanchal Sharma who was earlier associated with us.
As far as I remember 6-7 years back this Chanchal developed a great misunderstanding about me. Due to the combined effort of Murli Mohan prabhu who is his cousin and he himself this misunderstanding has almost reduced ti nil. Recently Chanchal came to meet me and he was expressing his desire to start an independent preaching center. He was also requesting me to include his name for the next ritvik ceremony which will mostly be performed during next Gaura Poornima festival 2014. I suggested to him that instead of creating a trust by another name you can become part of Hare Krishna Community and still be independent as per the instruction given by Srila Prabhupada in DOM (Direction of Management). And he was very satisfied with my suggestions.

After that he told me that he will like to meet me again very soon and I assured that I will give him time, this happened around 15 days back after that he met you. You sent Madan Mohan Das (who is openly challenging me through some of our temple devotee for an Istagoshti) to Chanchal’s house with the information that you are here and then he got the desire to meet you. After meeting you his views started changing towards me and the center and his misunderstanding which had almost become zero again got magnified. He has been telling other devotees that Nimai has told him to organize a meeting and raise some manipulated, imagined, false issues against me and the center.

Like that many weak devotees are becoming confused by your mis-preaching.
Likewise Chanchal, Premabhakti Das, Avinash, Dharamveer, Aniruddha, Madan Mohan Das etc. have become victim of this conspiracy master minded by you. Unfortunately they do not know that they are becoming a part of this conspiracy which is destroying a genuine, growing preaching movement of Srila Prabhupada. They do not know what they are doing? They cannot even imagine that you have done these things with such senior Vaishnavas like Kapindra Swami, Madhu Pandit prabhu, Krishnakant prabhu (IRM head) etc. 

The main thing to note here is that these devotees are not contacting, you and complaining as mentioned by you but you are contacting them directly or through your agents and confusing them.

Is this the way to clear misunderstandings???

Nimai Pandit Prabhu you have been able to break some of these weak devotees who have some contamination of envy which you have fanned. But for your kind information all the full-time dedicated brahmacaris (18 in number) and initiated full time dedicated  grihastas (3 in number) have full faith in me and this preaching movement of Srila Prabhupada going on here. To prove this I am going to send you another mail which has a document signed by all these devotees vouching their support, faith and dedication in me and this preaching movement of Srila Prabhupada going on here.

You may still think that you will be able to break some of the congregation devotees, hostel boys, parents of our gurukul students but for your kind information we have already started contacting them and getting their signatures also. Since this may take a little time you will have to wait before you receive this signed document in my subsequent mails.

Prabhu I am telling you that you will not be able to break this movement, we don’t need your advice, direction, any philosophy from your side how to follow Srila Pravbhupada’s instructions. We are ALL regularly reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, worshipping him daily, trying to to follow his instructions in letter and spirit, trying to full fill his desires for a flourishing Gurukul, Varnashrama College, farm community, youth preaching, Book distribution, Prasadam distribution, Sankirtan, making grihathas financially independent, creating a favourable environment for those devotees who want to remain naistika brahmacari (a entity which is desired by Srila Prabhupada and previous acaryas which is becoming extinct due to the unfavorable environment of kali yuga and non-sense preaching from “advanced devotee” like you).

If you remember I am your path-pradshak guru who introduced you to Srila Prabhupada and his KC movement when I came to USA around 20 years back and met you there for first time wherein you were deeply sunk in material life. Even in that capacity I suggest you to immediately stop your nasty acitivities.

Moreover, I miss my dear friend Dayalu Nitai Prabhu. Hence I specifically made my schedule such that I can come to Jaipur and stay for some days and try to see what can be done.

You are in Jaipur since last one month staying in your house at Baniprak which is only 25 km from the Hare Krishna Center where I am residing. The amazing thing is that you have come all the way from US or whichever country covering a distance of thousands of kilometers to meet your dear friend Dayalu Nitai but you are not able to cover a distance of 25 kilometers in one month to come and see him personally!! If you are really missing me so much why don’t you just come and meet me. What is the Difficulty??

I request Prabhu that you organize an Istagoshti at the Center, in front of the Deities, Srila Prabhupada, and all concerned Vaisnavas. Maybe on Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day. After nice kirtan, in a cordial and mutually respectful atmosphere, let us discuss all issues one by one---from your side, from my side, and from other devotee’s side. This is the way Srila Prabhupada has prescribed for resolving issues among Godbrothers. We need to discuss everything, letting all speak-air their views/complaints, and reply as per reference to Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. I have seen many times that most of the issues get resolved by following this instruction of Srila Prabhupada. We have all a lot to do, can all benefit from each other’s mutual cooperation, and moreover we need to go back to the spiritual world to be situated in our original position of service, so let us get all the hindrances out of the way and carry on.

Yes prabhu seeing the seriousness of the imagined charges you have made against me, Murli Mohan prabhu, Gurukul, the center, matajis and all the full-time dedicated devotees, I thought that this Istagoshti needs to be done on an International level.
As per your desire stated above We need to discuss everything, letting all speak-air their views/complaints”, I have decided to discuss everything and involve all around the world.
So since I have received your mail I have been trying to contact all the senior devotees of the world who have had similar experiences with you like:

Madhudvisha prabhu (one of the most senior desciples of Srila Prabhupada),
Kapindra Swami Maharaj (President Pabhupada Sankirtan Society),
Madhu Pandit prabhu (President ISKCON Banglore group of Temple),
Krishnakant prabhu (IRM head),
Yashodananda prabhu (senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada),
Damaghosha Prabhu (senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada)
Aprakrati Das prabhu (senior disciple of Srila Prabhupada)
and many more…..

I have already got the comments of Madhudvisha prabhu about his experiences with you which are as follows:
My humble opinion is that Nimai's ideas are unrealistic. He is a good talker. But he is also a fighter. Even if there is nothing to fight about he will fight. I know him well from the time he moved from the US and I think you know him also because he is your ISKCON Bangalore devotee.
First he stayed in IRM New York center, there he tried to take this over from Brahmabhuta Prabhu and was asked to leave. Then he went to Kapindra Swami's "Prabhupada Sankirtana Society" and fermented a revolution amoung the brahmacaries there and together they demanded that Kapindra Swami leave his temple and that Nimai should take over. Kapindra Swami asked Nimai to leave and he went to ISKCON Long Island and he proceeded to try and take over the temple from Visvapran Prabhu and his wife. Here he was finally successful. He got control of ISKCON Long Island.
Then for some time he was travelling to various ISKCON temples like Boston, etc, and plotting to take them over. Then he came up with the idea of taking over the name ISKCON, taking over the BBT, taking over the GBC, etc.
My humble suggestion is that Nimai is not a very good person to be working with. He is a fighter by nature, he will also fight till death, even if there is no reason for fighting.
Your servant
Madhudvisa dasa
The comments of other senior Vaishnavas will be sent by me in my next mail.

Since this International Istagoshti cannot happen physically at our center so I was thinking that we will do it on the internet. I will share all the mails which you are sending me one after another with their replies line by line with the above devotees and all the concerned devotees of the world. The method I will use is that I will send the reply to each of your mails with a “Cc” to all the concerned devotees of the world. Then when these devotees will send their comments to me I will share it with you and then we can discuss them.

For the confusion you have already created amongst all the devotees here we can have a local Istagoshti also.

To facilitate that, I am writing below in detail the main issues from my side. Hope this can give better clarity to you so that you can prepare accordingly for the Istagoshti. I will also reply in another email to your issues of me. Hopefully thereby the issues can be resolved much easier given the time limitations that we all have.
Issues with you:
1.      Taking the center/devotees away from Srila Prabhupada by:
a.       Elevating Murali Mohan Prabhu falsely to be “an advanced devotee” beyond his qualification by your words and actions
b.      Designating him as a “true brahmana” etc. without his proper brahmacari training taking place
c.       Propagating that “we cannot approach or understand Srila Prabhupada directly”, that we need “guidance of “others”, “more advanced vaisnavas” etc. etc.  –i.e. Murali Mohan Prabhu!
d.      Preaching that we cannot understand Srila Prabhupada’s books without the guidance of “senior devotees” – i.e. Murali Mohan Prabhu!
e.       Preaching that we need to understand the letter and the “spirit” when related to Srila Prabhupada’s statements. And for understanding the “spirit” one needs to hear from senior devotees – i..e Murali Mohan Prabhu!

f.       Many devotees say that earlier you used to preach often that take shelter of Srila Prabhupada’s books, hear from him, inquire from him, he will guide etc.—which was difficult but inspiring, but now you propagate the above---basically to take guidance of “advanced devotee” i.e. Murali Mohan Prabhu, as we cannot approach Srila Prabhupada directly.
g.      Gradually accepting some of his past karma kandiya background viewpoints in lieu of parampara viewpoint of Srila Prabhupada which are more detailed below.

Now here starts your imagined, manipulated, false, charges based on envy and information collected from some devotees who have become victim of your conspiracy which is being plotted against me and all the Prabhupadanuga devotees here with an intention of destroying Srila Prabhupada’s movement.

Needless to say that I have already proved that you have become envious of me and my preaching here. After reading the above seven very serious charges, the devotees around the world who are reading this mail may start wondering why you have targeted this one devotee,  Murli Mohan prabhu (who is going to take sannyas in next ritvik  initiation ceremony which is going to be held during the next Gaur Poornima festival March 2014). This decision of Murli Mohan prabhu is supported by all of us based on the following facts:

a) his dedication, understanding, following of Srila Prabhupada’s desires, instruction and his  

b) he has already read Srila Prabhupada’s books –small books, Bhagavad Gita and Srimad
    Bhagavatam cover to cover.

c) You also know that he is born in a very highly traditional brahaminical family of India. His father
     was initiated in Sri Ramanuja Sampraday before his marriage. Worship of Shaligram sila has  
     been going on regularly in his house. His whole family eats only Krishna Prasadam.

d)  his spotless character from childhood. You also know that he has never touched the four sins   
    (intoxication including tea and coffee, meat eating including onion and garlic, gambling, illicit- 
     sex) since his childhood.

e)  right from the childhood he has been engaged in the duties of a brahamna yajna-yaajan, patan-
     paatan, daan-pratigrha.

Rest of your mail is filled with offensive imagined manipulated charges on Murli Mohan prabhu, myself and this whole movement of Srila Prabhupada going on here. And the worst part is you are trying to prove these charges using  Srila Prabhupada’s quotes. You are not even realizing how much offensive it is at the lotus feet of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

In the rest of your unanswered mail your main charge is that myself and this whole movement of Srila Prabhupada has deviated under the wrong guidance of Murli Mohan prabhu.

Actually I do not need to answer them since this charge is based on offence, envy, imagination, falsity, trying to see me, Murali Mohan Prabhu and this movement through the eyes of some neophyte devotees who have got further misguided by you.
If you would have come and personally stayed with the devotees here and seen everything directly how nicely this movement of Srila Prabhupada is going on here you would have not wasted so much of your time in writing such long mails and also my valuable time who is becoming forced to answer to your mails due to the disturbance you have created here.
But because you have a habit of asking evidence for everything, so I am preparing another document to explain this non-sense and offensive charge. In my next mail which I will be sending you soon a word file will be attached. If still you are having doubts about the purity of Srila Prabhupada’s movement going on here it will be cleared up after reading this word file which will answer the rest of your mail line by line.
To sum up I will be sending the following three mails in the next few days to you:
1) in the first mail there will be a word file attached which will clarify your doubt that
    Srila Prabhupada’s movement going on here has deviated from his teaching under the wrong  
    guidance of Murli Mohan prabhu.

2) in the second mail there will be a soft copy of the document wherein all the devotees here who
    have signed that they have full faith that this movement of Srila Prabhupada is going on nicely as
    per his instruction under my leadership.

3)  in my third mail I will be sending a copy of mails from Madhu Pandit prabhu, Kapindra Swami,
    Madhudvisha prabhu, Krishnakant prabhu, Yashodananda prabhu, Damaghosha Prabhu, Aprakrati
    Das prabhu sent from their personal e-mail-id to my email-id confirming their similar experiences
    with you.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada
Dayalu Nitai Das

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