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Krishna Kanta Desai - selfappointed bogus IRM member

Krishna Kanta Desai = KK = Kaw Kaw - writes bogus IRM POSITION papers

From Pada Newsletter April 16, 2005


Krishna Kanta = KK = Kaw Kaw
Dear PADA, Hare Krishna. PAMHO. All Glories to His Divine Grace.
We have been meaning to thank you for keeping us up to date with your NL's, but it was difficult due to moving into new premises and having problems with securing an internet connection. Anyway, thanks. Yes we have read the article by Kaw Kaw (IRM), which was published under the name of another one of his split personalities - Pyaju Raj (the onion king). Previously he would write under the name - Adridharana, but when the cops started chasing the real Adridharana, KK found himself another subjected spoof. He is more twisted than a corkscrew in a tornado. Anyway, in sympathy with his Attention Deficit Disorder, and in full knowledge that Kaw Kaw hangs onto every word in the PADA newsletter, we will tap out a short counter.
[PADA: Yes, it is true that Krishna Kanta Desai has been writing the IRM's "position papers," plagazing (ok stealing) most of his material from old PADA, Karnamrita, Rupa Vilas, Sulochana and VVR articles written in the 1980s, while not giving any credit to the original authors, and then signing these papers as "Adridharana dasa." That is because Adri had some credibility perhaps, while everyone knows that Krishna Kanta is a newbie to all this. And yes, now that Adri is in his own legal trouble, this has foiled the IRM's plan to forward Adri as their main credible spokesman. Perhaps all this is coming to a head now that Adri's legal problems are growing. In any case, this has created the impression that the IRM makes things up, falsifies signatures and documents, i.e. they are plagarizers and liars.]
* BIF: Although he side-stepped our allegations of sensational reporting to facilitate debate in his comfort zone, he did what we expected, and that is to open himself up. His article, basically, was the same old same old "Kaw Kaw is a clever crow" nonsense, with the same old "did not defeat my points" drivel. We did our best to explain things to him, it is not our fault that he has a cranium density problem. So in all honesty we will not even pretend to address any of his "points". Instead, his reduction to absurdity will make him easier understood.
[PADA: The real problem is that Krishna Kanta Desai can be defeated by any five year old child who speaks hindi, since any child knows that a poison complaint is being uttered by Srila Prabhupada. Kaw Kaw Desai keeps saying "there is no proof," while all other hindi speakers, including those only five years old, say "there is proof." So, Kaw Kaw is "not accepting proof," that is another thing. Worse (for the IRM), many more people are accepting, and as the IRM lumbers along like a tortise in a stupor more and more folks move on board with the issue. Naturally, this makes people think some of the IRM bosses are either fools or GBC spies/ plants and so on.]
* BIF: First, Kaw Kaw gives us two reasons why a professional investigation into Srila Prabhupada's poisoning should not be undertaken. Just see: 1) At best remove less than a handful of Gurus from their positions (those allegedly involved as accessories to the crime, with the chief suspect Tamal Krishna Goswami having already died), leaving the vast majority to carry on their unauthorized practices.
[PADA: Yes, Jesus was crucified, but why acknowlege that? This will only implicate Judas and Pontius Pilate, yet how will that enhance the position of the IRM leaders? Better that we re-write history, and make pretend no poisoning happened. Thanks Saksi ji, yes this is the root issue, the IRM has no concern for the poisoning of the pure devotee, unless they can benefit by getting some political mileage out of it. This is what they told us right out of the box, "The IRM cannot endorse the poison issue for political reasons." The pure devotee is not important, politics is important.]
2) Be proven at the risk of disturbing Srila Prabhupada's Samadhi (sacred burial place) to carry out an autopsy. An act most of his disciples would find completely unacceptable.
[PADA: Yes, because the IRM is downplaying the evidence PADA and BIF are forwarding, the IRM are the ones trying to force an exhumation, as many folks pointed out. The IRM is the exact party demanding "further proof" i.e. the IRM is the exact party de facto demanding an exhumation.]
* In the first point we see- Kaw Kaw believes that exposing Srila Prabhupada's murderers would only be justified if it facilitated a coup. He shows no love for His Divine Grace, nor the slightest affinity for truth or justice. To him, Srila Prabhupada's Society is nothing more than a political arena in which his miserable existence could score some brownies. In the second point we immediately recognise the sensationalism with which this hack promotes his distortions. Just like his GBC bosses, Kaw Kaw persists with the paradox of "no evidence" but attempts to thwart the investigation with the old GBC scare-mongering - "they may exhume." Where do these clowns get the idea that the Indian judiciary, or any judiciary for that matter, whimsically allocates government funds for such purposes? Is it any wonder that the IRM has gone RIP? An exhumation is not the prerogative of claimants, it is ordered by the judiciary based on evidence which demands conclusion.
[PADA: And it is the IRM whom are the ones demanding further evidence, i.e. the IRM wants to force an exhumation.]
* Secondly, had the GBC in 1977 carried out desiderata, we would never have reached this juncture.
[PADA: Yep, and had Adridharana dasa notified all of us about the poison complaint in 1977, almost none of the GBC's crimes could have occured because the rank and file devotees would have become suspect of their whole guru appointment. And "the poison case" would have been investigated close to the time of the crime, with much more viable and readily available evidences. Adridharana is one of the main persons who thwarted things to the point where he now de facto says, "Well, why are we not exhuming, since I hid the whole thing for so long"? He hides the evidence, and then he says, "Well, you may have to search further since I hid the whole thing for so long, and would have hid it forever if I could have got away with that," and he is PROUD he messed the whole case up from square one!]
* Thirdly, had the GBC subsequently accepted onus (it is their responsibility, really) the plaintiffs would not be exposed, as they are to time, expense, and cult psychosis. Fourthly, the liability of exhumation may never arise unless evidence is solid, and where suspects persist in denial.
[PADA: Umm, you mean like Adridharana, who is persisting in denial despite he origianlly said that there was a poison complaint and he was alarmed by it?]
* In any case, a government investigation should be carried out to establish the truth. Truth is above all else. So we will say to the crow what we have said to his handlers - Albeit your chicanery may excite party-liners into seeing fault where there is none i.e., it is an offence perpetrated by the plaintiffs; the laws of God and mammon are more holistic and all-encompassing than the law of carrion crow.
[PADA: Exactly, we have asked both the GBC and Adridharana and his IRM to help us pursue this case through the proper channels, and notice, they refuse to help, since they do not want the truth to come out.]
* In the quest for clarification, we need to perch Kaw Kaw on one tiring lie: why does he persistently claim that BIF has directly accused certain members of the GBC of poisoning Srila Prabhupada? We have requested him to show us where we have done this, instead he again stated in a recent IRM newsletter - ".... BIF launching an endless campaign that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned by certain members of the GBC....". Only a bird-brain would believe that BIF will expose members to litigation. Anyone can see that our reports are generously peppered with words like "alleged" and "suspect". And these suspicions, understandably, are placed among those who were there at the time and profited by the tragedy.
[PADA: Unfortunately, one of the main group of people who profited from the tragedy were the elites, ok people like the IRM's Adridharana dasa, who became the darling of the GBC as one of their biggest leaders from 1977 - 1997. As a result of Adri being in the room at the time of the poisoning, and his failure to report and/or take action upon hearing the poison complaint, he has implicated -- himself. Nevermind that, Adridharana is implicated in countless crimes that went on from 1977 - 1997 when he was the biggest henchman for one of the worst criminals, Jayapataka swami.]
* Further, our reasons for suspicion have been clearly referenced. Besides, as far as we know, Bhavananda is not a GBC member, nor is Bhakti Caru, nor was Tamal prior to his death, nor is Satadhanya. The only GBC member mentioned among our suspects is Jayapataka, who we believe to be Kaw Kaw's handler, and one of the reasons for Kaw Kaw's convolutions. Our bone with the GBC is that considering the evidence presented in professional conclusions, they have not accepted onus. The BIF mission is to initiate an investigation to establish the truth. Whether we are right or wrong in our suspicions, it is yet to be decided. However, unlike the IRM, who were legally exterminated by the GBC but continue to moan like ghosts from a grave, BIF will feel great relief if proved wrong.
[PADA: Again, the problem here is that due to the malefic behaviors of the GBC, including molesting, banning, beating and murdering the devotees of Srila Prabhupada, many now suspect that they would have ill-treated the father (Srila Prabhupada) the same way they ill-treated his children, and thus many folks accept that a poisoning of Srila Prabhupada would perfectly conform to all their other subsequent post-1977 actions. "It (the poison complaint) makes sense," is the comment we hear repeated all the time.]
* Just another point, or enigma if you like, before dispelling the crow and his IRM ghost: In his latest caw on the IRM newsletter we are told in reply to our disclosure that Kaw Kaw never goes to worship Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Bangalore- "Of course the fact that KK lives nowhere near a temple is not mentioned by BIF." This is indeed a startling revelation from someone living in India, where temples are everywhere. But the most enigmatic twist in this statement is that the crow designates Bangalore Mandir as the IRM "Head Quarters," yet the IRM 'top brass' does not go there. We find it very difficult to understand how Madhu Pandit Prabhu,(IRM CHAIRMEN) who is one of the most dedicated disciples of Srila Prabhupada on the planet today, and the architect of elaborate worship to Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, can allow the Temple and Deities to be used in this way. Furthermore, when we read in the latest IRM newsletter that Adridharana Das is still an active member of the IRM: "...and if all that were not enough, for good measure throws in an attack on Adridharana Das too (another member of the IRM)!" we must ask Madhu Pandit Prabhu why he chooses to associate his seva, the reputation of Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, and his own reputation, with lying sensationalists and fugitives from the law?
[PADA: Yep, if Krishna Kanta lives near the temple, and almost never attends, that is what most of the GBC's gurus are doing? Sometimes they might show up for some show bottle performance, just like KK does. And if Adri is wanted by the police, and he is being hidden as a fugitive from justice by Madhu Pandit, then this implicates Madhu Pandit and the whole Bangalore project.]
Thank You, Jaya Srila Prabhupada! BIF
From Pada Newsletter August 18, 2005

Krishna Kanta Divides the Church

Krishna Kanta = KK = Kaw Kaw
Hare Krishna Pada Editor and Readers, Dandavats. All Glories to His Divine Grace.

We are looking with interest at the latest publication of the Back to Krishna Kant (Kaw Kaw) magazine that has found its way to our notice. What we discover is a split; a split that could prove, undoubtedly, a major move in the right direction for the stagnant ritvik movement.
Under the heading- "Set up your own matha/society", page 5 section 3, Kaw Kaw's makes this startling revelation- "Also, but not always, another feature of this system is that the 'GBC/ritviks/Temple Presidents' are collapsed into one single person or group of persons controlled by one person, who will then act as a self-appointed 'ritvik acarya' to dispense 'ritvik initations' like confetti to anyone and everyone. This allows the 'ritvik acarya' to promote himself as the 'giver of initiation' (rather like the bogus gurus do), and hence take on some status vis-a-vis those seeking initiation 'from Srila Prabhupada'.
[PADA: What is clear here is that Krishna Kanta Desai has as much contempt for Srila Prabhupada's ritvik system as he does for the GBC's guru system. Worse, KKD wanted us to help him populate his version of the ritvik system with the poisoners of Prabhupada in 1997. He wanted us to help him convert the GBC's bogus gurus into the IRM's "new ritviks. So he wanted to make the self-appointed gurus into self-appointed ritviks and compromise with the evil doers, because he self-appointed himself as the emporer of the ritvik proposal from Srila Prabhupada. And when we did not agree to support his good ole GBC guru boys as our new saviors, KKD said "lets go to war against PADA." So he wanted to divide the Church, as the Bible says, "Those who will divide my church are the servants of Beelzebub." ]
BIF: Now isn't that a revelation? We know that the GBC have unanimously rejected the ritvik system, so the GBC referred to by Kaw Kaw is simply a cloak under which he hides a dagger. No members of the GBC perform ritvik initiations. So who is the dagger for? When we look at the reference to 'ritviks' and 'Temple Presidents', Kaw Kaw's targets becomes apparent, and the split for which many have waited, is revealed.
Where on this planet are "ritviks/Temple Presidents" performing initiations on behalf of Srila Prabhupada? The only ritviks or Temple Presidents, or ritvik Temple Presidents that we know of are Madhu Pandit Prabhu, Temple President of Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra Mandir, Bangalore, and Sundar Gopal Prabhu, Temple President of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Mandir, Singapore. Surely this cannot be true! we hear you cry. After all, these devotees, along with Kaw Kaw, were leaders of the IRM/ritvik movement. Yes this is true, but it appears that Madhu Pandit Prabhu has had enough of Kaw Kaw's stagnant philosophy, which is taking the movement back to Kaw Kaw rather than forward to Srila Prabhupada. Also, a devotee can only take so much. Kaw Kaw's mind-set: slippers, short pants, dirty bead-bag, garbled mantras, lack of saddhana and Mars Bar munching, has taken its toll on close associates and well-wishers alike. Like in current Iskcon; only the mushrooms remain.
However, none of this has phased Kaw Kaw. As we have explained in earlier posts, his cranium density problem allows him to convert fact into fiction and unabashed self-praise, like in these excerpts from his recently published Back to Kaw Kaw magazine. What we must understand when reading the excerpts, is that Kaw Kaw is publishing quotes of one GBC voted-in guru (Sankarsana das) to praise himself; the very mob he has damned as liars, cheats and charlatans. But does this stop the crow from cawing? Apparently not.
"It seems as if even the ISKCON Gurus can't help but praise BTP (Back to Kaw Kaw) and it's editor (Kaw Kaw), as the quotes from one ISKCON Guru below reveal: ".....I have to admit I share the same disgusted feelings that Krishna Kant has in this regard." "It's especially nice that Krishna Kant has agreed to join our discussion. He is no doubt one of the most powerful spiritual leaders on the planet today...[....]...Krishna Kant and I have had such a long-standing correspondence relationship that he has become for me just like an old friend. I have no doubt learned a lot about proper Vaisnava dealing through my association with him, and I feel that I can continue to grow as a Vaisnava through my association with him..[...]...If he and I were physically in the same room right now I would give him a warm hug." "Krishna Kant is a powerful leader there is no doubt. Because he is chanting Hare Krishna I also accept that he is spiritual."
We do not know this Sankarsan das, but it would not surprise us one iota to discover that he is a homosexual with the hots for Kaw Kaw. After all, it is common knowledge that ISKCON's ecclesiastical head is riddled with perversion. The wacky statements above also tie in with our belief that Kaw Kaw was, and to a lesser degree, still is, a Jayapataka mole, supported and paid for by the GBC to derail the ritvik movement, and to finger those among them that they cannot publicly do themselves; as he is doing to Sankarsana das by making his quotes pubic.
In regards to being a powerful leader... intelligent devotees saw through Kaw Kaw much earlier in the piece. He lost support no sooner than he was put under scope. And, as this article reveals, it seems that those powerful friends who persistently put faith in the possibility of Kaw Kaw's reformation, have finally decided to abandon that hope.
In an effort to promote himself as champion, Kaw Kaw made the same mistake as did most of the now extinct former leaders of ISKCON: they attempted to use Srila Prabhupada as a stepping-stone. In the end they became hard-hearted, rigid and regimented; traits that are often mistaken for religious fervour; traits that are glaringly visible in Kaw Kaw's persona. Sri Krishna is the ability in man, and service to Him through regular worship of Bhagavata can pierce the knot within the heartt. Kaw Kaw must now seriously consider allocating time to his spiritual betterment, as we suggested to him earlier. As paramatma within the heart, Bhagavan can see and know all things. Therefore Kaw Kaw must please Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga through devotional service, then he will not need quotes from GBC certified 'gurus' to convince us of his Krishna consciousness and leadership qualities. We will know it from paramatma within the heart. "An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it." YS BIF
[PADA: Krishna Kanta wanted us to drop the poison issue in 1997. That means he has no concern for the poison complaint from the pure devotee. He is outside of the loop of Prabhupadanugas for this reason, he has no love for His Divine Grace because he sides with his attackers. Ys pd]

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