Friday, June 3, 2011

Mumbai Gimmicks, ISKCON Bangalore gives back

Dayaram Das near ISKCON Bangalore
Today, ISKCON Mumbai devotees tried to enter ISKCON Bangalore which came aftermath of the state high court order which stated that the city property was part of the Mumbai ISKCON. Varada Krishna dasa, Dayaram Das and Anukula Keshav with 3 Mayapur devotees and 3 gundas tries to enter the temple as it created a tense situation prevailed at the entrance of ISKCON temple complex at Rajajinagar where hundreds of activists of the Bangalore unit resisted Mumbai team. The Madhupandit Das objected the Mumbai ISKCON attempts to gain control of the ISKCON Bangalore as the matter was still pending before the Supreme Court. meanwhile police controlled the situation and sent Mumbai ISKCON gundas back to the pavilion. 

Varada Krishna dasa and Anukula Keshav Verbally attacked MPD

"Varada Krishna Das actually informed us (media) before entering ISKCON. we contacted Media department on hare krishna hill and informed about it" sources said. This shows that the Mumbai devotees just wanted to create some scene near ISKCON.

Madhupandit dasa talking to media

Anukula Keshav (Builder from Mayapur) pushed an ISKCON Bangalore devotee and later the same devotee filed an FIR on the builder. I have got a video which shows Anukula Keshav pushing a devotee and Bangalore devotees as taken it as video evidence backing the FIR. The video will be uploaded soon on this blog . Anukula Keshav is the main person behind all this, the sources said that Anukula Keshav actually bribed many government officials to turn the table. today he came with 3 of his men who tried to hit some devotees of ISKCON Bangalore. Anukula Keshav later challenged that they will enter ISKCON Bangalore on 5th june at 8:30 am morning to create another scene at ISKCON. The sources said that the ISKCON Bangalore FOLK Devotees will be will be persent on sunday about 5000+ people who will try to defend ISKCON Bangalore from Mumbai Devotees. So i think the drama will go on till monday because on monday Supreme Court will take up this matter and can place a stay order.
Hoping for the best.
Bangalore devotees supporting Madhu Pandit Dasa

Iskcon Mumbai need Bangalore torpedo's to destroy this Bangalore blades

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