Sunday, March 4, 2012

Akshaya Patra Wins Two Awards in LACP Vision Awards

We have pleasure in informing you that Akshaya Patra has won two awards at (The League of American Communications Professionals LLC) LACP 2010/11 Vision Awards - the world's largest annual report competition for its 2010-11 annual report.
The Vision Awards recognizes outstanding annual reports of the past twelve months. The two awards which Akshaya Patra have received this year are Gold Award for excellence within industry (Non-Profits-Annual Revenue $10 - $100 million) worldwide and Ranked #73 in the Top 100 Annual Reports (All Industries) worldwide. It becomes more important as more than 5,000 companies from two-dozen countries have applied for this competition and we are ranked 73rd out of them.
LACP is a forum that facilitates a discussion of best-in-class practices in public relations and recognizes exemplary communication capabilities.  9 out of the top 10 fortune 500 firms have joined LACP competitions. The jury, which comprised of international communications experts, awarded Akshaya Patra’s publication with 96 out of a possible 100 points. Akshaya Patra obtained the good score in each category not only for the assessment criterion report narrative but also for the report cover, creativity, message clarity, report Financials, and information accessibility.
"This year´s annual report for The Akshaya Patra Foundation with the theme “The little blue bus that carries hope” proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition. Overall, we find this work to be outstanding, earning a total score of 96 out of a maximum 100 points. We classify this entry as being among the best annual reports within its industry this year", said Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director.
This is the first time we had applied for this award and we have been honoured for our Annual Report by LACP. This is a great international recognition that TAPF Annual Report has received which not only speaks volumes about the communication and creativity aspects but also about the kind of reporting followed by Akshaya Patra”.  You may see the  further details at follow link....

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