Monday, March 14, 2011

Sanjay Krsnacandra das: "By Krsna's mercy all are well"

Japan crises latest update: Letter from Sanjay Krsnacandra das from ISKCON TOKYO, JAPAN

Hare Krishna dear Prabhuji:
Please accept our humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

Thanks a lot for your kind concern.

By Krsna's mercy all well.
It was a nasty quake. Lasted few minutes.
Though Tokyo is not as bad as Sendai/Miyagi.
Miyagi/Sendai near the epicenter devastated.
Tokyo shocks were about 6.

I just came to ground floor and was about to ride bicycle.
I started waving like drunkard. Could not understand what is happening.
Ran away from the building in the open area.
Wife and younger daughter were following me but got late. So they were up on 7th floor when earth shook.
Wife chanting Narasingh Prayers hard and younger one panicked & crying. But safely got on to the ground level.
Elder one was in school. They also panicked out of school.

Elder one got a dream last night that earthquake is coming and our building in sinking inside the earth. 7th floor becoming 2nd

Our newly made Temple & Deities are fine.
One deity displaced back on the back rest but no damage.
Minor cracks in temple Govinda's restaurant.

Buildings & poles were oscillating like anything.
By your good wishes not much fear in us. Lord there to take care.

Phones are difficult to connect with locals. Hence no contact with devotees.
Few whom we could contact are fine.
No untoward news from any devotee. Hopefully safe.
Trains were stopped. Some started working.

25-30 devotees staying in the temple room temple as it is on ground level. Few of us are awake to ensure emergency evacuation in
case of violent after-shock.

3m Tsunami in Tokyo. Few fires & damage in nearby area.

Traffic jams. People walking 20-30 kms. to reach home on quake day.

Expected power-cuts, earthquake-tsunami-nuclear accident.

After shocks continue causing fear. People in some panic.

Your servant,
Sanjay Krsnacandra das

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