Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The kali-chela GBC, Guru & Acarya Mafiapada

Gopal Krsna Goswami reports to the GBC Body that he has successfully paid ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the Mafia.

From where did this money come???

Pious people from all over the world visit ISKCON temples and being attracted to the Deities of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna, donate money for their service. This money is meant for decorating the Deities, arranging bhoga for them, maintaining temples, publishing and distributing Srila Prabhupada's books, distributing Sri Krsna prasadam to conditioned souls etc.

And here walks in our great Goswami Maharaja, Vaisnava Acarya, Sakshad Dharitvena, Nikunjo Yuno, Sum total of all demigods, self puja feet wash altar tray photo and ghee lamp lusty Gopal Krsna rascal-pada and hands over ONE MILLION of such donor-money-DOLLARS to people whose only PROFESSION in life is to:
1. Kill people
2. Rape mothers
3. Molest children
4. Kill cows and eat her flesh
5. Attain higher and higher (lower and lower) perfection in breaking all 4 regulative principles of cultured life all at once, life after life.
Then with great pride this bogus-pada walks to the GBC Body and announces his transaction with the "honorable men" of mafia and himself - the GBC representative of the Hare Krsna movement! Even after months and months of this news leaking out, there is absolutely no remorse in his activities, neither there is any denial issued! His other "honorable" GBC friends finally "honor" his great contribution to mankind and the eternal guru-parampara of living vaisnava diksha-guru-acaryas by voting him to be their worldwide GBC vice-chairman!
Do good job and you sure are rewarded!
Pay a million dollars to Mafia and you get a high post on the corporate ladder of Homosex-Pedophile lineage of fellow GBC/gurus!! What is the connection? Why Gopal Krsna Goswami Moodha-pada has to pay 1 million US Dollars to Mafia (for aiding ex-GBC-Chairman-guru pure-devotee acarya GBC propped goon Harikesha-Swami's "grhastha life" which was going on while he was a sannyasi, guru, vaisnava acarya, pure devotee and was known by GBC body to be a sari stripper and breast fiddler of his disciple who was another disciple's wife - coz he is Krsna and she is Rukmini - - nikunjo yuno!) ?
The answer goes back partially to Hari Sauri's letter where he had mentioned Harikesha's goons threatening to eliminate the GBC-EC! Now Srila Haridas Thakura was also threatened, infact beaten in 21 market places, but he never went in for paying protection money! But that's because he wasn't a GBC propped bogus atheistical Acarya.
Instead he knew pretty well, "avasya rakhibe krsna". This Gopal Krsna CrowSwami blabbers a lot about ritvik-vada being bogus, but that's because ritvik-vada is instituted by Srila Prabhupada himself. And Srila Prabhupada MUST BE bogus according to him, because this rascal had the audacity to have a marble Vyasa-asana made up for himself at his zone - Juhu, Bombay temple side by side of Srila Prabhupada himself!
Afterall one who is dead is dead. Now he himself is alive and is the current-living-acarya representative of God! So such guru- drohis and guru-haters naturally must have no faith in Krsna -- better to have faith in Mafia!
If it is not their life they were afraid of, then it must be the secrets that Harikesha would have revealed to the world about his-ex- co-gurus-and-GBCs saksad-dharitvena pastimes of killing Srila Prabhupada, his disciples, his worshippers, molesting his children, raping his daughters, muffing his mothers, beating his sons and banishing tens of thousands of devotees away from krsna's service and krsna's temples.
So in fear of the secret getting out, GBC-man Gopal Krsna contacts mafia and hands over to them krsna's laxmi! Quite opposite to Hanumanji, one must wonder!! And now he continues to receive fame, adoration, puja, ghee lamp, feet wash, special mataji cooked chapatis and simultaneous two new bhramacari massages at late nights!
All this while his 'disciples' "need not" chant Srila Prabhupada's second mantra. The strategy being, after few years, both he himself and Srila Prabhupada will be worshiped by the first "swamin iti namine" mantra. So it will seem that both he and Srila Prabhupada are on the same level! And why should I de-emphasize Srila Prabhupada's second mantra? (Afterall my second mantra cannot be now chanted since it carries "bhagavadpada".) That's because Srila Prabhupada's second mantra carries the purport of Srila Prabhupada's unique position in our Acarya lineage!! And why should we make other's think that Srila Prabhupada is any better than he himself?
Gopal Krsna's loyal GBC body has already DECLARED PUBLICLY that Gopal Krsna Goswami is a "THIRD CLASS GURU"!!! Srila Prabhupada says in Lilamrta, to call spiritual master by name is "THIRD CLASS". And GBC says we can't call Gopal Krsna as "bhagavadpada"!
Srila Prabhupada says, to address spiritual master only as "gurudeva" is mayavad. GBC says, go address Gopal Krsna as "gurudeva"! And how do we understand that GBCs have indeed actually certified Gopal Krsna to be THIRD CLASS? Because GBC says, GK's "disciples" should not wash his feet, should not publicly worship him, should not wear T-Shirts with his glorifications, should not display his photo-buttons, should not keep his photo on altar for worshipping the Supreme Lord as a connecting link etc. etc.!!
And this is the GBC Body, our man so happily serves! They needed a "spot boy" to do the running around and they found GKG! Obviously Hridayananda or Jayapataka won't run around to courts day in and day out carrying loads of papers (since they are too-high profile and moreover white-skinned), so they found a "black Indian dog" to do the running around on their behalf. And simply desirous of name and position, he complies! Such a fool. Update from one of his 'disciple' who was passing by Bombay recently:
In GK's zone (Bombay) his goons are openly talking about beating up Madhu Pandita prabhu if he sets his feet in Srila Prabhupada's Hare Krsna Land! That is because GKG openly spread blatant lies about the so called mistreatment that Madhu Pandita prabhu has allegedly meted out on mataji-boat-rider and festival-mataji-hours-together-prasadam- enquirer-JPS. GKG IS INITIATING FALSE RUMORS about an honorable vaisnava, simply because he does not come up to GKG's standards of mafia "honor"! GKG informs everyone he comes in contact with, white lies like his pal JPS was not allowed to even whisk fan to the deities in the recent (March/April 99?) Bangalore festival. It is a lie since there are photographs seen by our reporter to the contrary where JPS is happily swinging camara in the very same festival.
There are lots of such LIES which this as-good-as-ABSOLUTE-TRUTH- haritvena Vaisnava Acarya has been spreading, just to gather personal worship. He even bans Radha Govinda Maharaja from conducting bonafide Bhagavad-gita saptaha inside two temples of his Bombay Zone! Then he goes ahead and bans the video shooting of Maharaja's bhagavatam saptaha! Why? Is it because his own market-cut of Hindi speaking, donation giving, capati cooking future 'disciples' may get attracted to H.H. Radha Govinda Maharaja instead?
Many confirm -- YES! Also GKG was trying to get "Sripada" and "Acaryapada" to conglomerate at Hyderabad (India) on an emergency basis, to protect one "Samba dasa", who had ran away with a life member's daughter and the life member had got all the temple devotees arrested and beaten up severely at the police station around 97/98. This same Samba dasa is supposed to be back in the temple and the rest of the devotees are apparently after him. So GKG had asked for the support of his two other GBC pals to give protection to his man - Samba dasa sukramukha cari.
Such are the glorious pastimes of the kali-chela GBC/Guru/Acarya Mafiapada Gopal Krsna Crow Swami, whose photographs are freely distributed by his disciples to first-time-congregation for worshiping on their altar -- the 'honored' vice(full)-chairman of the worldwide ISKCON GBC Body! 

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