Monday, March 24, 2014

ISKCON Phoenix responds to allegations

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) responded to the allegations made by a 31-year-old former member of the society, who said she had been abused in an ISKCON centre when she was still a minor.

Prabhu Girdhari Das Haulkory, former president of ISKCON centre of Phoenix, was arrested by police but he denies the allegations, saying that it was “sex with consent”. “Following a report made to the police on 11 March 2014 involving two members of ISKCON, as reported by the press, ISKCON wishes to make the following clarifications.

These allegations are not compatible with ISKCON moral values. ISKCON views the matter with the gravest concern and wishes to clarify that never, at any point in time, had the matter been brought to the attention of ISKCON in the way that it has now been reported”, pointed out the management of ISKCON in a communiqué issued on Tuesday.

These allegations were brought to the attention of the ISKCON’s International Governing Body Governance Commission on February 5, 2014, through a letter from the alleged victim. The incident allegedly occurred in 1998.

ISKCON also specified that: “Although, as any individual, both the alleged victim and Mr. Haulkory are entitled to offer service and practice Vedic religion at any temple, the latter does not form part of any executive body of ISKCON, as has been wrongly reported in some instances.” ISKCON also regretted the way the case was handled in the press.

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