Friday, May 12, 2017

Haryana: Snake found in mid-day meal, ISKCON under scanner

ibtimes: In an appalling incident, a snakelet was found in the mid-day meal served to students of a government school in Faridabad on Thursday. The ISKCON foundation, which is responsible for supplying food to the school, has come under the scanner following the incident.

The incident took place in Rajkeeya Girls Senior Secondary School. A few students started vomiting as soon as they had eaten the meal. When the principal and other faculty members found the snakelet when they checked the food. The authorities immediately asked students to stop eating the meals. Two teachers and six students, who felt nauseous, were rushed to a hospital but were discharged later.School principal Braj Bala informed the matter to the district administration, which alerted other schools in the region.

The food sample is sent for testing in Chandigarh lab.

According to the Hindu, the Deputy Commissioner Sameer Pal Srow of Faridabad has tasked a five-member committee to conduct an examination of the kitchen and submit a report by the evening. The committee is headed by the Faridabad Tehsildar. A separate committee will investigate the incident under the leadership of Additional Deputy Commissioner.

ISKCON said the school did not show them the snake found in the food.

"Our food is cooked in 120 degrees Celsius temperature. There is no chance that even an insect can enter our kitchens, forget a snake ", said Dhananjay Krishna Das, the vice chairman of ISKCON.

Mid-day meals are served in 371 schools in the Faridabad district.

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