Thursday, October 26, 2017

ISKCON Vijayawada President Ram Murari Dasa Attacks A Female Devotee

This is an exclusive report received by ISKCON Truth Team today. This report was not only disturbing but something which was not ready to publish but we are Narasimha's devotees and that is what motivated us to release this news. 

On Prabhupada's disappearance day Oct 23rd, 2017 Jaya Lakshmi Dasi as usually went to the temple to do seva with her family. She had been requested by new pujari or priest to clean Puja Samaghri (utensils). She went to the room to clean them at the same time Ram Murari (temple president) also present there. They questioned her why she came inside. A request was put in front of her; if she wants to continue seva in the temple, she must ask for forgiveness by touch Ram Murari feet. She opposed that and he created a tensed environment with vulgar words and beat her on chest using a hard iron material lock. She tried to defend herself by shouting out loud at her family members who are also present in the temple. They were also beaten by Rama Murari and his other relative with sticks.

It has been recorded that at least 100+ ISKCON Vijayawada devotees have requested the higher iskcon authorities to remove him from the temple president post but by the support of his relatives or temple presidents of Tirupati, AP (Revathi Raman) and Rajahmundry, AP (Sathya Gopinath) none of his heinous acts were exposed to GBC. Revathi Raman now elected as a full-time GBC member, therefore, Ram Murari Dasa will easily escape. 

Below is the message sent to JPS office
Message sent to Mahavaraha Prabhu

Hare krishna prji, please accept my humble obeisances. Prabhuji Ram murari prji beat our god sister when she declined to stop her service,  which pujari prji has told her to do.The only reason was he is forcing us to ask forgiveness and touch his feet as we questioned his misdeeds, even though we brought to notice of H.H.jpsm but none of the action has been taken, it has .been further increased his goondaism of manhandling jaya lakshmi mathaji. If at all they are so much powerful in Iskcon and protecting Ram murari pr  shankha d ari prji had clearly observed nearly 100 devotees have been opposing him and only he had 10devotees support ,but still he didn't give proper  as it is reported to higher authorities, I cant understand how a senior devotee cant really present facts, why he is covering Ram murari misdeeds, what did they understand from B.g .Ram murari prji intention is no one can do any justice to us and he can do whatever he like, that is the only reason he went to this extent of manhandling mathaji and her 15yrs son and husband was unable to protect as he Ram murari another brother in law caught hold of him when that mathaji was being beaten by Ram Murari prabhuji I don't know why no one is interested to stop his atrocities, might be ur all not receiving proper report or whatever mail we r sending might not be taken to H.H.jpsm
These all things have puffed up his ego and he went to such an extent, now we r going to fast and do protest until justice has been done to us.
prabhuji ,if at all anything can be done  pl try to do to protect Iskcon  we love ISKCON so much as it Srila Prabhupada heart   When my mother passed away just before my marriage from that time I got clarity of srila prabhupads books and temparary material world even though my mom loves me so much nothing she was able to do for me , so I diverted my love towards krishna and srila prabhupad ,and have been succesful at each and every step with mercy of srila Prabhupada, if at all srila prabhupad books were not there I wdnt have felt such a protection from the lord every step in my life . My in-laws objected and even blackmailed to give divorce but I was so stubborn and followers iskcon and krishna had me successful at every step of my life , now how can I restrain my self when iskcon  name has been damaged with Ram murari pr activities , should I see who is powerful in materialistic view  r fight for for dharma. Similarly, jaya lakshmi mathaji had come at a het16th year she had her success history, why should we not fight for dharma, our temple sunday programme has been attended only br 30people prevously 300-400 people used to attend when murali mohan prabhuji is president. 
ISKCON is not properly represented until this Ram murari pr is called back we r going to fast. Even now justice cant be done we r ready sacrifice our lives .
This has been forwarded to mahavaraha pr to bring to notice of H,H jpsm

Please atleast now take these issues to notice of HH Jps, as we heard about ur sincerity, the only spiritual master had the right to correct his disciple.

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