Friday, January 16, 2015

Dayalu Nitai Sundar Das Exposed (Part 7): CopyCat Business Man

One the great business man dayalu has started selling namkeen, though he is selling flats and ghee as well! Dayalu claims that this is the best namkeen bhujia available on this planet. According to Dharmesh every other brand of namkeen on this planet is just useless, contaminated, dirty and will make you ill. Dharmesh's namkeen is made from spices which they claim are made by them, this namkeen are clean and incredible! They are being sold at an unbelievable price of Rs.200 per kg, this price is much higher than the price at which it is being sold in the market.

A foolish disciple of Dharmesh Sharma named Arvind Mehta alias Arvind Lochan das is handling this affair, Dayalu has asked him to go from door to door and sell his bogus product, of course Dayalu keeps the entire profit in his pocket. Arvind is a fool, who is not even given compensation enough to take care of himself, he is even going to get married soon.
Arvind did his M.Tech from some engineering college in Jaipur itself and feels frustrated and humiliated because of this job, he is being made to do by his guru maharaj Dayalu Nitai Sundar das but he cannot go anywhere else now. Dayalu is 'using him' to go door-to-door and sell namkeen, on a motorcycle this foolish chap moves around and has been given very heavy targets by Dayalu, on failing he is insulted and humiliated by Dayalu in front of everyone. Most of this namkeen is being sold to people who do not want to buy it at all, by hook or by crook.
On the other hand, Dharmesh is preaching against MPD that he is a 'real estate tycoon' and is selling flats but even Dharmesh has now started selling flats at his 'so-called varnashram' project near Jaipur at a price of Rs. 12 lakhs each. He is a copycat of MPD, and is copying each and every action of MPP, he meditates on MPD day and night for last 14 years.

He is selling 'puree desi ghee of ingenious cows at Rs.1200 per kg'., normal price of ghee in market is less than Rs.400 per kg. So you can make out on your own that who is a businessman.

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